Book 8: Chapter 10 - Silver Moon City’s Lie

“I came from Noah City. When everyone was yearning for Silver Moon City, Elder Alufa told me that humans have to be grounded. One would feel flimsy to be floating in the air. No matter how impressive Silver Moon City’s defense was, they would be at a disadvantage when they were attacked in the universe. They have limited surface area, and they couldn’t develop for very long. Su Yang, have you ever thought of the purpose of Silver Moon City’s existence?”

“To protect the final tinder of humankind and to look for a new planet. As long as we have sufficient energy, we can go to the planet that was found to be suitable for humans,” Su Yang said.

“Is the energy really insufficient?” I chuckled lightly and asked in reply.

Su Yang was stunned.

I chuckled, looking at him. I teased, “Su Yang, you were in Silver Moon City earlier than I was. Did you not understand that Silver Moon City is the biggest lie in this world?

He creased his eyebrows, and his black hair fluttered past his lips.

“Silver Moon City has the most advanced blue crystal energy mining machine, which can mine blue crystal energy. Is the powerful blue crystal energy not able to achieve interplanetary leap?” Silver Moon City seized complete control of blue crystal energy, and the crystal even possessed the power to carry out space teleportation. So, blue crystal energy was definitely sufficient to realize interplanetary teleportation!

His pupils dilated.

“Cang Yu is your father, but he had no feelings for you. Is this even normal?”

Su Yang’s eyes quivered.

“Xing Chuan is his grandchild, but he consumed Xing Chuan’s life and left him to run his own course. How could Cang Yu treat his grandchild so coldly?” I reckoned I dropped him an obvious hint.

There was a surge of emotions soaring in Su Yang’s eyes. He looked away insecurely, looking at a corner in silence.

“You asked me why did I know you. Your existence was so far back, and there was no record in Silver Moon City too. It is simple. Because I saw the other you…”

“Impossible!” He stood up in anger, roaring at me. He couldn’t suppress his emotions, but he was taken over by anger, suspicions at the bottom of his heart. “You are trying to mess with me! Hmph. I knew it! You are trying to distract me! What is your intention?! Luo Bing, you are such a treacherous woman!”

I looked at him calmly. He was Xing Chuan’s father, and they shared the same temperament. They were both arrogant and full of themselves. That was why he definitely couldn’t accept the fact that he was a clone.

I looked at him for a while and continued calmly, “Cang Yu is Hagrid Jones. He dedicated his life to human evolution. This world…” I slowly turned and looked at the world, saying, “ doomed in his hands. He caused the catastrophic event because he found out that the blue crystal cell could stimulate human evolution.”

“What did you say?! What did you say exactly?!”

“The people who survived the catastrophic event are the evolved people. However, the evolution has yet to reach its requirement. So, he let the people on Kansa Star fight against one another because only the strong will live until the end. The reason why Silver Moon City has yet to leave is because…” I lifted my chin and looked at Su Yang’s shocked eyes, “...he has yet to find the final winner.”

Su Yang stumbled a step back in the mountain breeze. He was taken by surprise at the terrifying truth I revealed.

I stood up, and the hem of my robe fluttered along with the howling mountain breeze. I turned around to look to the far east, saying, “You are going to Silver Moon City to take revenge, but I am going to Silver Moon City to sentence Cang Yu for everyone who died on Kansa Star.” I turned to look at Su Yang, who was pale, and continued, “Believe it or not. I will do whatever I promised. Silver Moon City is yours. You can go to the legendary planet, but if your heart was still as cold as Silver Moon City, the planet would still be filled with Ghost Eclipsers and killing.”

I walked past Su Yang when I finished my sentence. The mountain breeze blew my long hair and his too.

He clenched the mask in his hand, muttering, “When are you attacking Silver Moon City?”  His oppressive tone sounded like he had lost patience for waiting, especially after I hinted that he was a clone.

“There’s no hurry. Let me rest for two months,” I replied as I continued to walk away.

“There’s something that you are wrong about…” His deep voice paused before continuing, “The reason why I want to go to Silver Moon City is not only to take revenge for myself, but I also wanted to take revenge for Xing! Believe it or not, I love my child. I cannot forgive a person who put my child into misery.” His voice was shaking. It was my first time hearing helplessness in his voice.

His shaky voice finally revealed the helplessness of a father. Behind his cold expression, there was a deep love for his child.

I was moved. I believed in what he said at that time.

He stood there in silence for very long as though he was taking his time to calm himself down from what I had said earlier about him being a clone, Hagrid Jones’s true intention, and also the truth and the lies of Silver Moon City.

He found it hard to accept those things. That was why he needed to calm down and slowly accept what I said. Or… to forget and ignore the fact entirely.

I looked sideways, saying, “You are really bad at expressing yourself. How can I forget? You are exactly like Xing Chuan. You don’t express your love properly, and people always misunderstood you. But he is a changed man now. If you are willing to talk to him nicely, he will believe in you.”

“Are you really… willing to let Xing go?” He turned to look at me cautiously.

I looked at him too. He creased his eyebrows, saying, “The Queen came to Queen Town because she was worried about Xing. But when she returned, she told me that Xing should be with you and he was getting better. I couldn’t believe it at first.”

“Yeah. Why would there be anyone who treats a hostage nicely?” I chuckled and said, “Xing Chuan and I are in a love-hate relationship. It’s complicated…”

“Heh…” Su Yang let out a light chuckle. His expression grew gentle as he said, “He is just like me. Yu Xi and I are in a love-hate relationship too. Yu Xi hated me for a very long too…”

They were the same, after all.

I smiled faintly, saying, “But we reconciled. I will try my best to heal him and continue to be with him. He is no longer my hostage but Radical Star’s nation advisor.”

Su Yang heard and nodded gratefully. He turned around, looking at my Star Capital. He suddenly said, “I want Radical Star.”

I looked up at him.

There was a tuft of white hair fluttering past his face. He creased his eyebrows and closed his eyes, saying, “But I can’t have it anymore… You are right. I am the one who gave you the opportunity.”

It should be the greatest opportunity one could have missed in this world. Some people missed a free movie. Some people missed a sale. Some people missed an exam. Some people missed a relationship. But Su Yang missed a nation.


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