Book 8: Chapter 15 - You Can Do It, Lucifer

“Hurry up. We need to bandage Xing Chuan’s wound,” I said to Raffles. Then, I looked at Xing Chuan and said, “Your body is weak. Head back to rest first. I will keep him company. I will call you if there’s anything.”

“Alright,” Xing Chuan looked at Lucifer anxiously, like a father who was worried for his child that had fallen ill.

Raffles came forth to push Xing Chuan’s wheelchair. When they were about to leave, Ah Zong arrived. He looked even more worried when he saw Xing Chuan’s injury.

“Go and help. You might be able to make Lucifer feel better,” Xing Chuan urged Ah Zong. His heart ached for Lucifer’s current situation, and he couldn’t leave in peace.

Xing Chuan was naturally worried for Lucifer because we were Lucifer’s caretakers, almost like nannies.

We carried him, fed him, kissed him, and loved him. We even fought over his educational methods. In Xing Chuan’s heart, Lucifer was his child. It was clear that he liked children very much. If he weren’t worried that he would scare them, he would always visit the children in the kindergarten.

Ah Zong quickly came next to me. His colorful eyes were covered with worry as he said, “He is in great pain…” He leaned down to look closely at Lucifer and seemed to be sensing something. His bi-colored eyes contracted, and then he shook his head, “No… I can’t help him… His brain activity is extremely aggressive. There are all kinds of chemicals clashing vigorously… I can’t interfere with such collision…”

“Yes. If you do, he might feel better. However, the way you interfere is through his brain. His brain is experiencing speedy development. So, you might affect his brain development.” Haggs looked at Ah Zong and explained, “The law of nature. It’s best that we don’t interfere.”

Ah Zong became anxious and helpless. He could only stand by the side, unable to do anything.

I held Lucifer’s arm. His claw was still stained with Xing Chuan’s blood.

“I’m sorry… Brother Xing Chuan… Brother… Brother… Sister… Sister…” Lucifer’s voice grew weaker. Confusing data was leaping quickly on Haggs’s equipment.

“He is entering mutation. He is losing consciousness.” Haggs immediately watched Lucifer closely while Little Carl held onto Haggs’s sleeve anxiously after moving the equipment back.

“Ah!” Suddenly, the arm in my hand became thick. Lucifer’s body was increasing in size and resuming his flying corpse form.

The wings on his back suddenly spread on both sides.

“Be careful!” Harry immediately pulled me and dodged the extremely sharp hook on Lucifer’s wings. The pair of wings suddenly spread and shattered the bedside table.

Haggs let out a breath of relief, saying, “Luckily, we moved the equipment far enough.” He glanced at his equipment that was three meters away from the bed.

“Daddy Haggs, Little Carl is scared,” Little Carl muttered, looking at Haggs timidly. Haggs stroked his head and reassured, “Don’t be. Go and get Daddy Raffles here.”

“Mm!” Little Carl kept a distance from Lucifer’s bed and ran.

Lucifer’s huge body filled the entire bed. It was already the biggest bed we had, but it couldn’t fit Lucifer’s body even then.

“Hoo! Hoo!” He began to pant as he flapped his wings in agony.

“Hurry up and seize him!” Haggs urged. “He has lost his conscience. He would hurt people if he were to head out!”

Harry immediately stretched out his long, huge claws and pressed down on one of Lucifer’s wings. Ah Zong leaped onto Lucifer’s other wing and seized it.

I went forward again and placed my hand onto Lucifer’s thick arm. I stroked him gently, saying, “Lucifer, it’s me, your Sister Bing. I’m here. We are all here. We will be by your side. Hold on. Just hold on for a little while, and you will be fine. You can do it, Lucifer.”

He opened his eyes, revealing his snow-white pupils. Suddenly, a blue vein popped on his arm. It was as sturdy as a tree branch, pulsing speedily. It was a worrying sight.

He panted heavily in pain. Then, he lifted his chin and let out a painful groan. Howl! It was ear-deafeningly loud.

He was definitely in great pain.

Harry and Ah Zong pressed on his flapping wings with all their strength. Harry was doing fine while Ah Zong seemed to be putting strenuous effort, sitting on Lucifer’s wing.

My heart ached, looking at him in great pain. I laid on his vigorously heaving chest, listening to his pumping heart. I comforted, “Lucifer, it’s okay. You will feel better really soon. You are growing up…” 

Hoo, hoo, hoo.

Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub!”

His breathing grew short and rapid. His heartbeat grew faster as though it was going to explode.

I looked at Haggs anxiously, asking, “Haggs, will he really be fine?”

“Don’t worry. This is normal. His heartbeat is within normal range,” Haggs explained calmly, standing in the corner.

His heartbeat was about three hundred. How’s that normal?! I was worried sick. The sky tribe and aquatic tribe’s heartbeat were generally slow, much slower compared to ordinary humans. But now, his heart was beating so fast. How’s that normal?!

Haggs looked at his data calmly. He was studying Lucifer like a specimen. He was a heartless scientist!

“Lucifer, hold on a bit more. You are almost there…”

His heaving pants were replaced with a painful whimper. He then suddenly lifted his body and let out a long, painful howl before falling back onto his bed.

“He looks like he is going to give birth,” Harry teased.

I hugged Lucifer’s body that was covered in sweat while rolling my eyes at Harry angrily.

Harry pursed his lips and looked elsewhere.

Howl. Lucifer let out another painful howl. His body grew tense while his claws were exposed and curled up in pain.

“Bing! Be careful!” Ah Zong reminded, pressing on Lucifer’s wing.

Rip! Lucifer’s claw pierced the mattress and left a deep tear. It was a terrifying sight.

Roar! He suddenly sat up and struggled fiercely.

“Be careful! His nerves are experiencing a vigorous reaction. He is going crazy!” Haggs shouted, standing in the corner.

Suddenly, Lucifer’s arm grew thick, and his arms lengthened. The wings that Harry and Ah Zong had seized crackled, and bones pierced out from the ends. Ah Zong and Harry quickly loosened their grips in terror. Otherwise, the sharp bones would have pierced their bodies.

Lucifer flapped his wings aggressively, and Ah Zong was blown away, knocked into the wall. Bang! He then landed heavily.

“Ah Zong!” I looked at Ah Zong anxiously, and he gestured, reassuring me that he was fine.

Howl! Lucifer suddenly stood up, and I was shoved away from his body. Harry caught me in the air. Then, Lucifer took off.

Howl! He howled in agony while he knocked into everything in the room. There were dents all over the walls, and Ah Zong dodged quickly.


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