Book 8: Chapter 12 - Continue To Live If You Want Me

She looked at me in silence for a long while. She then turned to look afar, saying, “It’s a pity… Chuan can’t be with you…” She sounded sorrowful and added, “Just how great would it be if he could be with you… My heart is aching for him, but the current him…”

“He will get better. We will be together,” I said confidently as I smiled and looked into the distance. 

Yu Xi looked at me in surprise and said, “You…”

I smiled and replied, “You are right. Some people are sickeningly disgusting when you don’t like them. But once you fall for them, you can’t help yourself. So, he will definitely work hard to be with me. I am the only thing he has been stubborn about all his life. He wouldn’t give up so easily."

Yu Xi smiled and hugged my shoulder, resting her head against mine. We were born in a different era, even a different world, but we fell for the same kind of men. Fate was a magical thing. It would bring you across planets just to be with the person you were meant to be.

The Great Ghost King’s banquet officially ended. The fourteen Ghost Messengers were envious of the food in Radical Star. As Su Yang let his guard down, the fourteen Ghost Messengers were at ease too. As a result, the people in Radical Star were relaxed too. Moto and the other men chatted happily with the fourteen Ghost Messengers, looking rather at peace.

Star Capital’s streetlights lit up at night, and the entire city revealed another peaceful and romantic scenery. The clear white lamps were like moons hanging under the night sky. The blurry moon-white lightings engulfed the city in a romantic gauze.

The stone pathway reflected in a dim luster, just like the glow-in-the-dark rocks in Croton City. It was like a galaxy walkway under the moonlight.

The green river course was also tainted in a warm yellow luster in the lighting, shimmering in a dim neon light. The rippling reflection lit up its surroundings. The pathway, the trees, and the building walls were projecting rippling reflections as though we were underwater.

Moto and the other men took a stroll in the quiet city along with the fourteen Ghost Messengers, walking towards the magnificent waterfall.

Flurry, who was right at the end of the line, slowly came to a stop. He turned and looked up in the sky. Xing Chuan and I were watching them from the balcony from afar.

Flurry had brief eye contact with us, and he immediately turned back. Dian Yin, who was walking in front of him, turned to look at him, seemingly noticing something. He then turned to look at us, giving me a flying kiss.

Flurry immediately raised his hand and stopped the flying kiss that was passing him. Dian Yin looked at him in confusion. He then smirked, pulling Flurry’s neck close to mutter something.

“Flurry’s superpower is great. He reminds me of Brother Qian Li. They will definitely be invincible if they work together.” I acknowledged Flurry’s capability.

Cough, cough… I have heard that he has changed a lot. Mother says that Flurry doesn’t have the fetish anymore,” Xing Chuan said.

“It’s probably because he received provocation from here, and you forced him to deal with his true self.” Xing Chuan was poisonous. He would peel anyone mercilessly if he were to be provoked. He would tear apart your protective shield and dig out the fragile person from behind the shield.

Xing Chuan chuckled lightly, asking, “What did you tell the Great Ghost King?”

I glanced at him and put my hands on my back, looking mysterious, “Take a guess.”

Xing Chuan looked up at me for very long.

I bent down to his ears and asked, “What did he tell you then?”

“He said that he gave up the idea of doing anything to Radical Star.” Xing Chuan replied arrogantly. He continued, “I told him that it is a wise choice because he has no power to match against us now.”

“Look at you. Look at yourself. He is looking for an opportunity to get himself out of an awkward position. You still behave like that,” I sighed, putting my hand on his shoulder.

“An opportunity to get himself out of an awkward position?” He sounded doubtful.

“He wants to talk to you. He wants to know if you are doing well. But he is as arrogant as you are. So, he decided to use giving up Radical Star as a topic of conversation. Otherwise, what else could he talk about with you? He can’t be asking if you are doing well. I don’t think he could.”

“He is concerned?! Humph! I am his hostage!” Just as Yu Xi had guessed, no one should dream of untying the knot. Especially Xing Chuan was a petty man.

I glanced at him, and he looked away gloomily. I muttered by his ear softly, “You turned Harry into a water ghost to get me…”

His body instantly stiffened.

“That’s why you are father and son. Your father knew that he went overboard, although he thought there shouldn’t be any problem for you to go with me as a hostage. He also thought that it would be good for you. So, why not? Don’t you find your conduct similar? You are overly rational and lack the human touch. For the sake of your mother, reconcile with your father,” I advised him as I leaned my head on his stiff shoulder.

Xing Chuan continued to look to the side. Just like his father, both of them suffered because of their egos.

I leaned on his shoulder, adding, “Your mother and I get along well. I really like her, and she hopes to see the day when we get together…”

His body stiffened as I put my arms around his shoulders, saying, “I told her that you have been and will continue to be fixated only on me. So, you will definitely work hard to live for me. You definitely want to be with me. Am I right?”

He immediately looked away as though he wanted to hide his elderly face into a crack in the world, away from me.

“Don’t you like to sleep with me? Back in Silver Moon City, you always snuck in next to me. You are so obsessed with me. You have always wanted me, no matter if I was a man or a woman. Do you not want me anymore?” I held his neck close to me as I muttered in his ears softly.

“I don’t qualify… with you…” He choked as he said.

“Shh.” I covered his mouth in the dark night. “Qualify or not… It’s not what you say but what I decide. Didn’t Harry say that I have a peculiar taste? I think he is right.” I chuckled and planted a quick peck on his cheeks. “Remember that you owe me a ring. As you said, you can’t give me an ordinary one. I shall wait and see,” I squeezed his shoulder, then I turned to leave happily, leaving him alone on the balcony.

Xing Chuan and Harry were like Gemini. Both their destinies were always tied together, narrating differently but magically similar.

Both of them had lost their once handsome appearances. One had become a member of the water world while another had become an older man. They were once arrogant and proud, but they were slammed to the bottom of their lives mercilessly. It had even shattered their once gorgeous lives.


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