Book 8: Chapter 13 - Merman Who Is Full Of Himself

Harry continued to live because he still had me. On the other hand, Xing Chuan had abandoned himself to despair because of losing me.

Ever since resolving the knot within himself, Harry had reverted to his usual self. After Haggs and Xing Chuan’s interpretation of the water species, he had even begun to be mesmerized by them. He was admiring himself too much again.

However, Xing Chuan had yet to walk out of the shadow of aging. Although he said that he would work hard to live resiliently, at the bottom of his heart, Xing Chuan always thought that he didn’t have many days left. He had begun counting down on his life cycle.

Raffles, Harry, Ah Zong, and the other men could see that Xing Chuan was trying to keep himself busy to avoid thinking about the fact that his days were numbered. He tried hard to behave normally in front of us, so we wouldn’t have to worry about him.

Raffles and Haggs had been searching for a way to treat Xing Chuan’s deterioration. But they generally thought that the best method should be with Cang Yu. As he could consume, he could definitely restore. They reckoned that we could save Xing Chuan as long as we took him to Silver Moon City and found Cang Yu.

Silver Moon City seemed to have become everyone’s final destination. Everything shall end there.

The final war was approaching soon.

The moonlight shone upon the green pond, making it ripple. There was a blooming gardenia at the bottom of the pond. The engraved image looked vivid under the rippling pond.

It was Harry’s bed. It was a round, exquisite bathing pool.

He laid in the bathing pool leisurely. A floating board could be seen in the bathing pool, carrying a plate of biscuits and a glass of rose wine. Harry wore a unique hat to protect the new hairline that Raffles had planted for him.

Ever since I had complimented him as the most handsome merman, he was getting too full of himself.

That was why people’s characters were always defined since birth.

No matter how handsome Raffles was, he would always be self-abased.

Harry was once bothered by the fact that he was a water ghost, but he got carried away after I complimented him. He started looking at himself in the mirror, and each time, it took him longer to see if his appearance was on par.

When you got used to a tribe, you would slowly realize and appreciate their handsomeness. It was the handsomeness and charm of a mutant. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many monstrous, beautiful men in the novels.

I sat by the bathing pool, looking at his smug face. It seemed that he was happy with his appearance as a merman. Water ghost didn’t sound good, so we renamed water ghost as Aquatic Tribe, signifying our respect.

They were once human too. Why should they be called water ghosts, flying corpses, or day monsters?

When Lucifer found out that the water ghost was renamed as Aquatic Tribe, he strongly expressed that the flying corpse needed to be renamed as well. Then, I came up with another name called Sky Tribe.

Lucifer was thrilled with excitement. He flew in circles over and over again in the air until I was dizzy.

We changed the name of day monster to Wild Wanderer. Haggs began to research and treat them too. Day monsters were in the worst condition among the three mutants.

However, the success of Lucifer’s reversal boosted Raffles and Haggs’ confidence. They were certain that they could awaken the day monster and water ghost’s human genetics in no time. They might become a new species like Lucifer of the Sky Tribe. Then, the water ghosts would be like Harry, the Aquatic Tribe.

“You managed to deter the Great Ghost King today,” Harry smirked mischievously. He was wearing a language translator on the side of his neck. It looked like an exquisitely designed gemstone that Raffles had invented for him to put on the side of his neck.

He held a wine glass in his hand, looking like a vampire. His green, pale skin made him look like a vampire prince who had yet to suck any blood, emitting a unique, ghostly vibe. He looked as though he was going to pounce on me any moment and seize my neck to suck my blood dry, turning my pink skin into a sheet of white paper while his pale skin turned pink.

I bit my lip and chuckled, looking at him lying in his bathing pool, pretending to be cool. He held a wine glass in his hand, swirling it in circles, looking just like a b*stard pretending to be a gentleman. It was just like him, yet it was a funny sight.

“What are you laughing at?” He raised his eyebrows and squinted. Then, he put down his wine glass and swam towards me slowly. His body swayed in the water elegantly. Ever since I had said that he was a merman, he even tried to swim elegantly. His character as a show-off never changed.

Raffles said that the mermen in our legends should be the same as the water ghost here. They should have no hair because of the changes in their skin and hairlines due to the long hours they spent in the water. Plus, having a head of long hair was troublesome underwater. It could tangle with the water weeds easily too. In short, Raffles’ opinion as a scientist was that a long-haired merman was simply as illogical as a superman with a cape who could be sucked into the engine of an airplane. 

Raffles’ analysis could destroy anyone’s expectation of the Aquatic Tribe, let alone his analysis of their teeth. The Aquatic Tribe’s diet definitely consisted of fish. As the oceanic fishes had thicker skin, the Aquatic Tribe naturally had to have sharp teeth. In short, Raffles’ understanding of the Aquatic Tribe was closer to the water ghost.

Harry swam next to my leg and rubbed his slimy hand against it in the water. His fingers tapped as though he was playing the piano, moving about on my calf. It felt rather ticklish.

“Or… you can’t stand my temptation anymore and want to sleep here tonight?” His burning gaze fixed upon my leg and planted a cooling kiss on my knee.

I looked at his hat and laughed, “I think your hat is very funny. It’s like a nanny’s hat."

Harry’s face stiffened. He rested his head on my knees leisurely, saying, “Hmph. Wait till my hair grows back, and you will be charmed.”

“What’s the hurry? We will be on Silver Moon City in another two months. You will recover by then.” He would have his hair back, but he couldn’t wait.

“What if I don’t want to?” He suddenly lifted his head off my knee and broke into a smile, wriggling his eyebrows. “I suddenly thought that what Haggs and Xing Chuan said made sense. I am a mutant now. It should have a different feel… Pfft!

I stomped my foot on his face, saying, “That’s enough! You got carried away!”

“I’m serious, waifu.” He swam back to me shamelessly. He hugged my leg, saying, “Let’s try tonight.” He rubbed himself against my leg underwater. Then, he lifted his claw to show me, “Look! I even cut my nails!”

“Go away!” I couldn’t stand his lustful expression! 

I kicked him again, but he suddenly seized my ankle and pulled me into his bathing pool!


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