Book 7: Chapter 115 - First Time Enforcing The Law

After we’d left, the surveillance camera showed how the people in Zone 10 cautiously crawled out of the garbage heap and approached the food that we’d airdropped. Once they realized that it was food, they immediately fought over it like madmen. Even though the amount of food could have fed everyone for a week, the people tried to move as much as possible to their own houses, giving no chance to the vulnerable, the elders and the children!

The situation ignited a fire in everyone’s heart. Everyone was angry to see such a scene.

I’d originally thought that no one would starve if we airdropped sufficient food. But we were wrong. Our kindness had limited our perceptions of the wicked.

Not only did we not manage to help every one of them, we’d also turned people who were wicked worse.

Those who already taken sufficient food even went to plunder from the elderly, children and the sick.

What were they if not Ghost Eclipsers?

The entire meeting room was dead silent.

Harry’s face turned grave at the sight. He didn’t want to take another look at them.

“Kill them. Cough, cough,” Xing Chuan proposed straightforwardly. It was something Xing Chuan would say. These people would have been wiped out long ago if Xing Chuan had been in charge.

“They are not Ghost Eclipsers. We can’t kill innocent people,” Raffles refuted. He was the kind one.

“Is what they did not Ghost Eclipser enough?!” Harry couldn’t help but roar, pointing at the people who were beating up the elderly, the sick and children to snatch their food.

I slammed the table, standing up.

“Lil Bing… calm down… You are a Queen. You have to stay rational,” Raffles urged, watching me with worries.

D*mn it. I really didn’t want to be rational. It’d be great if I could be a tyrant.

I suppressed my anger, saying, “Fighting over provisions is a crime! They are criminals! Seize all of them and bring them back to Queen Town!”

“I agree!” Harry was the first to agree.

Xing Chuan nodded. “We can’t just let them be. It’s only a matter of time until a new Ghost Eclipser is born. The elderly, the sick and the children might die."

“This method can work,” Raffles agreed too. He added, “Imprisoning them together would make it easier to ration resources to them. This world has not been ruled under the law for very long. Since we want to build a strong nation, we need a set of rules to govern the nation.”

Everyone raised their hands in agreement. So, we turned back to Zone 10.

“All warriors of Radical Star, we airdropped food to Zone 10 out of good intention… But we saw them fighting over the food. They whacked the elderly, the sick and the children, and took their food away, just like the Ghost Eclipsers! However, they are not Ghost Eclipsers after all. So, Radical Star is going to execute our law for the first time today. The food plunderers will be Radical Star’s first batch of criminals! From today onwards, we are going to rule the nation according to law!” I announced solemnly through the communicators, spreading the news to every corner of the spacecraft.

On this day, I finally understood the true purpose of the law. When we were conflicted and unable to weigh the rights and wrongs, the law resolved our conflict. 

For instance, we couldn’t kill these people. On the other hand, they would turn into a bunch of demons if we didn't kill them. Wouldn’t that be considered as an outcome of our tolerance? By then, God knew how many people would have been harmed due to our kindness.

One with a kind heart could let go of the wicked, but the wicked would just turn around and kill more people.

When our spacecraft descended again, the people didn’t hide in fear like the first time. On the contrary, they fought to crawl out of their garbage heap, lifting their hands up to us to ask for more food.

The elderly, the sick and the children didn’t come out. They probably reckoned that they would only get beaten up if they came out to fight over food.

However, we weren’t there to give food as charity and extend our compassion in vain, we were there to seize them and imprison them for a good lesson!  

A spaceship lowered from the spacecraft. Sia was standing on the spaceship alone. We were all warriors who had lived through great upheavals and changes. Sia alone was sufficient to fight against these ordinary people.

Soon, the people who’d come forth to grab food were lifted off the ground. Only then did they start to panick.

“What’s going on?!”

Ah! I am so scared! They are catching us back to eat us!”

“Help! Help us!” Shrill screams reverberated in the air. The people in the garbage heap were terrified, curling up further.

I then went down in a flying vehicle. When I flew past the screaming people, they instantly recognized me and gawked in surprise.

I didn’t even want to take another look at them. As a warrior, I couldn’t accept such lowly behavior and inhuman conduct.

I flew to Zone 10 before their shocked gazes, with my warriors trailing behind me. With a gesture from me, they ran into the garbage heap, moving all the food that we’d airdropped back onto the square.

I stood by the food, proclaiming loudly, “You should know me. I killed the Earth Monster. Because of your selfishness and ignorance, I left Zone 10. I was disguised as a man back then and you gave me the pitiful Ah Duo as a tribute. Even though she’d just delivered a baby then!”

“Ah Duo…” A woman crawled out of the garbage heap weakly. She was Ah Duo’s mother. Ah Duo’s father fearfully popped his head out of the garbage heap too.

The people who hid in the garbage heap slowly walked out, staring at me in fear.

I glanced at the fragile woman and the fearful man. “Ah Duo is recovering well in Queen Town but she doesn’t want to come back to see you!”

Ah Duo’s mother lowered her head and started crying, while Ah Duo’s dad hung his head in guilt.

I looked around, continuing, “I wanted to abandon Zone 10 but one of your men, Ah Fei, do you remember him? You still have a man from your tribe in Queen Town, his name is Ah Fei!”

“Ah Fei! My child!” Another woman staggered out of the garbage heap, holding another child in her hand. She asked, “How’s my Ah Fei? Please tell me!”

Looking at the woman’s anxious expression, I thought of Ah Fei’s kind character. I believed that Ah Fei’s kindness must have come from his family. So, my gaze grew gentler when I looked at her. I smiled. “Don’t worry. Ah Fei is doing well too. He was the one that asked me not to give up on Zone 10. He was the one that asked me to help all of you.”

“Ah Fei?”

“Ah Fei…”

They called his name softly in shock.

“That’s great…” The woman smiled happily, but tears were welling up her eyes. She bent down and stroked her child’s face. “Your brother is okay. That’s great…”

The child’s eyes looked bright. He reached out to wipe away her tears, comforting her, “Don’t cry, mom. Brother is alive. We should be happy.”

Ah Fei was right. Not everyone from Zone 11 had zero humanity, so I should give these people a chance.


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