Book 7: Chapter 117 - First Death Penalty

I stood on Ice Dragon’s wing, shouting, “Gehenna and Napoleon decided to join Radical Star! We, Radical Star, have become even stronger! The formation, strengthening, and building of Radical Star happened because of every one of you! Every one of you! If there were no warriors, we couldn’t have eradicated the Ghost Eclipsers and united the western hemisphere! If there were no farmers, we wouldn’t have sufficient food for our warriors to charge forward! If there were no mechanics, our spacecraft, weapons, water cleansing system, and other equipment wouldn’t be able to operate! So, long live all of you! You are proud of me, but we are proud of you all! For a better tomorrow, let’s work hard together!”

“Long live!”

“Long live!”

“Long live!”

“We have more things to do! We have to build schools for our children to study, to recognize words, to learn knowledge…”

Everyone wore an expression of anticipation and excitement.

“You can study in schools too. We want to build hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, make medicine for everyone to be able to see a doctor. We want to build roads to connect all livable zones. We have many things to do together! But first, let’s throw a grand celebration for everyone in our livable zone who has come to Queen Town and share our victory! To share the official formation of Radical Star!”


“Our national day will be on the 28th of September! Everyone, let’s have some fun!”


Everyone cheered, and it reverberated in the air of Queen Town.

After setting our national day, everyone was busy preparing for the celebration. 

The people who were oppressed, enslaved, and tortured for too long were excited about the celebration. Many of them had lived in horror since birth, and they had no idea how a celebration looked like. Nor had they ever participated in any banquet. That made them even more excited than we were.

Queen Town was engulfed in such an atmosphere of excitement. Ah Zong, Raffles, Xing Chuan, and I were having an urgent meeting for the preparation of the grand celebration.

Of course, Xiao Ying and our chief butler, Gru, joined the meeting too.

“Bing, there are suddenly so many people in Queen Town, and there is not enough space for them to stay. I can’t make them stay in the spacecraft, can I?” Ah Zong looked at me in distress.

I chuckled and replied, “Who says that we are throwing the celebration in Queen Town?”

Everyone looked confused.

I waved my hand, and a map appeared on the meeting table. It was once a mining zone but now my ideal capital. I said, “We are holding the grand celebration… here!”

Everyone looked shocked yet excited.

“We still have enough time to relocate our capital, and the celebration shall take place in the new capital! There are sufficient rooms, and it is fully equipped. I saw that there are blankets and other furniture in the rooms. It can easily accommodate the people from eleven zones!”

Everyone smiled, letting out a breath of relief.

There were a total of eleven zones. Some had more people; for example, Zone 6 had about four to five hundred people. 

Some had fewer people, at about just fifty to sixty people.

But the total of eleven zones had over four thousand people. Including the people in Queen Town and the people we had brought back, there were over five thousand people in total. The rooms in Queen Town were simply insufficient.

If we were to say five thousand people were too many, we would be made fun of back in the world where I came from. Any tourist attraction in the world I came from would have more than hundreds of thousands of people. The five thousand people were nothing in the eyes of the tourist attraction operator.

However, it wasn’t easy to prepare food, clothes, accommodation, and transportation for five thousand people in this world. It would be a grand celebration.

A quarter on this planet had only five thousand people. Obviously, the end of the world was a destructive, catastrophic calamity to this planet in this world.

In the last episode of Resident Evil, I remember there were only about four thousand survivors left on Earth. I simply couldn’t imagine how that would be like. A planet that suddenly had only four thousand people left out seven billion. No one had been able to accept it and had found it unbelievable.

But it had truly happened on Kansa Star, and I experienced it myself. I recalled the days when I only had dark buns for food, and I felt really happy about the current situation.

“That’s awesome! I’ve seen the new capital. I want a level for myself.”

I rolled my eyes at Xiao Ying, “Why do you need a level? There would be a war if there were too many men.”

Xiao Ying chuckled playfully, “Hehe… Save me the place where the mid garden is. It looks like a palace there.”

“Approved,” I agreed heartily.

“I checked. It was once a resort area… Cough, cough…” With Xing Chuan around, Raffles had lesser work. At least Xing Chuan wouldn’t be weaker than Raffles in terms of town planning. Raffles could focus on scientific research like Haggs.

Xing Chuan moved his hand against the map. The land before the castle began to vanish, revealing an underground city!

No, it wasn’t an underground city, but it was a huge basin. The explosion sixty years ago had buried it with all the ash and dirt.  

“So, besides the gemstone hotel, there are other residencies. It is a resort city that could accommodate hundreds of thousands of people,” Xing Chuan smirked. “It was once a bustling city, and many hotels are buried underground. We can excavate the ones nearer to the ground first.”

“That’s great!” Everyone got more excited. We could start with getting a level each and then move on to getting a hotel each. I reckoned Raffles would definitely feel happy because he could build himself an independent research center!

Harry barged in, looking angry.

Everyone looked at me, and he smacked a pile of papers on the table. He slumped onto his seat, looking glum, then complained, “I’m done with the interrogation!” He sounded like he was relieved that it had ended, else he might have failed to hold himself back from killing any of them.

What’s wrong with him? Why is he so angry after the interrogation?

Xiao Ying immediately peeped at the interrogation reports and looked shocked.

I grabbed the reports and glanced through them. I was horrified, and my hands grew cold.

“Humph! Every one of them is scared of dying and is quick when it comes to betrayal! That’s good anyway. Otherwise, the interrogation wouldn’t have gone so smoothly! They are really a bunch of Ghost Eclipsers!”

The Ghost Eclipsers have become an adjective for beasts!

They are real beasts!

The written confession on the interrogation paper said that Curtis, Gurun, and the others had conquered the granary and seized most of the food. Whoever wanted food had to be their slaves and continue to plunder food from the others. Women who wanted food had to exchange it with their bodies, satisfying their sexual needs. But there weren’t enough women. So, some of them could only exchange using their bodies and their children to get more…


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