Book 8: Chapter 4 - Naming The City

Juye was the first to raise his hand. He called, “Your Highness!”


Juye blushed, saying, “I, I want to become a woman…”

Everyone was stunned. Although everyone in the meeting room was a zone leader, besides Karloff, Inge, and Bei Luo, who were older, the other zone leaders were about my age. Some even younger than I was.

They somehow blushed when they heard Juye’s decision.

Moto and Eletta looked calm. It seemed that they were aware of Juye’s decision long ago.

Eletta patted Juye’s back. He seemed to be encouraging him. On the other hand, Moto smiled, looking at him.

Moto, Eletta, and Juye were the three people I had initially got in touch with when I had met with Margaery. The three of them had become my favorable generals. They shared an intimate relationship personally, too.

Ah Zong covered his mouth and chuckled, “Juye, you can talk to me after the meeting. You don’t have to make an official request during the meeting.”

“So, sorry. I am too nervous. It is my first time joining… such an important meeting,” he said, blushing.

I looked at everyone. They did look nervous. So, I calmed them down, “You don’t have to be so nervous. Take it as chatting with your friends.”

Inge moved his mouth, and I immediately looked around, asking, “Where’s Baby Boy? Tell him to come here!”

The door opened, and a young man in his twenties, wearing a white denim shirt and shorts, came in. He had a head of smooth long hair. The black innerwear under his white shirt complemented his long hair.

Ah Zong immediately glanced in his direction.

Somehow, Xing Chuan smirked.

Harry raised his eyebrows, looking at the beautiful young man that suddenly barged in. He leaned next to me, muttering softly, “Waifu, you are too charming. The beautiful young men come one after another. It is so tiring to be your husband…”

“Shut up,” I muttered softly. We were having a meeting, but he was so light-hearted.

“You are…?” Raffles looked at the young man.

“Baby Boy,” I called, and he stopped. He put his hands in his pockets and looked at me smilingly, “Your Highness.” He had two cute dimples on his handsome face.

The mood in the meeting room became weird. It was as though the baby boy had suddenly become every man’s enemy.

Baby Boy’s superpower was to shrink in size and microform, in addition to reverse in age. He usually took the form of a child because he could stay on Inge’s shoulder conveniently.

I continued, “I prefer you in the other state. You look cuter then.”

Everyone sniggered.

Baby Boy’s smile froze, and he turned to walk forward awkwardly. When he walked past Moto’s seat, he was already shrinking in size. When he reached behind Eletta, he was not visible anymore.

After a while, Baby Boy’s head popped before Inge. He sat on Inge’s lap, and his shirt and shorts became fitting. The tight innerwear became loose too.

Inge moved, and Baby Boy pouted, saying, “Our zone merged with Zone 6, so we are not qualified to sit here for such an important meeting.”

Baby Boy looked upset that we made him turn into a child again. Everyone else was looking good, but he had to continue to be a baby boy.

Inge rubbed his head gently, expressing his understanding of Baby Boy’s feelings.

I looked at Inge, saying, “Radical Star covered the entire western hemisphere. Napoleon and Gehenna will be officially joining Radical Star on our National Day too. We had yet to entrust someone to take care of Nubis’s capital. So I am in need of a capable person to be the mayor. How can you be absent?”

Inge’s eyes were wide open, and he moved his lips again.

Baby Boy rested his head on the one hand, repeating what Inge said, “It’s our honor!”

“Alright. Let’s begin our meeting. From today onwards, Queen Town will be renamed Star Capital. Each mayor, please name your city. We no longer use numbers. Zone 5 has merged with Zone 6, and Zone 10 is left empty. However, the old capital will be a new city. So, we still have eleven zones in total. Do you have any suggestions for your city? Felice, let’s start with you.”

“Huh?!” Felice was obviously surprised and became even more nervous, “Can, can I really name our city?”

“Of course. We are resuming the names of your tribes,” I disclosed the true intention behind the naming. Everyone was moved. I looked at Inge, explaining, “Zone 6 is only where your tribe is temporarily staying in. Zone 10 and the old capital are now empty. They will be assigned to you and Ah Fei. You can discuss on your own regarding which city you want.”

Ah Fei was surprised. He and Inge looked at each other. Inge moved his lips, hanging his head low.

“Inge said to let Ah Fei pick first. He contributed a lot to the old capital. We can take Zone 10,” Baby Boy said, looking extremely uneasy.

Ah Fei was stunned. He became emotional, saying, “You contributed even more to the entire Radical Star! Plus…” Ah Fei hung his head low and continued, “We come from Zone 10, and I want to return to Zone 10. Zone 10 is our humiliation, and I want to start all over again in Zone 10.

Inge’s eyes grew wide, and he moved his lips again.

Baby Boy used both hands to support his head and said, “Inge said that he admires you. It is a warrior’s conduct.”

Everyone nodded simultaneously. Stand up at where you fell. Fight against your problem instead of running away from it.

I looked at Ah Fei and expressed my concern,” But Ah Duo…”

Ah Fei looked confident and said, “I will convince Ah Duo. Plus, ever since the people in Zone 10 received their punishment, Ah Duo is doing much better than before. She can talk to my mother now too. So, she is recovering. Don’t worry, Your Highness.”

I finally relaxed and looked at Felice with a smile. I asked, “So, Felice, have you thought of a name yet? Or you can use the tribe’s name.”

Felice clenched on her braid because all the men in the meeting room were looking at her.

“Maybe Felice wouldn’t be so nervous after I become a girl too,” Juye suddenly said.

Everyone burst out in laughter, and Felice giggled too. She seemed to relax. She thought for a while and looked at me and replied, “Our original tribe doesn’t exist anymore. Everyone gathered together from different tribes. We hope to live a good life in the future, and we hope that the place we stay can be as beautiful as Star Capital. So… Can I name it Beautihope City?” She looked at me carefully and asked nervously under everyone’s complimenting gaze, “Is it not nice? I wanted to call it Hope City, but it seems too direct.”

“No, no, no. The name you gave is great. We can’t think of any…” Gore scratched his head in embarrassment.

Everyone agreed that Felice gave a nice name, and she blushed even harder, but she seemed more confident too.


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