Book 8: Chapter 5 - I Am Proud Of You

I smiled and replied, “Alright. Beautihope City it is.”

Radical Star’s map appeared on the meeting table, and the label for Zone 11 was changed to Beautihope City. The name suddenly became so friendly, unlike the numbering that was cold.

Then, everyone began to name their own cities.

Those with the original tribe used their tribe names, while some put in a lot of effort in figuring out a name. As they had hardly studied, it was tough to think of a name that they were satisfied with.

But we were a united and loving nation. So, every one helped to think up names for the cities. Finally, every city on our map had its own name.

There was Lush City, Peace City, and Calm City that anticipated a great future.

Angus City, Autumn City, Beagle City, and so on were named after their tribes.

Some derived their city name based on their own name, like Berg City, Karloff City, and so on.

When they named their cities, they had a stronger sense of ownership over their cities. It was the magical power of naming.

“Now, let’s dive into the next topic.” There was a long list of topics for the meeting on the table in front of me. I continued, “As there are hardly any children between the ages of six and eighteen in Radical Star, we will temporarily build only one school. We will call it Raffles Institute.”

“It’s my name!” Raffles was surprised. He then blushed, saying, “It’s, it’s not good.”

“Professor Raffles, don’t reject this!” Moto and the other zone leaders convinced him solemnly.

“Yeah, Professor Raffles. The school can’t be named after anyone else besides you.”


Everyone nodded simultaneously.

This was a surprise I had prepared for Raffles. Who told him to build a statue of me in every place? I had to make him go through the same complicated and awkward feeling.

Raffles continued to blush.

Harry and Ah Zong looked at him with a smile.

Xing Chuan patted his shoulder, saying, “You deserve this. Don’t refuse. Plus, Raffles is the God of Wisdom, to begin with. It is a very suitable name for the school.”

Raffles hung his head in embarrassment, but Haggs suddenly appeared, looking glum. He said, “Did all of you forget about me?”

We chuckled, and I said, “There’s Haggs Science College.”

Haggs was surprised. He was jealous of Raffles earlier but became shy when I told him that we had named another building after him.

I left Haggs and Raffles blushing by the side and continued with the meeting.

“Raffles Institute is an educational institution covering everything from primary education to university. According to the people’s intelligence, they will be spending five years in primary school, starting at the age of six. Then, followed by four years of secondary education, three years of a university course, and two years of further education.” It was the education system from sixty years back because the people were more intelligent. Hence, they started school early. They combined secondary and tertiary education as one. The further education referred to vocational college, doing scientific research.

The education here was like fieldwork, combining both learning and practice. We focused more on the upbringing of a talent’s capability instead of studying blindly—a Tsinghua University graduate but working for someone who stopped studying since secondary school.

In terms of academia, besides the basic knowledge of each subject, they would only learn whichever was applicable and practical. Those that were useless should be ignored. Then, one could specialize in a certain field and spend more time researching subjects that they liked.

However, in the world where I came from, such a method was known as prioritizing a subject at the expense of other subjects.

In this world, you were allowed to and encouraged to do so. For instance, if I were to prefer literature and reckoned algebra was useless to me, I could just drop algebra.

If I were to lean towards math and physics, I could drop history that I deemed useless.

Under such an education method, more people could find a suitable job for themselves quickly. They could also dive into a field that they were good at.

“Next, it’s about the hospital. According to the ratio of ten citizens to one medical staff, every city will have its own medical center. Hence, we have to train a batch of medical staff. After training, they should be able to treat simple diseases. However, complicated diseases would still be required to rush to Star Capital for treatment. Before this is executed, we will vaccinate everyone to decrease the possibility of getting sick.”

“Great! Awesome!” Everyone only knew to compliment me every time I concluded a topic of discussion. 

Soon, the number of the topics decreased, and the meeting room’s mood became more and more excited.

“Next will be holding the election of mayor…”

“Your Highness, the Great Ghost King is arriving in Star Capital,” Ice Dragon reported, appearing on the meeting table smilingly.

When he disappeared, I saw everyone’s anxious faces.

These people who had once heard of the Great Ghost King but never seen him were nervous and terrified because the Great Ghost King was once the King of all Ghost Eclipsers. Who could believe the person who once ruled over Ghost Eclipsers?

“Don’t be nervous,” I comforted everyone, soothing their uneasiness. “Radical Star is an established nation, and the Great Ghost King is our guest. It is only a matter of time until he visits. Then, Radical Star has our warrior saints. No one would dare to be disrespectful to us. Bring out your dignity as the mayors of Radical Star. If you were to be nervous, how could your people be at ease?”

Everyone nodded at my speech. They had been through great upheavals and changes after all. They used their methods to make adjustments to themselves and calm down.

“The Great Ghost King is probably worried that you got stronger and came to probe,” Xing Chuan made a casual remark, smirking in disdain.

I smiled, saying, “I am not scared because we are very powerful!”

The biggest mistake that the Great Ghost King made was to let me attack the Ghost Eclipsers.”

His dignity was built upon uniting the Ghost Eclipsers. The Ghost Eclipsers were his generals and his soldiers. In the end, he let me take down his soldiers. As a result, his power was weakened too.

He once thought ideally about the situation. He thought I would become one of his generals. In the end, he was wrong. I shook off his control entirely and took Gehenna and Napoleon with me.

The Great Ghost King had nothing besides his Sixteen Ghost Messengers.

If he attacked Silver Moon City in the future, his Sixteen Ghost Messengers would have to fight against Xing Chuan’s knights. It would be interesting to watch multi-metahumans fight against the metahumans, who went through tertiary development. I was suddenly looking forward to the war.

I stood up, looking at all my mayors proudly. Their average age was only about twenty-one. I said, “Let’s go. Let the Great Ghost King see all of you, my mayors, my pride!

Suddenly, everyone blushed. They had been proud of me. They worshipped me and treated me like a God.

But then, when I told them that I was proud of them, they blushed. But history was the truest. It would prove that I was proud of them. They were the pride of Radical Star.


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