Book 7: Chapter 116 - Fix A National Day

I looked at them gratefully. Then, I picked up a box of biscuits from the pile of food and put it in front of Ah Fei’s younger brother and offered it to him, “Take this.”

The child hid behind his mother, terrified. He seemed worried that he would get beaten up if he took it.

Ah Fei’s mother was anxious, and she didn’t dare to look at me. But her gaze was fixed on the box of biscuits. The food was important to them, let alone the fact that she had a child.

“Take it. I won’t catch you. I am here, and no one would take this away from you,” I retorted.

“Really?” She seemed surprised.

I put the box of biscuits in her hand, looking at the others coldly. “I believe in Ah Fei, so I airdropped food when I passed by today. But what did I see?! I saw you fighting over food, bullying the vulnerable, taking away children’s food, ignoring other’s lives, and death! What is the difference between you and the Ghost Eclispers!?”

Everyone became quiet as I spoke, but most of them weren’t reflecting on their actions; instead, they were just afraid. Their instincts were to bully the timid and be fearful of the wicked.  

I looked up at the people hovering in the air. They were so scared that they didn’t dare to look at me and curled up. Some even peed their pants in fear. There was no antidote.

I retracted my gaze and looked at the people in front of them. “But I reckon that you would be like them if you have the strength too. Looking at these young men, they are merely learning what you did when you were younger!” What I said seemed to shake them. The elderly shed tears. I hoped that those were the tears of regret because there were their own children among the group of these young men.

Their children would hit them in order to fight for food.

So, I believed that Ah Fei’s mother was a good person because Ah Fei still cared for his people.

“Your Highness, the signal ran out of electricity,” Harry reported after he went to check the signal tower. No wonder Zone 10 couldn’t’ receive any information from Queen Town.

I looked at everyone around me and said, “You didn’t raise your children correctly, so I will do it on your behalf. Whoever plundered by hitting the vulnerable shall be imprisoned! The rest of the people follow me back to Queen Town. I will distribute food to you. No one shall fight. Do you understand?!”

They hung their heads low, and tears flowed down their cheeks.

“Thank you…” Only Ah Fei’s mother thanked me. She held the biscuits tightly and looked at me with teary eyes. She said, “Thank you. Thank you so much… We are finally… saved…” She choked in tears, hugging her child. Then, the people began to sob. Some even wailed in tears.

“Hurry up and say thank you…” Ah Fei’s mother told her child. The young boy looked at me fearfully but said, “Thank you… sister…”

I smiled gently at him, asking, “Do you want to see your brother?”

“Mm!” The young boy finally smiled, nodding heavily.

I stroked his head and looked at him gently, saying, “No one would bully you from now on. I guarantee you.”

The young boy’s bright eyes twinkled under the sunlight.

A black spacecraft hovered above the filthy land. I sat on Ice Dragon’s wings, spreading the rest of the seeds when Ice Dragon flew low and steady. The seeds flew along with the wind and showered upon the dark soil.

Lucifer flew past before me. His snow-white hair fluttered in the air. He raised his huge claws, spreading the flower seeds, in the hope of seeing greenery when we return to Zone 10 again.

“Raffles put the schooling system as our most important schedule.”

“It is a wise choice,” Raffles seemed excited.

Nothing was more important than education. To me, education was meant for one to be well-educated, show a good sense of judgment, and rectify every child’s worldly view.

In my world, education was distorted. Even though the people establishing schools wanted to train more talents for the nation, education had become a competition with respect to academic performance and parents’ capital to show off. It simply exhausted batches and batches of children. The children felt drained by taking these competitive exams. 

What factors had led to such phenomena? The opinions around the answer to this question varied. Experts pointed fingers at the educational institution. The educational institution pointed fingers at the parents, in turn, while the parents blamed it back on the educational system. In short, no one took responsibility and admitted that it was their wrongdoing.

There were more people and very few schools, which led to enrollment based on competitive selection. 

Enrolling in a famous school led to the pursuit of academic achievement.

The pursuit of academic achievement was like seeking fame and fortune, which distorted education.

Hence, I decided that there shall not be any famous schools in the future. There wouldn’t be various grades and ranks but only experts in different fields.

Every school would be a famous school. Who would need to fight or compete?

They had the freedom to become an expert in a specific field. According to their preference, every child could enroll in schools, giving full play to their inborn talent given by God.

I didn’t wish to drown the Radical Star’s children under piles of exam papers, but I hoped they could find their interest and carry forward their skills. 

Everything started with the first step. When Radical Star set up a school at the initial stage, we had to make sure the concept was deep-rooted in everyone’s heart. Then only we could pass down the true meaning of education.

Queen Town was in front of me, and my people were waving our flags at the city wall, cheering for our triumphant victory. Everyone wore a bright smile, and their eyes were shimmering in excitement.

“Long live Radical Star.”

“Long live Radical Star.”

Their cheering reverberated at the square.

Everyone looked proud. They were proud to become a member of Radical Star.

The men and women, saved from Nubis’s capital, walked out of the spacecraft. They were followed by the warriors. Everyone looked surprised when they saw the warrior girls.

Then, the people from Zone 10 were escorted outside, and everyone looked confused.

The elderly, children, and women then came out. Ah Fei rushed out of the crowd, calling, “Mom!”

Ah Fei’s mother saw him, and she quickly went forward to hug him tightly. The family of three hugged together, wailing in tears.

Ah Fei looked at his younger brother in surprise and commented, “Mantou grew up!”

“Brother!” Mantou hugged Ah Fei happily. The three of them hugged again. The reunion moved the surrounding crowd with tears. Their eyes revealed envy and happiness.

Many of them had lost their parents, and many didn’t even know where they came from.

When Ah Duo’s parents walked past them, they looked envious and regretful.

Harry put the people from Zone 10 into Margaery’s prison to wait for their trial. They would be punished according to the severity of their crime after the trial.


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