Book 8: Chapter 9 - Friendly Meeting

I reckoned the meal would probably be recorded in history because it was a meal with the Great Ghost King and it was the first table banquet at the end of the world. It was served with eight cold dishes, ten hot dishes, corn juice as well as main dishes. Every single dish would be recorded in history.

After the meal, I brought the Great Ghost King and the Queen to tour around the work-in-progress restaurants, foundation base, hospitals, schools, library, research center, and so on.

I didn’t hide anything from them but put Star Capital on full display before them. It was too tiring to guard against metahumans. I might as well show them everything that they wanted to see as a show of confidence.

When we arrived at the kindergarten, the Great Ghost King and the Queen saw the human pigs.

The Great Ghost King looked surprised, but the Ghost Messengers had a complicated expression across their faces. They looked at the women who were playing with building blocks and combing play dolls’ hair. Some of them had tears welled up in their eyes. They looked away like Flurry once did, as if they couldn’t accept the fact that the women were the people who they were supposed to save but had ignored.

What was the purpose of their existence? The strongest metahumans among the Ghost Eclipsers.

“We realized that their brain activity became significant since they entered a human living environment. Some of the gray zones became active. I once thought it was an irreversible transformation, but I was wrong. I thought so because I had never thought of them as human. However, they are humans. It is a fact that no one could change. So, they will recover and learn again. They are learning to put on clothes for their babies now. Under the visual and auditory stimulation, they will learn how to speak. By then, they will be just like us,” Xing Chuan explained calmly.

The Queen nodded gratefully, saying, “We have never done anything for them. We are as cold as the Ghost Eclipsers and Silver Moon City. We rule over the Ghost Eclipsers, but we let them continue to bully and harm the other humans. What’s the purpose of our existence…?” The Queen said and slowly got lost in her own thoughts.

Her speech made the Great Ghost King nervous. He immediately held the Queen’s shoulders, saying, “The Queen is tired. I want to bring her to take some rest.”

The Great Ghost King was probably worried that whatever the Queen said would shake the fourteen Ghost Messengers’ loyalty. The Queen was his wife, and she was also someone the fourteen Ghost Messengers deeply respected. When the person they deeply respected was in doubt of their existence, it would naturally shake the others’ stance.

It was like Flurry, who was in agony.

“Xing Chuan, bring the Queen to Xiao Ying’s place to take some rest,” I said, looking at Xing Chuan. He nodded and brought the Queen along with Ah Zong.

Lucifer, Jun, and Zong Ben continued to circle above us, watching us closely.

“Who else wants to continue to tour around with us?” Harry asked, smiling at the fourteen Ghost Messengers.

They looked at the Great Ghost King, and he nodded, giving his permission. Harry, Raffles, Moto, and the other mayors led the fourteen Ghost Messengers for touring. Silver Snake seemed to be worried, and he had a few duplicators surrounding the fourteen Ghost Messengers.

I smiled at the Great Ghost King and asked, “Great Ghost King, do you still want to look around?”

When everyone left, the Great Ghost King’s gaze turned cold under his mask. He replied, “I want to look for a place to sit.”

“Alright.” As you wish, we will find a place to sit.

The Great Ghost King and I sat on the sky garden’s highest point on the east side. From there, we overlooked the entire barren land. The mountain breeze was strong, feeling rather cold as it blew against our faces.

“Your showing-off worked. The Queen doesn’t feel like leaving your capital now,” the Great Ghost King said coldly.

I chuckled lightly, saying, “Her son is here. It’s only normal that she doesn’t feel like leaving. Plus, I am not showing off. Even if I don’t show you around, you will figure out ways to see it. It would be tiring for you, and it would be exhausting for us to guard against you. Great Ghost King, we have never been honest with each other since the beginning of the collaboration.

The Great Ghost King’s gaze turned gloomy as he looked far away. He slowly lifted his hand to take off his mask. It revealed Su Yang’s handsome appearance. 

I smiled, saying, “Isn’t it great to start with facing our true selves?”

He creased his eyebrows and sighed, looking in front of him. He said, “Ever since the Queen returned from visiting you, I could feel that the Queen is influenced by you. Similarly, Flurry, who accompanied her, changed too. You have the capability to change people’s hearts.”

I looked far away too as I spoke, “I don’t have the capability that you mentioned. I am merely a frank person. I say whatever I think. Sincerity is lacking in this chaotic world. Everyone guards against one another. There’s no trust…” I raised my hand and swept it past the land before us, saying, “Hence, the tribe that survived broke apart, and the Ghost Eclipsers took advantage. When the Ghost Eclipsers ruled over the world, these people finally shared the same wish when they lived in agony. Their wish was to have someone eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers. You are the one who gave me the opportunity Su Yang.”

He chuckled and nodded, but he didn’t say a word.

I continued, “Because you are disdainful of the opportunity. You wanted Silver Moon City but not the world. That was why you needed the Ghost Eclipsers’ strength, and that was also why you ignored the enslaved people. Oh, I forgot. The people in Silver Moon City have always behaved like that. Since you came from Silver Moon City, you are naturally the same. Su Yang, have you thought of the meaning of getting Silver Moon City?”

“What’s yours then?” He chuckled lightly and asked in reply. “Ignoring the people could make you richer and stronger. You took in so many of the weak, and they would only drag you down! Look at this world…” He lifted his hand and swept it across the barren land, saying, “This is so desolated! Every piece of land here is filled with pollution and radiation. You can’t plant here. But the weak would continue to reproduce. You can take care of five thousand people now, but how about when the number goes up to ten thousand, a hundred thousand, or even a million? Can you still take care of them with delicious food and wine every day?”

“So, we have to expand our agricultural activities first to make sure the people have enough to eat and wear. Whether you believe it or not, there was once a nation that grew from forty-thousand people to 1.3 billion people. Every leader worked hard to ensure that the people had enough to eat and wear. In merely sixty years, they led the nation into a prosperous state. The people’s living standards improved from eating tree barks to eating fish and meat without worries. The nation did something that the other nations deemed impossible. So…” I lifted my hand and swept it across the barren land, asking, “Is it difficult to fill this place with food? It merely depends on if you have the heart to realize it. By the time when Kansa Star will turn into fertile farmlands, who would yearn for the isolated Silver Moon City floating in the universe?” I pointed to the east as Silver Moon City was located in the eastern hemisphere at that time.

The Great Ghost King became quiet.

In my eyes, Silver Moon City looked more like a kite that was flying outside Kansa Star. There was an invisible line between it and Kansa Star.


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