Book 2: Chapter 25 - Harry Is A Man

Arsenal looked at me, puzzled, “What’s wrong with them?”

I shrugged. Best to not make it any worse. It was only a small matter to begin with.

“Raffles hardly ever gets so mad,” Arsenal smiled, then turned to me with a solemn look. “Luo Bing, emergency mission.”

Emergency mission!


I became excited. Would this be the surprise that Raffles had been talking about?! Harry also said to meet at the hangar earlier!

Arsenal smiled and nodded at me. “Yes, Luo Bing. You are going on a mission!”

“That’s great!” I jumped in excitement. No wonder Sis Cannon congratulated me, the DR team is dying to go on a mission as well. However, it is difficult for women to get the chance to go on a mission in this world. Everyone has to protect the girls who are so rare, not to mention girls who are metahumans.

When I followed Arsenal to the hangar, the members of the scouting troop were all there. The most exciting part was that I was finally going out!

In front of Williams and the other guys were Uncle Mason, Elder Alufa and Raffles.

Spotting Arsenal and me, Elder Alufa nodded at us with a smile. I quickly took my place in line and stood next to Joey, who was the last in line.

Arsenal stood next to Elder Alufa, then looked at everyone in silence. There was hope in her beautiful eyes.

There were two anti-radiation vehicles parked in the hangar. On the top of each vehicle was a solar panel, while the back held a concealed cabin that could store resources.

Uncle Mason looked at us and said solemnly, “Emergency mission! Sis Meizi ran out of milk!” His heavy tone startled us, and also made all of us feel a deep sense of reverence. He continued solemnly, “The milk powder in Noah City is running out. Our mission is to search for and purchase milk powder! Harry, Luo Bing, fall out!”

“Yes!” Harry and I fell out and stood at both ends of the line. Sis Meizi ran out of milk. This is really an emergency! Even a milk cow is hard to find in this world. People had to scavenge milk powder from historical sites. Hence, it is extremely precious.’

In the past, I had been curious if the things found in the historical sites were still edible. It was a historical site after all. In the end, I learned that the food in the historical sites was well-protected because of radiation. The high radiation in historical sites acted like a vacuum, creating an environment where no bacteria could survive. Just as Arsenal had said, radiation had become a guardian instead. It protected everything in the radiation zone and froze time within. On the reverse side, once the food left the radiation zone, it had to be consumed as soon as possible.

Uncle Mason looked at us and exhorted, “Drive Ice Dragon to the nearest historical site, Kro, to look for milk powder. Remember, the most important thing is milk powder. If there is medicine, bring it back too! If there isn’t any milk powder, try your best to look for rice!”

“Yes!” I replied. If there’s no milk powder, we can only boil rice soup for the baby. That would be so pitiful but this is the end of the world.

Across from me, Harry didn’t reply but only stood there with a glum look.

Everyone seemed to feel that something was off, glancing at Harry out of the corner of their eyes. Arsenal worriedly looked from Harry to Raffles as well. She knew that they had fought.

Uncle Mason’s face darkened as he looked at Harry. “Harry, this is the first time that Luo Bing is heading out for a mission. It is also the first time that we will enter the center of the radiation zone. Due to the severity of the matter, we can only send her out. She has yet to complete her training, and it is still dangerous for her to go into the outside world. We don’t know anything about the center of the radiation zone. You’ll have to protect her, and be both her point of contact and commander. You have to make an accurate prediction of any danger she might run into and evacuate in time. Do you hear me?!”

Uncle Mason shouted at Harry.

However, Harry didn’t speak. Williams and the other guys glanced at Harry carefully and held their breaths. The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Raffles rolled his eyes and looked away. He was obviously still angry.

Feeling that something was not right, Uncle Mason’s face grew glum, “Harry! Did you hear me?!” Uncle Mason shouted even louder.

“Report! Please send someone else to protect Luo Bing!’ Harry suddenly replied loudly. “I don’t feel  well today!”

After Harry replied, the entire hangar became deathly quiet.

My face darkened too. Harry is so narrow-minded. I only punched him once and he is still angry! Back then, he even -! Forget it, I want to punch him again just thinking about it. So what if he doesn’t go? That’s even better for me, I’d get annoyed just from seeing his face. 

Uncle Mason instantly got angry. He suddenly raised his hand and slapped Harry. The loud slap resounded throughout the silent hangar, *pak!*

Williams and the other guys stiffened at the sight. They gulped and didn’t dare to look around anymore.

Raffles looked at Harry too, his expression gloomy.

“Do you feel better now?!” Uncle Mason shouted.

Harry didn’t move an inch, his expression stoic with a soldier’s tough bearing. “Report! I feel much better! I can complete the mission now!” Harry replied with his gaze fixed straight ahead.

I was shocked at the sight, and it made me see Harry in a new light. Harry was usually light-hearted and frivolous in speech. I’d never expected him to be a real man and a true warrior!

“The rest of you, head to Blue Shield City!” Uncle Mason instructed. Williams and the other guys all stood ramrod straight and looked straight ahead. “We do not know how much resources there will be in Kro, or the condition of those resources. So, if Luo Bing discovers that there are no resources in Kro, you would immediately have to exchange all resources for milk powder, medicine, and rice in Blue Shield City. However, if Luo Bing’s team succeeds and they bring back enough milk powder and medicine, exchange for the items on this list instead."

As Uncle Mason spoke, Raffles took out a booklet. He walked past Harry without looking at him, and Harry didn’t look at Raffles either. Raffles passed the booklet to Khai.

Khai took the list, and Raffles returned to his original spot without looking at Harry. Again, Harry refused to look at Raffles too.

“Keep in contact! Depart!” Uncle Mason commanded. Khai and the guys saluted by hitting their right hand on their chest. “Yes, sir!”

Khai, Sia, and Moorim boarded the same vehicle, while Williams, Mosie, Bill and Joey got onto the other. Both vehicles started their engines and took off. The air current whipped at everyone’s hair.

“Preparing for take-off.” Noah’s voice resounded in the hangar. *Hong!* An opening appeared in the ceiling, sunlight and fresh air showering in from above. It was good weather for heading out.

As the wind blew, both flying vehicles left the ground and flew out from the hangar. Leaving only Harry and me under the sunlight, the distance between us a yawning gap that could’ve fit seven or eight other people. 

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