Book 8: Chapter 3 - The New Zone 11

“Our children can study now!”

“They won’t be illiterate like us!”

“Our children can pick up skills!”

“Thank you so much, Your Highness! We will never be able to repay all your loving-kindness!”

“Let us do something for you, Your Highness! That’s all we can do. Isn’t it?”

“That’s right. That’s right.”

“Yes. Yes.”

“Your Highness is so nice. You saved us and let us live a good life. You are even taking care of our children. How could there be such a nice person in this world…?”

“Your Highness must be a God.”

Their eyes grew red as they choked with sobs.

“Lil’ Bing! You are finally here!” Sis Ceci rushed out from inside. She pulled me and ran inside. Everyone surrounded the place, looking at the kindergarten excitedly as though their children were already running around happily in the kindergarten.

Sis Ceci pulled me into the room. As expected, the children were crawling all over the place. Some were even pulling Butterfly’s wings, trying to stuff the wings into their mouths.

Butterfly wailed in tears, and Angelina quickly went to rescue her. However, she couldn’t reprimand the children who pulled Butterfly’s wings because they were still toddlers themselves. They merely pulled her wings out of curiosity. Children of their age had no understanding of strength. 

“Look. We are short on workforce!” Sis Ceci looked helpless. She, who once used to wear a battle uniform, was now in a loose dress with lace hemmed at the ends. She looked exactly like a kindergarten teacher. Uncle Mason was thrilled with excitement, and he complimented that Sis Ceci was more womanly.

“Lil’ Bing, I have to teach the women how to use the toilet and change their clothes. I really don’t have enough time,” Sis Ceci looked at me, pleading for help.

Sis Ceci was really busy. She was in charge of the task of teaching the women how to take care of themselves. But there were so many women, and she really couldn’t deal with all of them alone.

There were many children as well. She and Angelina really had no capability to deal with everything themselves.

“Sister Bing, we can’t do this anymore. It’d be great if we could replicate like Silver Snake!” Angelina said, carrying Butterfly.

I looked at the children who were crawling about. I felt like my head was about to explode. I said, “It seems that we really have to hire more people. Oh yeah. The girls who have just transformed to being women can come here and practice how to raise a kid!”

“Good idea!” Sis Ceci let out a breath of relief.

With no further delay, I immediately summoned people to the kindergarten. “Connect to the loudspeaker,” I said, pressing on our new apple badge. “All the girls, attention, please. Please gather at the kindergarten and learn how to raise kids. Follow Sis Ceci’s instructions when you are here.”  

“Lil’ Bing, you are our life savior!” Sis Ceci said. She hugged me and gave me a quick peck. Jun and Zong Ben looked down from above the glass dome.

The moment the announcement was made, it was met with enthusiasm by all the girls. They seemed to be really excited about it. They used to be manly and warriors. So, they had been helping to build the new capital previously. No one had thought of helping to take care of the children.

And suddenly, Sis Ceci had over sixty girls to help, and she didn’t know how to allocate the tasks. In the end, some were assigned to take care of the children’s mothers, while others were assigned to take care of the children.

“Oh yeah. Is Ah Duo staying in the old capital?” Sis Ceci pulled me to the side and asked.

With the nannies in the kindergarten, the children had finally stopped crying and shouting.

My eyebrows were knitted tightly when she brought up Ah Duo.

“Why not? Con her to be a kindergarten teacher here? Let her slowly accept her child.” That was the only solution I could think of.

Sis Ceci nodded, saying, “This is a good idea. You have to get in touch with Ah Fei. Ah Duo is very dependent on Ah Fei now.”

“Alright. Ah Fei has to come over for the celebration anyway. We will ask Ah Duo to help in the kindergarten for a few days then.” Ah Duo only accepted Ah Fei for now. Everything had to progress slowly.

“Sigh,” Sis Ceci suddenly sighed.

I looked at her and comforted her. “Ah Duo will be well soon.”

“I didn’t sigh because of Ah Duo. I am…” Sis Ceci paused, not knowing if she should continue. She creased her eyebrows and continued, “I am thinking of Noah City. It would be great if Xue Gie and the other girls’ children could be here… Sigh…”

Sis Ceci’s sigh made me feel melancholic too. We were drifting further apart from Noah City. I wondered if they were doing fine. If they were still hiding underground, they wouldn’t be able to move forward in the waves that we stirred.

“Your Highness! All zone leaders are here!” Gru reported over the communicator excitedly.

“Alright! I’ll be there immediately. Tell everyone to gather at the sky meeting room!” All zone leaders were finally here. 

Sis Ceci immediately pushed me out, urging, “Hurry up and do your own thing. Go! It’s all my fault. I always bother you with all these little things, interrupting you in dealing with the major affairs.”

“Sis Ceci, anything about the family is a major thing!”

“Now that your family is growing bigger, you have to take care of more people.” Sis Ceci pushed me out of the door, and the crowd surrounding the kindergarten moved out of my way again. Sis Ceci pressed my shoulders and said solemnly, “Lil’ Bing, you are carrying a heavier responsibility. Sis Ceci can’t teach you anything anymore. It is the most honorable thing ever to have been your teacher once!” Sis Ceci said and closed the door behind her, turning to face the room with pride.

Sis Ceci’s speech made me feel warm inside. When I first arrived in this world, she had not only been my teacher but also my mother.

Hong! There was a loud rumble, and the earth quaked. What’s going on?

Everyone immediately looked in the direction where the rumble took place. I frowned. They had built a statue for me again. And they had done it using the pillars under the lucid birds’ nest. So, their nest was like my… crown?!

I held my forehead, thinking to myself, I think I should leave. This is so embarrassing! Raffles is such a status enthusiast!

I saw all the new zone leaders for the eleven zones in the meeting room. Zone 1’s Eletta, Zone 2’s Karloff, Zone 3’s Silver Snake, Zone 4’s Ledo, Zone 5’s Inge, Zone 6’s Juye, Zone 7’s Moto, Zone 8’s Bei Luo, Zone 10’s Ah Fei, and Zone 11’s Felice.

Inge rushed back from Nubis’s capital while He Lei stayed back, unable to join the celebration. We had no choice. He was my general, and I would only be at ease if he stayed guard at Nubis’s capital.

Also, there was only one female zone leader, which was Felice.

Raffles, Harry, Ah Zong, Xiao Ying, and Xing Chuan were in the meeting room too.

Everyone sat around the round table, making a magnificent sight.

I looked at everyone and said, “This meeting is to make every zone a municipal district and rename them. Some of the zones will be combined, so we have to reelect the zone leader. We will need everyone’s approval. Do voice your suggestions if you have any. Everyone here is our family member. Let’s discuss Radical Star’s future together!”

Everyone’s eyes shimmered in excitement.


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