Book 8: Chapter 1 - New Capital

The relocation of the new capital was smooth-sailing. I connected the blue crystal energy on moving day, and the entire hotel lit up, shimmering!

Then, our excavation troop went on the field again and excavated three other surrounding hotels. It seemed to be enough for people to reside in, so we temporarily stopped further excavation. We had to prepare for the celebration after all. We could continue to excavate further after the celebration.

Then, our afforestation troop took over. The new capital was covered in greenery and a sea of flowers in the blink of an eye. Besides Gru, we had to thank the other two metahumans from Zone 6 who were good at growing things. They were Grassy and Woody. Because of them, I suddenly felt that Gru should be named Flowery and there should be another Treesy. Then, we had all the elements of the greenery.

Moto, Eletta, and Juye rushed to the new capital from their respective zones to help prepare for the celebration.

With the assistance of metahumans, various labor work seemed to be easy and almost relaxing.

For example, tasks such as excavation, moving the soil, and afforestation were simple.

Even for cleaning up, Silver Snake could take care of one building all by himself. Quoting him, “It was much easier than fighting a war.” The hotel that he was cleaning up was the one that Xiao Ying wanted. It would become Xiao Ying’s castle!

After Xiao Ying saw all the hotels, she abandoned the hotel with the sky garden long ago.

It was such a huge hotel. Just how many children she had to give birth to until the hotel was full?

Joey and Sia, who were always against Silver Snake, saw how much effort Silver Snake put in to clean up their new house. Their grudge against him vanished, and they began to clean up with Silver Snake. It was their home and their children’s home, after all.

I stood at one end of the new capital on the East. There was a deep cliff behind me and a boundless wilderness in front of my eyes.

The land of resorts was built at the peak of a chain of mountains and within a basin. The land could be described as being high in the sky yet surrounded by billowing mountains. That was also why it had survived at the end of the world but was buried under the dirt and soil.

The hotel entrance was actually the observation deck built for the hotel’s guests to watch the stars and the moon at night and wait for sunrise with their loved ones.

After connecting the electricity, Xing Chuan found the resort land’s blueprint. He pointed to an observation elevator that led to the foot of the mountain that needed an excavation as well.

The new capital was already filled with green trees and fresh flowers. It looked like an embroidered carpet spread on both sides of the walkways. Compared to the mining zone before, it looked brand new, like a reborn city.

The river course that was previously buried and cut off was unearthed. The water flowed along the river course, adding a tinge of blue on the beautiful painting under my feet.

“Your Highness, be careful!” Dove and the other people cleaning the river course shouted at me. It turned out that the water was rushing in my direction. The ancients had carefully made the river course by covering it in dark green stones. It made the river course shimmer like a clear jade under the sunlight.

Hong! A hillock next to me vanished. It was thrown to the bottom. It was just as simple as God moving a mountain. Would Gods in our legend actually be metahumans?

Then, there was a gush of water flowing down in front of me. The water splashed against my face like morning dew, and it was somewhat cooling. In the blink of an eye, a magnificent fountain appeared before me, and a rainbow was in sight. It was such a magical endorsement of the beautiful painting in front of me.

Jun and Zong Ben flew through the rainbow and landed next to my feet, enjoying the amazing scenery.

“Your Highness, we have some trouble in the west…” Carter reported, standing before me.

“What else could daunt you?” I asked proudly.

Carter looked at me in distress, saying, “I think it’s best for you to take a look.”

Fine. I shall go and take a look with Carter. What else could intimidate my powerful metahumans?

I was delighted when I followed Carter and arrived at an industrial area in the West.

They had dug a circular basin on the west of the new capital. The surroundings of the round field extended upwards, looking like a massive stadium. 

The lucid birds had conquered the site then. Little Bing guarded the stadium while Little Har and Little Raf looked for branches around to build the place into their nest! 

The ground was loose and soft because of the excavation. Looking at the lucid birds, it was obvious that they loved the place. The three of them wanted to conquer the site and refused to leave.

The excavation troop stopped here as they didn’t dare to move them. The lucid birds only listened to my command. Whenever the others approached them, they would put on a fierce look to scare them away.

“Your Highness, look…” Carter looked like things were difficult for him. I smiled, saying, “Make a detour. Save this place for them.” 

“Alright,” Carter replied. He let out a breath of relief at my reply.

I continued, “Get Lawson and his men here. Push the entire space up. Then, it wouldn’t affect anyone else. They simply want to build a nest.”

“Alright!” Carter wore a happy smile and immediately went to execute my command.

Jun and Zong Ben shook their heads. I glanced at them, saying, “Why? So what if I spoil them?”

They shook their heads even more vigorously as though they were sighing heavily.

I looked at Little Bing, who was guarding their nest. She looked at everyone who passed by their nest with high vigilance. I wondered if it was because she was pregnant.

Carter, Lisi, and Lawson worked together to make the entire space taller, like pillars towering under the blue sky. They dug a magnificent arch at the bottom leading to a serene tunnel, looking rather mysterious.

Who would have expected that it would be the lucid birds overlooking the entire capital?

When the night curtain descended, the lights in the hotel lit up. My new Queen Town twinkled like a star under the starry night.

After removing the dust over them, the hotels looked as imposing and magnificent as sixty years ago. They were like pearls that were unearthed from the desert. We merely needed to repair some of the glass. It was all thanks to the people sixty years ago as they left us such solid buildings that they continued to tower at the end of the world.

My men and I stood by the waterfall, watching our brand new, magnificent Queen Town. It was a hearty sight.

“The people in Silver Moon City will realize their stupidity. Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed softly next to me.

Harry chuckled, looking at him. He teased, “Our Elder Alufa used to say this all the time: Those floating in the sky will never live as steady as those on the ground.”

“He is right. Cough. Now I find Xing Chuan of the past pretty stupid.”

“Silver Moon City’s excessive pride in themselves isn’t baseless,” Raffles sighed, looking at the bright moon in the sky. He once yearned for Silver Moon City.  


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