Book 8: Chapter 11 - Falling In Love With The Same Kind Of Man

Su Yang and I stood on the mountain peak, looking at the horizon for very long. He wanted a world along with mine. The future was uncertain after all.

“You said that you met the other Su Yang… Is it true?” He asked, looking at the sky.

I kept quiet for a while. Then, I smiled and answered, “No, I lied. Just like you said, I wanted to mess you up.”

“Heh,” he let out a light chuckle similar to how Xing Chuan used to mock other people. There was a tinge of bitterness in his chuckle. “Thank you,” he said. 

His thank you implied many meanings. Maybe he thanked me for lying to him, or perhaps he thanked me for letting him continue to live as Su Yang.

Su Yang followed me back to his room to meet the Queen. Xing Chuan was seated by the Queen’s bed, dozing on the wheelchair.

The room was tranquil. The sunlight poured over the Queen’s body, and Xing Chuan had arranged roses for the Queen on her bedside table.

Xing Chuan and Su Yang were equally bad in expressing their feelings. When Xing Chuan had confessed his feelings to me in Silver Moon City, he had given me a white rose, and I had believed in what he said. In the end, it was actually his love confession, but I had ended up beating him up.

We shared a lot of memories between us. He had forced me, and I had beat him up. If he were to be in Radical Star back then, I reckoned he would have been shot in his head many times for his actions.

I was the Queen of Radical Star. So, I absolutely wouldn’t allow anything like rape to happen, whether it was straight-up rape, sedated rape, or being enticed into getting raped. It didn’t matter if the victim was a woman, a man, or a child. It was the one and only law that I didn’t allow anyone to make any amendments to.

Hence, according to this law, He Lei would have been shot once too. Xing Chuan and He Lei had failed in their attempts. Therefore, their punishment would be execution by getting shot and then being revived.

As it was a nation of metahumans, there were many peculiar points in the punishment.

As of then, no one had argued that the death penalty was too cruel. It was because everyone, including men and women, who lived at the end of the world found this type of behavior detesting. Such abominable conduct drew a significant difference between humans and the beastly Ghost Eclipsers. Ever since the law was drawn up, everyone felt even more at ease in Radical Star. They felt that they were protected by the law.

Xing Chuan sensed our arrival, and he woke up. He turned to look at the Great Ghost King gloomily. He shared the exact same expression as Su Yang when he was gloomy. They were father and son, after all.

The men from their family would get fixated on one thing at a time, and they would go crazy about things that they were stubborn about.

I believed that Su Yang was once fixated on Yu Xi. After he had gotten Yu Xi, his focus had shifted to Silver Moon City.

It was similar to Hagrid Jones. Or maybe, it was because Grandma Yin Yue was already Hagrid Jones’s wife. Hagrid Jones was stubborn about his experiment.

Xing Chuan slowly moved his wheelchair before us. He stared at his father glumly, saying, “Whatever that you want to take from Radical Star, it is impossible.”

The Great Ghost King looked down at Xing Chuan coldly too.

“Yang,” the Queen suddenly woke up. She took off her mask and supported herself up to look at Su Yang worriedly, “Chuan is our only child. You…”

Su Yang slowly removed his mask when Yu Xi spoke. His action surprised Yu Xi. He looked down at Xing Chuan, who looked much older than he was, and Xing Chuan looked confused.

I smiled at Xing Chuan and suggested, “I am going to keep the Queen company. Why don’t the two of chat?” I walked past Xing Chuan, patting his shoulder.

Su Yang and Xing Chuan left the room while I sat by the Queen’s bed. I said, “Xing Chuan prepared the roses for you.”

“I know,” the Queen replied, but she still looked worried. She got off her bed, laden with anxiety. She walked to the balcony with flowers engraved on the floor tiles, saying, “I have never questioned anything about Yang much. But if…” She clenched on the railing covered in gold and continued, “If he were to set his mind on this nation, I would stop him.”

A wife understood her husband the most after all. Yu Xi really knew Su Yang.

Su Yang wanted my Radical Star, and it was only natural because he was an ambitious man.

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. He let it go.” I smiled, reassuring her. She seemed surprised as she turned to look at me, asking, “Did he… really let it go?”

“Maybe… he is getting old?! He let many things go in his older age?!” I joked.

“No way. I know him. He wouldn’t…” The Queen shook her head.

“Maybe… he thinks that it’s good for Xing Chuan to be with me?!” I asked seriously.

The Queen looked more relaxed, and her expression grew tender. She put on a gentle smile, saying, “Yang is a man who doesn’t know how to express himself. He actually loves Chuan. He blamed himself for letting Chuan be your hostage. He felt guilty too. But he couldn’t make it up for the fact that you took Chuan as a hostage. He wasn’t actually worried about Chuan’s safety because he could tell that you wouldn’t hurt him. Chuan wasn’t happy with us, but he saw that Chuan changed drastically when you came along...”

Xing Chuan was crazy for me. He couldn’t remain composed when he saw me. No matter how well he tried to hide, I recognized him in the end.

“We didn’t know what happened between the two of you, but Yang thought that it would be better for Chuan to be with you than to live with us like a walking dead person. So, he got Chuan to dance with you. But in the end, you unexpectedly requested for Chuan to be your hostage. Although Yang thought that it would be good for Chuan to stay with you, he still bore the intention to receive benefits from your side. That’s why he has never thought of asking Chuan to forgive him...”

“They are father and son after all... They do things in the same way. They stop at nothing to get what they want,” I sighed.

“Yeah... Back then, Chuan’s father and I...” Yu Xi paused. Then, the corners of her lips lifted into a sweet smile. She continued, “Some people, you find them sickeningly disgusting when you don’t love him...”

Xing Chuan gave me exactly that kind of feeling back then.

“But... once you fall for him, those things you once hated about him suddenly become attractive and loving...” Yu Xi smiled at me and asked, “Are you in a love-hate relationship with Chuan as well?”

I was stunned. I avoided eye contact with her awkwardly.

“Chuan told me what happened between the two of you. Lil’ Bing, thank you for making Chuan willing to open up to me,” Yu Xi thanked me gratefully. I looked at her, blushing in embarrassment, “You’re welcome. I didn’t do much.”

“No, you did a lot. You changed Chuan. He learned how to love. Thank you…” Yu Xi thanked me again, and I blushed shyly.


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