Book 8: Chapter 6 - The Great Ghost King Came For Inspection

The Great Ghost King’s spacecraft slowly descended at our connecting point.

The connecting point was located on the east of Star Capital. There was a long glass tunnel connecting to a spherical glass building. There was the port of the spacecraft, which was also the building that Raffles was proud of. It was because the spherical building would be the first tainted with the sun, extending towards the capital. It looked like a morning star rising in the morning fog, looking beautiful.

We called it the Morning Star Palace.

The spacecraft was huge, and it was impossible to land it in the capital.

Our spacecraft and spaceships were parked in the spacious area at the foothill. We would repair the observatory elevator and build a huge space hanger soon. We would recycle the materials from Zone 10 as there was a lot of metal waste there.

I led the backbones of Radical Star, standing in Morning Star Palace. Although they tried their best to stay calm, their bodies were tensed. I felt like I could hear their nervous heartbeats.

The crystal pillar supported the dome. Blue sky and white clouds were above the dome while a murmuring river flowed under our feet. The building had an exquisite long bench. The building was decorated with fresh flowers. We used this area as our departure lounge.

The huge white spacecraft descended slowly, stopping before us.

The snow-white spacecraft hull set off the silver and blue pattern, making it look more beautiful compared to other ordinary spacecraft. It was luxuriant yet elegant. It was a classic Silver Moon City style.

As the machine whirled, the hatch opened, and stairs extended, connecting to the hub. Flurry and Dian Yin came out of the spacecraft first.

Flurry saw us, and his gentleman’s smile froze. It was as though he felt disturbed at the sight of me. His smile faded, and he looked away.

Dian Yin noticed the changes in Flurry’s expression. He stole a glance at Flurry and smirked, rubbing his lower lip while walking down with swag. 

Feng You and another girl followed them. The girl had sleek white short hair, and she was hard to tell from male to female. She was tall and slender, and was a head taller than Feng You. Somehow, she seemed more handsome than any other man.

I had seen her during the trial last time. She should be one of the Sixteen Ghost Messengers.

“Sixteen Ghost Messengers, Ice Girl, Sally. She is even more impressive than Xue Gie,” Xing Chuan gave me a short introduction. He continued, “The Great Ghost King brought the Sixteen Ghost Messengers to display his power.”

As he spoke, ten other Ghost Messengers walking out of the spacecraft as expected. They wore the same expression as the people from Silver Moon City arriving in Noah City.

I glanced at Xing Chuan, complaining, “The bad habit of Silver Moon City, looking down on everyone.”

Cough, cough.

Harry, Raffles, Ah Zong, and the other men sniggered in silence.

Harry draped his arm over Xing Chuan’s shoulders and muttered softly, “The other time when you were visiting Noah City, you threw away the water Arsenal gave you. Tell me… how could Lil’ Bing fall for you like that? Tsk, tsk, tsk. You never leave any good impression.”

Xing Chuan’s face grew grave. He turned to look at Harry and Raffles and asked reprovingly, “How did you know?” 

Raffles smiled, replying, “Don’t belittle Noah City. We have nanorobots too.”

Xing Chuan couldn’t help but laugh. He laughed at himself, “I asked for it. I didn’t grab the opportunity. That’s why I took so long on this journey. In the end, I became an old man. Cough, cough…”

“Don’t worry. We will take good care of you. I will give birth to a fish grandchild for you to look after you in your old age.” Harry joked. I then punched him secretly. Everyone in front of me couldn’t see the punch, but Raffles, Xing Chuan, and Ah Zong, who were behind me, saw it clearly.

“Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan burst out in chuckle, saying, “I’m afraid I can’t live that long…”

I immediately kicked him too.

Ah Zong and Raffles couldn’t hold back their laughter anymore but let out a stifled laugh.

The two of them said something so irritating at such a solemn event.

The Sixteen Ghost Messengers got off the spacecraft and walked into the tunnels, lining up on both sides. Then, the Great Ghost King and the Queen came out, wearing their masks.

Even Xing Chuan wasn’t wearing a mask. No one would associate him with Xing Chuan on Silver Moon City, besides Flurry, who knew the truth.

It might also be the reason why Flurry was avoiding us.

The Great Ghost King walked to us, holding the Queen’s hand.

“Welcome, Great Ghost King. Welcome, Your Highness,” I greeted. I was wearing a sleek, long robe with silver embroidery. It had a draping effect due to its weight. The hem of the robe was below knee length, with the back longer than the front. So, it wouldn’t affect my walking, looking rather handsome and elegant.

The Queen looked at Xing Chuan, and her gaze turned gentle. She nodded at Xing Chuan, and Xing Chuan returned the gesture.

“Luo Bing, you really surprised us. You built our Radical Star so beautifully and so grandly,” the Great Ghost King complimented, smiling under his mask.

The Queen next to him looked at him. She looked worried under the exquisite white mask with silver carvings.

The Great Ghost King’s comment of “our Radical Star” made our people standing on both sides feel uneasy. They seemed to be worried that I would hand Radical Star to the Great Ghost King.

How is it possible?

Whoever knew me would know how petty I was. I couldn’t even accept when Harry stole a glance at another woman, let alone for me to hand over my possession to other people.

I smiled faintly and replied, “Great Ghost King, do you want to join our Radical Star too?”

The Great Ghost King squinted under his mask.

I looked at him with a smile and continued, “As the Queen of Radical Star, I came to welcome your arrival along with all my mayors of Radical Star. I hope that we can establish a friendly and equal relationship when the Great Ghost King becomes the master of Silver Moon City.” 

I’ll be clear. Radical Star is mine. No one should think about getting a share of land from me or taking any of my people!

The Great Ghost King slowly opened his eyes, remaining silent.

We looked at each other for very long. The Ghost Messengers behind him wore sharp gazes while my mayors kept their guards up.

Harry and Ah Zong had chilliness soaring from their bodies, brewing inside the beautiful palace.

Suddenly, Jun and Zong Ben flew to him, stopping at the back of Xing Chuan’s wheelchair.

“Pak!” Lucifer landed on the dome, engulfing the palace with his shadow.

“Psst!” Lucifer’s sharp claw scraped against the glass on the dome, letting out an ear-piercing noise.

“Howl.” There was a shrill howl. Then, Little Har and Little Raf flew over and circled in the sky above us. 

The Ghost Messengers lifted their chins to look up. They didn’t look nervous at all, showing utmost confidence in their superpowers.

“Your Highness, the pets you have are quite cute,” someone commented.

“I heard that Your Highness has a flying corpse. It turns out to be him.”

“I heard that Your Highness has two spirits. Can you show us?” They teased.

The Queen’s eyebrows were knitted, looking worried.

“Be quiet! You would be peeing in your pants if the spirits appear for real!” Dian Yin intentionally said in a stern voice, wearing a disdainful smirk. It was obvious that they didn’t believe I had spirits with me.


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