Book 7: Chapter 114 - The Frustrating Zone 10

“That’s great.” Haggs suddenly walked out from behind, looking at us calmly. “Water ghost are cold-blooded, hence every part of their body would be relatively cold. From a scientific angle, it would bring different stimulations that ordinary humans can’t provide...”

“That’s enough!” I had had enough of these men.

When I’d disguised myself as a man, they had disliked me discussing this topic with other men. They’d even avoided me whenever they talked about it. Now that we had been together for a while,, they were shamelessly talking about it right in front of me!

“I suggest you give it a try tonight.” Haggs’ eyes shone, as if he was anticipating getting some data from us for his research.

“Great suggestion! Waifu, come on!” Harry hugged me tightly.

Xing Chuan furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head. “I am growing old. My heart can’t take it anymore. I shall head back to rest first.”

“Hold on!” I stopped Xing Chuan, who gave me a confused look. I chuckled and said, “It’s only fun to do it together.”

Xing Chuan’s eyes opened wide, till even the wrinkles at the corner of his eyes were stretched flat.

“No way, Waifu!” Harry jumped in shock. He let go of me and came up before me to seize my shoulders. “Are you really my wife, Luo Bing?”

I flashed a cheeky smile, teasing, “There are some things that are only fun when you do it together. Raffles, Haggs, stay back too!”

“Huh?! You even want Raffles to watch us?!” Harry spun around to stare at the blushing Raffles and the calm Haggs who obviously wanted to watch. He accused them, “This is all your fault!”

Raffles blushed even harder. “I, we, we…”

Haggs remained composed, taunting, “This is our superpower. Can you do it?”

Harry’s face turned grave.

On the other side, Xing Chuan was dumbstruck.

I chuckled. “What are you thinking about? I’m talking about playing a card game together, called ‘Fighting the Landlord’.”

Raffles instantly let out a breath of relief. Haggs twitched one eyebrow. Xing Chuan chuckled, holding his forehead. On the other hand, Harry looked slightly disappointed.

After we set up the table, an imaging device shot out lights in the middle of the table, showing a miniature Ice Dragon. He was our card dealer.

I, Xing Chuan, Harry and Raffles sat on four sides. Haggs and Raffles had become one again.

Ice Dragon glanced at us smilingly, announcing, “Prepared to deal.” Then, he dealt the cards for us and we began to play the card game.

A few days later, we left Nubis’ capital. He Lei, Inge and their men stayed back to guard Nubis’ capital temporarily.

The Great Ghost King even sent us a congratulatory message.

Napoleon and Gehenna’s spacecraft slowly took off above the sea of flowers, like dark islands soaring into the sky. They were returning to their respective zones to build an Internet with us. Then, we would rebuild the entire West together, hand in hand.

Our spacecraft slowly ascended. Everyone waved farewell at the soldiers staying back.

The warriors who were returning in triumph were extremely excited, becoming more and more energetic on our way back. All the spacecraft seemed to be shimmering with their spiritedness.

However, we were having an intense meeting in the meeting room. The end of the war was when we truly began the tough part of our journey. There were more and more places that required renovation. Under the ruling of the Ghost Eclipsers, the lands had been heavily damaged, just like a piece of broken cloth that had almost no good parts left.

Raffles’ image was in the meeting room too. “Our livable zones are almost done…” He paused and glanced at me before he continued, “All we have left is... Zone 10.”

I knitted my eyebrows. I was vexed and disappointed with Zone 10. I wanted to leave them behind, yet found myself cruel for it. At the same time, I wanted to help them yet I also felt that they were not worth my efforts.

Humans were really complicated. Even when we weren’t at war where people wavered between good and evil, there were still many other grey areas in life where you would struggle.

“Ah Fei is willing to head back to Zone 10 but Ah Duo doesn’t want Ah Fei to leave her. So, Ah Fei can’t go for now,” Raffles said, furrowing his eyebrows. He then added, “However, Zone 10 should be a great place that is suitable for plantation. When you took down Zone 10, you’d disinfected the place using allicin. The dead bodies of Earth Monster were all over the place too. They should have fully rotted by now, and would be beneficial for the fertile land.”

I wasn’t delighted to hear what Raffles had said, instead I was even more disgusted. The place was covered in the worms’ dead bodies. I didn’t even want to step foot in there. 

“We have been watching Zone 10 too…” Raffles swept his hand over the table, which then showed Zone 10’s map. There was only one small town in that spacious land. He zoomed in on the map until the town appeared before us again.

There hadn’t been many people when we’d been in Zone 10.

The image turned clearer until it was as though Zone 10 was right before us. We could see everyone in the zone. 

They continued to live in the garbage heap, seemingly in bad shape.

Without warning, someone barged out to snatch from another person. The passersby quickly curled up in their garbage heap, hiding their food.

“They are all selfish people.” I didn’t even want to look at them. They were too selfish.

“They opened Earth Monster’s food storage and ended up fighting among themselves…” Raffles sighed.

Xing Chuan’s face darkened as he coldly studied the people who were fighting over food. He commented, “Without rationing, they would run through the limited resources much sooner. They are Ghost Eclipsers. When there is no more food they can fight for, they’ll start eating humans.”

My body stiffened.

“That’s for sure! This is so frustrating.” Harry pointed at them sternly.

“Ah Fei definitely doesn’t want to see his tribe turning into Ghost Eclipsers in the end,” I said. I was moved to pity. If there really was such a day, wouldn’t we be one of the causes that led to it?

It was no longer a question of whether Zone 10 was worthy of help. Their ending was clear to see. Once they started cannibalism, we would become the sinners. So, we definitely couldn’t let that happen.

“Detour to Zone 10,” I commanded.

They looked at me askance. I frowned, explaining, “Let’s airdrop them some food so that they can survive for the time being. Then, we will head back to Queen Town to discuss how to rebuild Zone 10.”

Everyone sighed and nodded solemnly.

The Ghost Eclipsers’ poison was deep-rooted in the people of Zone 10. A poisonous worm as filthy as Earth Monster had stained their bloodlines. The most difficult thing to change in the world was a person’s heart.

After I’d made the decision to save Zone 10, Harry and I went to the storage to select food and pack them into boxes, while the others went to prepare themselves at the rear hatch. They were very active when it came to helping people.

I was proud of my soldiers who loved to help others.

Our spacecraft hovered in the sky above Zone 10. The people of Zone 10 immediately hid in the garbage heap in terror. Then, Lucifer, Sia and Joey began to airdrop the food.

The food landed on the empty land outside the garbage heap. Then, we left.


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