Book 8: Chapter 8 - Radical Star At The Tip Of The Tongue

“This is so delicious!” Suddenly, the fourteen Ghost Messengers exclaimed.

“This is amazing! I have never eaten such delicious food!”

“Calm down! Don’t embarrass yourselves!”

“Shut up! Try this dried fish!”

“The jam on the fruit is so delicious!”

“Give me some!”

“Don’t fight with me!”

“No way! The plate is mine!”

They were fighting to lick the plate clean.

The Great Ghost King slammed the table and stood up as he roared, “Quiet!”

The fourteen Ghost Messengers froze, but one of them was licking the plate.

I smiled, looking at them. I said, “It’s okay. We are casual when it comes to eating. This is more lively. Look, the hot dishes are here.” I pointed to the balcony. Fat-Two and Gru came in, pushing in the cart.

Fat-Two had become fatter again. According to him, he was fully absorbing all the oil.

He made different delicacies every day. To a person living at the end of the world, it was irresistible. That was why he cooked while he ate and ate while he cooked. His superpower was to save energy, so he had gained more weight. Xiao Ying had no complaint because she liked the food that Fat-Two made. 

Before the cart got any closer, the tempting smell of the dishes spread. The Ghost Messengers were gawking and salivating.

There were ten hot dishes up next.

The first dish was a brilliantly colored tomato omelet. There were red tomatoes in the golden omelet, embellished with spring onion. The eggs we used were eggs from the past because our chickens had yet to grow up and lay eggs. The tomatoes were freshly planted, using natural fertilizer. That was why these tomatoes were sour and sweet and brightly colored.

Next was stir fry mushroom and vegetables, sweet and sour fish, soy-braised eggplants, steamed eggs, smoked goose legs, seafood soup, sizzling steak, stir fry vegetables with ham, and hot and sour tofu soup.

Combining ingredients from the past to the current ones, Fat-Two had cooked the menu from the world I came from. Even though we were drawing on local resources, the food still tasted excellent.

There were very few vegetable species, but Fat-Two was able to cook so many dishes.

“Wow~” Everyone had nothing else to say besides gasping in astonishment.

“Let’s eat. Go ahead,” Moto and Eletta played a great host.

The fourteen Ghost Messengers, who were arrogant before, lost their composure entirely in front of delicacies.

“Don’t you know of the concept of ladies first?!” Feng You glared at the men who were fighting over food.

Dian Yin scooped a bowl of soup and placed it in front of Feng You. Then, another Ghost Messenger did the same for the other girls.

“I’ll do it myself! Your saliva is on your chopsticks. F*ck off!” The ice girl stopped them coldly.

“Yes…” The men backed off.

After Feng You and the ice girl had a bit of everything, the men swarmed in to fight over the remaining dishes. They were worried that they might not get any if they were any slower.

It had been a while since I had seen such a bustling scene. If the people behaved like that in the world where I came from, people would definitely mock them as ‘uncivilized.’ However, their behavior was understandable and forgivable at the end of the world.

Fat-Two served us freshly squeeze corn juice with milk, pouring a glass for everyone.

“This is so delicious."

“This is so amazing!”

“What is this?”

The Great Ghost King narrowed his eyes at their exclamations. He looked up, forcing a smile. He said, “The delicacies in Radical Star are turning my Ghost Messengers against their own camp.”

“If you are willing to, you can stay too. Silver Moon City might not be as good as Radical Star,” Xing Chuan taunted. The Great Ghost King pursed his lips tightly. The billows of gunpowder between the father and son filled the air.

“What’s this?” Suddenly, the Queen asked, scooping up the snow-white tofu, “How can it be so smooth?”

The Great Ghost King saw that the Queen was interested in the food, and his gaze grew gentle. Only the Queen could tame the perturbed lion. She was his natural enemy.

Xing Chuan’s family was like that.

“It’s tofu. It is made of beans,” Xing Chuan answered gently.

“What? Could something so solid be made into something so soft? That’s magical. Your Majesty, what do you think?” The Queen said, looking at the Great Ghost King.

He nodded in reply, “If you like it, we can bring some back." 

The Queen nodded and smiled. She turned to look at Star Capital with a gentle gaze, saying, “Ghost King City felt cold even though it was covered in roses. But this place made me feel warm inside. I feel like staying here too.” 

The Great Ghost King looked awkward. He turned around gloomily. He was not in a mood to eat even though there was so much good food in front of him.

How could there be no main dish after hot dishes? The variety of main dishes surprised the Ghost Messengers. The meal actually impressed Moto and our own men too.

The food since the past few days made the people in Radical Star feel like they were in heaven.

Making food for almost five thousand people was a huge challenge for Fat-Two. Sia, Joey, and the others helped in the kitchen too. Although working in the kitchen was a tough task, there were people scrambling for the open posit when the summon notice was out. Some even used their superpowers to be the first in line.

It was because the temptation to work in the kitchen was great. One could eat while working, feeding themselves first. Hence, the kitchen job opening was the first to be filled among all the other jobs.

The dining hall was located on the second floor of Sun Palace for convenience. It was easier to locate too. It was originally a restaurant, so we didn’t need to renovate the place. After cleaning up all the soil and dirt, we found cutleries and food ingredient storage. It was a great surprise.

Fat-Two and his helpers cooked three dishes with a soup dish every day for every meal. Just like the cafeteria, it was on a self-serve basis.

Everyone was in good behavior and order. No one fought or argued. It was our mayors’ efforts.

The mayors told their people ahead of time to reassure them that there was sufficient food. If they were to fight, it might lead to food wastage, and there might be conflict.

That was why everyone entered the place with their own cutleries to collect their food and eat it. Then, they would leave after they cleaned up their cutleries. The people at the end of the world especially appreciated food. Not only did the fourteen Ghost Messengers licked their plates clean, but every citizen of Radical Star washed their plates only after they had licked them clean.

I reckoned the habit would only be removed after they enjoyed fulfilling meals over a period of time.

I remembered the scene of everyone having a meal on the first day. Many of them had shed tears during the meal because they had never had such delicious food. Some didn’t even know how rice looked like since they were born, let alone vegetables and fruits. Whatever that they had was far worse than the black bun I used to have.

The menu that Fat-Two prepared on the first day was rice, roasted potatoes, stir fry corn and ham, stir fry pickled vegetables and mushrooms, and bean soup. None of the dishes were meat dishes, but everyone had cried when having the meal. 

It was no wonder the fourteen Ghost Messengers gobbled down all the food and even fought to lick the plate.

It wasn’t easy to have a hearty meal at the end of the world. It was even more difficult to have a decent meal. To be able to have such a variety of dishes in one meal was simply a miracle.

No. It was a Godly miracle in the eyes of the people at the end of the world!


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