Book 2: Chapter 26 - First Mission

*Whoop.* The place where the two flying vehicles had originally parked expanded to both sides. Then, Ice Dragon slowly elevated from the basement. Its engine started, preparing for departure. Today, it had an oval cargo vehicle attached behind it.

From this, it was easy to see sophisticated Ice Dragon was. As an AI, its processes were automatic, so it could start up by itself. On top of that, it was powered with blue crystal energy, and hence didn’t require a solar panel and solar battery. A solar battery was heavy and easily broken. Ice Dragon was light, and it could bring back more cargo than the other guys’ flying vehicles.

“Luo Bing.” Arsenal supported Elder Alufa by the arm as he walked towards me. Stopping before me, he looked at me solemnly, “No one has been to the center of the radiation zone in Kro. We don’t know what will be in there. We originally wanted you to enter only after you’ve had more scouting experience. However, this is an emergency. We have no choice but to send you there, and there is no one who could go in with you either…” Elder Alufa paused, his expression concerned. He held my hand and expressed earnestly, “Remember, no matter what happens, your life is the most important. If you run into any danger, abort the mission and leave immediately!”

Elder Alufa’s speech touched me. I nodded seriously, “Understood! I will be careful!”

Elder Alufa was still worried. He released my hand and let out a sigh.

Arsenal smiled, seemingly envious of me. I knew that Arsenal wanted to go out. She wanted to see the world. She wanted to do something for Noah City.

“Raffles.” Uncle Mason looked towards Raffles.

Raffles walked to me with something in his hand. He looked down bashfully; he always lowered his head whenever he spoke to girls. He hardly ever looked girls in the eyes, especially me. A little nervous, he said, “Luo Bing, girls have to disguise as boys when they go out for missions…” Then, he held a transparent sheet in his hand and said, “Can you turn away for a bit…”

I looked at it curiously. Just as I was going to turn my head for him, Harry walked over and took the sheet from Raffles’s hand. Holding the left side of my head, he crudely slapped the sheet on the right side of my neck.

“Ah!” I shouted in pain. It was just like he’d killed a mosquito on my neck. 

Seeing this, Elder Alufa and Arsenal saw laughed. Uncle Mason held his forehead as though embarrassed by Harry’s actions.

“Harry!” Raffles shouted, “Be gentle!”

Harry rolled his eyes at him. “Get a move on! Did you think you were putting on a necklace for her? Let’s go!” Harry spat and walked to Ice Dragon.

Raffles glared at him, his cheeks puffed up in anger.

I rubbed my right neck and thought, Harry must be taking revenge for that punch this morning. My hair was long enough to cover the sheet. If I didn’t touch it, I wouldn’t even notice it was there.

“What is this for?” I was stunned. My voice has become a man’s voice!

As I stood stunned, Raffles chuckled. “Now you know what that is for.”

I see, this is what he meant by disguising as a guy! My voice sounds like I’d used a voice modifier, it even has the raspiness of a young man. Not bad. 

Plus, my hair is short and my body isn’t well-developed yet. If I cover my face and speak in a man’s voice, other people would definitely think I am a man!

“Let’s go!” Harry shouted at me from where he stood by Ice Dragon.

I immediately ran towards Ice Dragon.

Raffles followed next to me and exhorted, “Next time, we’ll equip you with a disguiser. This mission happened too quickly so I didn’t have time for that. Remember to cover your face…”

“That’s great!” I couldn’t wait to see a high-tech disguiser. Although I’ve yet to get used to my male voice.

“Oh yeah, I haven’t put in the operating lever but I’ve already designed it! I’ll set it up for you when you return…”

“Hurry up!” Harry pushed me into Ice Dragon, cutting off Raffles and my conversation.

I rolled my eyes at Harry, and he walked to the pilot seat with a glum look.

The cabin door closed and Raffles shouted anxiously from the outside, “And… be careful!”

“Mm!” I gave him a thumbs up and he smiled bashfully. He then stepped back.

I took the pilot seat and the light sphere covered me. Ice Dragon’s parameters were displayed on the light screen as well.

Harry was already checking the data. I looked at him but he didn’t want to look back at me, so I didn’t bother to look anymore and just listened to his command.


A 3D map materialized in front of me.

“Destination, the historical site Kro.”

A green pin appeared on the map, as well as a highlighted route leading towards it.


Ice Dragon immediately ascended; he seemed to be accelerating more gently than before in consideration of the cabin behind him. As he flew up through the exit, sunlight poured in through the front windshield, and we were greeted with a boundless vista. Rays of sunlight poured down through the clouds, the scene before us as beautiful as a painting.

As we climbed higher, a boundless sea of clouds painted in gold appeared before us. The sea of clouds churned and it was an extremely captivating view. Arsenal should totally see this.

“How long until we arrive in Kro?” Harry asked.

“According to our current speed, it would take two hours and twelve minutes. We have a burden today; it’s weighing down on my rear end sp I can’t speed up anymore,” Ice Dragon replied politely.

“Alright. Wake me up when we arrive.” Harry’s seat moved to the back in silence. I looked at his seat as it lowered and the light sphere expanded to cover him. It transformed into a horizontal capsule cabin in the end, and Harry turned his back to me and slept.

I looked at him for a while. I don’t care if Harry is angry because I don’t like him that much anyway. But Ice Dragon’s design is awesome! I can even sleep in here.

Ice Dragon’s seat was comfortable. I was sure it would be much more comfortable than sleeping on the steel bed.

“Luo Bing, do you want to sleep?” Ice Dragon’s face appeared before me in 3D. It was like a brain had popped up on my screen.

I was well-rested; normally, I should be up running at this hour. “No, thanks. Do you have any mathematics exercise in your archive center?”

Ice Dragon looked at me and flashed a sly smile. “Luo Bing, I’m not used to your male voice.”

“I’m not used to it too. Do you have math?” I asked again.

He smiled at me. “You are such a hardworking child.” In the blink of an eye, the parameters before me moved aside, and a 3D mathematics workbook showed up instead.

I extended my hand and tapped to flip the first page. Then, I saw advanced calculus!

Is this what the senior high students in this world are learning?!


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