Book 8: Chapter 7 - A Treat

During our last visit to Ghost King City, Jun and Zong Ben hadn’t accompanied us. My superpower had deterred them. After that, we hadn’t sent Zong Ben and Jun to the war either. Hence, there was no news about spirits fighting in the war.

Although Jun and Zong Ben could kill metahumans, they weren’t invincible. They had their vital flaw. They couldn’t stay in the outside world for too long.

However, no one else knew of their vital flaw. So, the legend still said that spirits were invincible.

“Flurry, didn’t you stay in Queen Town before? Have you ever seen the two spirits?” Dian Yin threw the question at Flurry.

Flurry looked agitated when he replied, “We have never been to Queen Town. I have never seen any spirit."

Dian Yin spread his hands and teased, “They are spirits after all. A living person doesn’t get to see them.” Dian Yin raised his eyebrows, looking at me tauntingly.

Ever since I had rejected him, he behaved flippantly. He was obviously upset that I had rejected him.

Suddenly, Jun and Zong Ben spread their wings and hovered in the air.

Everyone saw and backed off simultaneously. The people of Radical Star knew that they were the spirits, so they were terrified.

Ah Zong immediately moved back, pulling Xing Chuan’s wheelchair with him. Raffles retreated even further because his anti-radiation power was the weakest of them all. Harry shielded Raffles because he was the only one who could last longer compared to the others. 

If Xing Chuan’s health was doing okay, he should be able to persist for a while too.

Jun landed on my shoulder, but Zong Ben suddenly soared up to the sky, flying past the fourteen Ghost Messengers.

“What does this mean, Queen Luo Bing?” The Great Ghost King asked, looking at Jun and Zong Ben. He warned, “If these two are your favorite toys, I suggest you tell them to stay away from my Ghost Messengers. They have a bad temperament, and they might break your toys.”

“Pak!” As the Great Ghost King spoke, Zong Ben broke through the glass on the dome. The glass debris shattered like crystals. He charged out through the dome, and Lucifer and the lucid birds immediately moved out of his way. The very next moment, Zong Ben spread his wings, and there was a burst of blue lights. He came out of the robot suit and lay across on the dome, glaring at everyone under the dome.

The Ghost Messengers were shocked.

The Great Ghost King’s expression grew tense under the mask too.

A nation would forever be trampled on if it wasn’t strong enough. The power first derived from advanced weaponry. In a world full of metahumans, one relied on the capability that exceeded metahumans.

A spirit was no doubt the strongest metahuman killer. Zong Ben’s performance deterred everyone, and they kept quiet.

The people, who were joking earlier, were shocked too. They looked up at Zong Ben, who was resting across the dome-like a blue jaguar.

The Great Ghost King looked at Jun on my shoulder. He was aware that he was the other spirit.

I creased my eyebrows, saying, “Can’t you walk through the door properly? You just have to break my glass!” Then, I looked at the Great Ghost King with a smile and said, “I have prepared a feast for everyone. Great Ghost King, this way, please.” I turned around and gestured.

“Cough.” The Great Ghost King came back to reality and held the Queen’s hand. The Queen seemed to feel something, and she looked at him with worry.

“Thank you, Queen Luo Bing,” the Great Ghost King said and followed me.

Zong Ben returned to his robot suit and flew in through the opening, hovering above the Ghost Messengers.

The Ghost Messengers immediately followed behind the Great Ghost King without delay. 

“My, my. That’s what you get for making stupid jokes.” Feng You walked past me, swaying the gun in her hand. She glanced at me and whipped her hair, “Hmph.

Zong Ben landed on Xing Chuan’s armrest again. He folded his wings and lay down like a lazy cat. He swung his tail as though he was throwing a brick at a dog.

Jun and Zong Ben could be said to be everyone’s ancestors, the generation of our great grandfathers. How could we be disrespectful to them?

The feast was already spread across the dining table in the hall. I had put Chinese round tables on the balcony, overlooking Star Capital. 

There were four round tables, covered in white tablecloths with the plain plates and silver cutleries laid on them. There were already eight cold dishes on the turntable in the middle of the round table. It showed how generous Star Capital was.

Whoever served more food was the more generous one.

The cold dishes were candied sweet potato, cold vegetables, dried fish with onion oil, popcorn, bruschetta, sausage, wasabi marinated octopus, and fruit salad.

The Ghost Messengers were surprised at the sight of the eight cold dishes. They were simply dumbstruck, looking at the delicious food in front of them.

Many of these dishes were available in Ghost King City, but they were never processed like ours. That was the charm of cooking.

Fat-Two had learned quite a number of recipes from me recently.

The people, sixty years back, had healthy food. So, there weren’t so many cooking methods like the world I came from. The last plate of tomato fried eggs cooked in this world was eighty years back.

“Please,” I smiled at the Great Ghost King.

Both the King and the Queen were surprised too.

Even the Queen, who had once lived with us, had never seen such abundant food. We were busy transforming the other livable zones, and we hadn’t played a good host then.

I looked at the Queen apologetically, saying, “I’m sorry that Your Highness had to follow us around during your last trip. Let us make it back to you today.”

Xing Chuan pulled the chair for the Queen. She came back to reality and looked at Xing Chuan happily. He sat in his wheelchair, next to the Queen.

Everyone separated into four tables. The beautiful Star Capital of Radical Star was over the railing at the balcony.

Little Har and Little Raf returned to their nest, watching over the balcony closely.

Zong Ben and Jun stood on the armrest too. However, the fourteen Ghost Messengers totally forget their existence because the food got all their attention instead.

“Go ahead,” I had arranged for Moto and Eletta to sit among the Ghost Messengers, so it was easy to serve them.

Some of them looked at the food on the small plates and said, “Isn’t this… too little food? Your Highness, please provide more food. Some of us here have a bigger appetite. This is not enough.”

“Don’t say that. They might not have more food. It’s good enough to have food to eat.”

Before I could say something, Moto replied, “These are cold dishes, also known as appetizers that are eaten before the main dishes. The hot dishes will be here soon. Go ahead and have some first!” Moto spoke proudly, and the Ghost Messengers were in doubt.

“Everyone, go ahead and eat. We really have more coming,” Eletta sounded more friendly.

Everyone picked up their chopsticks and started eating.

Xing Chuan put some fruit salad on the Queen’s plate, and her gaze turned gentle. She said, “These are fruits that you planted, right? Lil’ Bing, you are amazing. You kept everyone warm and full. Even Silver Moon City can’t do that.”

“Silver Moon City doesn’t want to… Cough, cough.” Xing Chuan coughed, and the Queen immediately looked at him with concern. On the other hand, the Great Ghost King’s face grew grave.


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