Book 7: Chapter 118 - New World, We Are Coming

I was boiling with rage by then, and I slammed the interrogation report on the table.

Harry was right. They were simply Ghost Eclipsers!

They raped women, and they even did it to the children!

The mood in the meeting room grew tenser when I soared with murderous intent.

I kept quiet for a long time. Then, I took out a red pen from the drawer to cross out the portrait image of the few wicked men who had carried out terrible deeds after we killed the Earth Monster.

There was a total of three men.

Everyone was shocked because they knew that the red cross signified a death sentence.

“Great!” Xiao Ying applauded, standing up. She wasn’t wearing her usual immature smile but looked rather solemn as she said, “We must let the others know that whoever commits a heinous crime in Radical Star will be punished!”

“I will execute the order!” Harry was the first to take away the interrogation papers.

“But… but we just established our nation, and we are already handing out the death penalty… Wouldn’t the people feel pressured?” Raffles asked, worried.

Xing Chuan said expressionlessly, “Raffles, we must enforce the law strictly during the beginning of nation-building. Otherwise, how would the others obey and follow the law? This is rape. They deserve to be punished. The execution would only be heartening news to the people.

Raffles nodded.

Harry waved the execution name list, saying, “We have come to a conclusion then. I will go now.”

Suddenly, the door opened and our chief butler, Gru, walked in. He greeted, “Your Highness, Ah Fei requests to see you.”

Ah Fei?

I immediately responded, “Let him in.” He came just in time. I wondered if he knew the situation of Zone 10 and if his mother did fine.

Gru moved away, and Ah Fei immediately charged in, looking emotional. His eyes were red and looked swollen from crying. He sobbed, “Your Highness, plea-plea-please help…”

“Ah Fei, calm down!” Harry said as he held his shoulders.

Ah Fei took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He continued, “Your Highness, you must impose heavy penalties on Curtis and the others. They, they!” He was so angry that he couldn’t complete his sentence. 

Harry handed Ah Fei the execution name list, saying, “Just in time. You are the zone leader of Zone 10. It’d be better for you to execute them!”

Harry looked at me, and I nodded in agreement.

Ah Fei took the execution name list and read through it. He looked at me, and I looked back at him solemnly, “Ah Fei, you are the zone leader of Zone 10. You have the right to punish them.”

“Thank you, Your Highness!” Ah Fei bowed and left, boiling with rage.

“Harry, go with him,” I ordered, looking at Harry.

“Alright,” Harry quickly followed behind Ah Fei, and Gru closed the door behind them.

I looked at the rest of the names on the interrogation list, saying, “The others will join the labor force, and food will be allocated accordingly.” If I were to imprison them, wouldn’t I be simply raising them?

To the people at the end of the world, having food in prison was simply living in heaven.

“Curtis, Gurun, and the others received a death sentence, but they would also gain fame. Cough, cough,” Xing Chuan commented.

“Why?” Ah Zong and Xiao Ying looked at him with a confused look.

He chuckled, “This is the first official execution since we founded our nation. It will naturally be recorded in history. It has a historical and revolutionary meaning. Cough, cough. Before this, only Silver Moon City on Kansa Star had properly defined laws. There weren’t any on the ground.”

Huh?! These b*stards will gain fame for their terrible deeds!”

“Their names will go down in history as a byword for infamy!” I chuckled bitterly.

Everyone burst out in laughter.

Raffles looked at Xiao Ying gently, explaining, “History will also record the names of all founders of a nation. So, Xiao Ying, you are in it too.”

Xiao Ying’s eyes glistened as she asked, “Really?! I’ll be recorded in history?!”

Raffles nodded, smiling. Ah Zong looked surprised too.

Xiao Ying cupped her face, exclaiming, “You must remember to pick the most beautiful photos of me!”

“Alright. You can pick your own photo to be put into the history book,” Raffles said, looking at Xiao Ying with a doting look.

Xiao Ying was once the youngest among us. But now she was behaving more and more Queen-like.

“Alright. Let us discuss relocating our capital city.”


It would absolutely be a major event to relocate the capital in the world where I came from. Plus, it might not be as easy. There were at least hundreds of thousands of people in one city. Hence, there were too many things involved.

But it was much easier for us. Everyone packed their things and moved them onto the spacecraft. It was as easy as moving a house for us to relocate our capital.

Since our population was low and the state organization had yet to be established, we were simply moving people. It was an easy task.

Queen Town was officially the agricultural area, guarded by Pelos and his men. They would return after the grand celebration.

The other warriors would follow us to the new capital before returning to their homes after the celebration.

Jun and Zong Ben landed on the table. I put away the last document, looking at them with a smile. I said, “We are moving to the new capital. It is nearer to West Port. You can go and visit everyone else whenever you want.”

They didn’t talk but stood on the table like two angels.

I looked at them confused, asking, “What’s wrong?”

Jun flew and landed on my shoulder. He retracted his sharp legs in case he cut my shoulder by accident. Then, he leaned on the side of my face gently.

I looked at him and then at Zong Ben. I said, “You missed me, didn’t you?” I was either transforming the other zones or fighting a war. I had hardly spent any time with them.

Zong Ben looked up at Jun. He flapped his wings as though he was laughing at how Jun was expressing his intimacy like a pet. But he nodded at me.

I smiled reassuringly, “Alright. I won’t leave. I will stay with you.”

Zong Ben sat down. As he was a robot, he looked adorable sitting down. He spread his wings and drew a circle on the table using his sharp wing.

I knew he was asking about attacking Silver Moon City.

“It wouldn’t be so soon. We need to reorganize our forces. Plus, the world is in peace. Queen Town doesn’t need your guard. So, you can accompany me when we attack Silver Moon City.

Then, Zong Ben stood up, looking excited.

Jun landed next to him, spreading his white wings to hug Zong Ben.

“Lil Bing, we are done packing. We can go now,” Ah Zong said, walking in from outside. He smiled when he saw Jun and Zong Ben. He told them, “You are here. Little Har and the other lucid birds refused to leave without you."

“Hah! They are so close to you now.” I commented happily.

Jun gestured a bumpy tummy, and I looked at him in surprise, asking, “Are you saying Lil Bing is pregnant?!”

He nodded.

I went to the window to look around the spacecraft. I saw Little Bing walking around, looking for someone. A new life. We were finally welcoming the new world, the new sky.


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