Book 8: Chapter 2 - Tied Up

“Because they have the most advanced technology…They have the most impressive scientific research team.” Raffles still sounded amazed when he brought up Silver Moon City.

“When the ground possesses the same technology, they will be the foolish ones. Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan laughed at his former people. He added, “Raffles, you are no weaker than them. You have your unique superpower, but they don’t.”

“But there are only two of me,” Raffles sounded helpless.

“But both of you are brainiacs. Your efficiency is calculated in multiples. Raffles, you should be proud. You are far stronger than them.”

“Raffles, why are you so unconfident?” Harry teased Raffles too.

I chuckled and looked at Raffles, reassuring him, “Raffles, you and Haggs are the strongest scientists in my eyes.”

Raffles smiled bashfully and happily.

Haggs came out from behind, looking at Raffles with pride. Haggs said, “You are always looking down on yourself. Of course, that is because I am stronger than you.”

Haggs was much more imposing compared to Raffles.

Raffles smiled bashfully, unbothered by what Haggs said.

The gentle moonlight poured over our new capital. The glass shimmered in a dark luster, and the river gave out a rippling effect to the reflection like a garden covered in silver gauze and leaves covered in silver frost. The entire Queen Town was beautiful.

Everyone was just like us, standing or sitting, watching the beautiful new capital with satisfaction.

On the second day, everyone arrived in the new capital from their zones. They were astonished at the magnificent new capital. Some called it the City of God because its beauty made it hard to believe that it was the end of the world. 

Gehenna and Napoleon were on their way too. I asked if they needed assistance, especially on Napoleon’s side. But he seemed to be confident, mainly because the Ghost Eclipsers in his livable zone had already run away after they heard the news.

Most of the Ghost Eclipsers ran to the desolate places in the western hemisphere. We intended to slowly look for them after our national day celebration if the b*stards gathered together for a counter-attack.

“Your Highness, the people from Zone 1 are here!”

“Alright. Let them settle down on the third floor in Sun Palace.

“Your Highness, the people from Zone 6 are here!”

“Alright. Take them to the fourth floor of Sun Palace.

“Your Highness! The people from Zone 9 are here!”

“Take them to the fifth floor of Sun Palace.”

Everyone was busy for a few days. Moto, Eletta, and Juye became the official guides to escort everyone to where they were staying.

The three hotels that we excavated were named Sun Palace, Moon Palace, and Star Palace. A straightforward name was easier for the people to understand and remember because of their comprehension level. It explained their names like Woody, Flowery, and so on.

Sun Palace wasn’t my palace but the hotel on the far east. The hotel would be greeted with the sunrise every day. The hotel on the west was called Moon Palace because its shape looked similar to the moon.

I stayed in Star Palace, and the resources were stored there too.

“Little Bing! Little Bing! Hurry! The children threw the place into turmoil! Hurry up and help me!” It was rare that Sis Ceci asked for help. She liked young children a lot, so we started a kindergarten for her.

The kindergarten was located between Star Palace and Moon Palace. There was an independent building with a round dome that should originally be a theme park. The place was fully equipped with supermarkets, restaurants and other facilities. Hence, it became a ready-made kindergarten.

We cleaned up the supermarket and put in tables, chairs, and blackboard. Then, we decorated the place, and the playground outside naturally became the children’s heaven.

Sis Ceci became the kindergarten’s principal, while Angelina became the first teacher in the kindergarten.

They were obviously asking for help because the kindergarten was short on manpower!

I rushed to the kindergarten and saw that the people from each zone had surrounded the kindergarten from outside and watched on with curiosity.

“Your Highness!”

“Her Highness is here!”

Everyone quickly moved out of the way.

“Your Highness, you are so nice to us. What did we do to deserve such a great place to stay?”

“Yeah. The place you gave us is amazing. We are loathed to even sleep in it.”

I smiled at everyone, saying, “Don’t be. Take it as experiencing future life in advance because we will soon make everyone’s home as comfortable as this.”

“Wow!” Everyone looked excited and looked forward to it.

“Your Highness, what is this place? Why are there so many young kids?”

“This is a kindergarten for the young children,” I replied.

“Eletta told us that these are the human pigs’ children. Look, their mothers are there,” someone said, pointing on the other side.

On the other side of the activity zone, there was a glass room where the children’s mothers were. They were playing with building blocks like the children in there.

The pictures on the building blocks were made of daily necessities, including food, furniture, and human figures. The ancients used educational toys for young children in the past, and we used them for the mothers too. They could play with the building blocks while they watched their children. It would make them feel at ease to be able to see their children. It was beneficial to reboot their minds too.

The men were going through the same education elsewhere.

Men’s human nature to be alpha was instinctual. When they were with women, they would bully them, and so we had decided to separate them.

“Your Highness, we know that Queen Town is short on manpower and unable to take care of so many people. Let us help you,” someone said sincerely.

“Yeah, Your Highness. Let us bring the men back. We will take care of them. Most of our family members were caught to become human pigs. So, please let us do something for them.”

They looked sincere.

I looked at them gratefully, “Thank you so much.”

They were stunned and said, panicking, “Your Highness, you gave us a new life. Whatever that we do is nothing.”

“Yeah, Your Highness. Please don’t thank us! What should we do when you say that…”

Everyone’s face grew red from anxiety.

I smiled, looking at everyone gratefully.

“Your Highness, may I ask if our children… can come to this kindergarten?” Someone asked cautiously.

Everyone looked in anticipation.

I smiled, nodding. I said, “Of course. This is what we are going to do. Not just kindergarten but also schools. Everyone’s children can come and study and learn in schools!”

“That’s great!” Everyone became excited.


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