Book 1: Chapter 8 - Power To Petrify After Death

There seemed to be too much hatred in He Lei’s heart. He looked like he really resented the people from Silver Moon City. It was merely because they shared the same enemy earlier that he hadn’t let his bitterness be seen. Ah Xing turned around slowly and he seemed to be very calm. It was as though He Lei’s hatred was within his expectations. It almost seemed like he was already used to this kind of hatred.

He Lei turned to look at Ah Xing and smirked, “They only know to hide on that moon! They don’t care about our lives!” He then pointed with his finger. I gazed in the direction and saw a huge crescent moon. 

I see! That’s a city!

He Lei reined back his hand and looked at me. There was disdain in his eyes as he said, “Be friends with the people from Silver Moon City!? Humph, you are humiliating me. If you want to ingratiate yourself with Silver Moon City, go ahead!” He Lei turned and left.

I went forward and pulled him by his arm, “Why are you so angry? Remember, Ah Xing helped you to find something earlier. The antidote!?”

He Lei turned and looked at me suspiciously, “Why do you sound like you don’t know anything?”

“I… ” 

Of course, I don’t know anything!

I was burning incense at Mount Putuo in my own world earlier. I was enjoying the sea breeze while praying to pass my exam so I can enter a reputable senior high school. The biggest concern I had was to decide between following my dad’s wish of being a soldier or my mom’s wish of being an entertainer.

And suddenly, I found myself in this world. Even before I could understand what was going on, I  was imprisoned. I had to face a possible future of either getting gang raped or fleeing into the unknown. I even witnessed a gun fight right in front of me and saw dead bodies all over the place! I am only sixteen years old, Bro!

Even though my dad used to train me, he had never shown me an actual dead person!

I was merely a sophomore who watched my favorite anime and looked for good food whenever I was free. I was just an average sixteen year old who cried for three days straight when my pet dog died. And now, how could I possibly accept any part of this situation even though it is happening right in front of my eyes!?

From where I come from, guys your age are either studying, playing basketball, or playing games! They are either touching the computer keyboard or touching themselves in front of the computer. Who would be killing with a real gun or flying around!?

My mind was puzzled because of what He Lei said. There were too many things that I wanted to say but didn’t know where to start. There were words and phrases in my head, like broken chunks of sentences. But I couldn’t reorganize them into proper questions.

He Lei swung my hand away and glanced at Ah Xing before looking at me again, “Where are you from? Do you know about Ghost Eclipse City?”

My head was still muddled and all I could do was stand there in a daze.

“He Lei! He fell from the sky and might have lost his memory due to concussion. Don’t force him.” I never expected Ah Xing to find a good excuse for me. He looked concerned when he looked at me and said, “Don’t strain too much if you can’t recall.” He creased his eyebrows slightly, and my head started aching.

Humph,” He Lei looked away in disdain. He took a deep breath and there was chilliness in his eyes, “Ghost Eclipse City captured some people for the sole purpose of eating them.”

“Eat!?” I exclaimed. He Lei became calm, “As for Silver Moon City, they have the highest technology in this world, but they did nothing to help and only watched silently. They let the people in this world continue to eat one another. If they launch an attack, they definitely could destroy King Shura…”

“We can’t,” Ah Xing suddenly cut He Lei off. After that, what followed was an awkward silence.

He Lei immediately turned away with resentment while Ah Xing walked towards us. He looked apologetic as he tried to explain, “Ghost Eclipse City has many metahumans. They will not be easily defeated with high-tech weapons alone. That’s why, He Lei, we need metahumans like you. Your teleportation power is rare among metahumans! Return to Silver Moon City with me,” Ah Xing looked at He Lei sincerely.

He Lei turned and smirked scornfully at Ah Xing, “If you are also willing to take my tribe to Silver Moon City, I’ll follow you.”

Ah Xing creased his eyebrows and there was a helplessness in his eyes, “You know I can’t… ” This helpless gaze of his, made him seem like a completely different person from when he had killed the bandit chief. Ah Xing was too mysterious.

Humph, look! This is the person from Silver Moon City!” He Lei’s gaze looked brutal. He seized Ah Xing’s collar as he spat, “I need to protect my tribe. I won’t be like you lot who didn’t want to become King Shura’s enemy in order to protect yourselves!”

“It is far from enough if we were to rely on Silver Moon City’s strength alone!” Ah Xing roared at He Lei, “King Shura has gathered countless metahumans and has built a strong force to continuously expand their territory. Their numbers are far beyond Silver Moon City’s. They are all strong and have their own power. They…”

“That’s right. We can massacre a city by ourselves. Hahahaha!” Suddenly, there was an arrogant, ferocious roar from behind. We saw a huge figure gradually rise from the ground in front of us!

I turned to look and gawked at the sight!

The bandit chief that Ah Xing had shot and killed earlier stood up! Bang Bang Bang! The muscles on his body were popping one after another, as they tore his clothes apart! Those red chunks of muscles looked like bulging crimson rocks. 

I suddenly understood the term ‘metahuman’ that they had been talking about. My education so far would have been in vain if I didn’t understand it by then. After watching the scene unfolding in front of me, I secretly apologized to all the X-men, especially Wolverine, for comparing the term ‘metahuman’ with their characters!

Metahuman, they are definitely metahumans. Even if they aren’t, they are similar to one.

He Lei was one of them. The teleportation power that enabled him to disappear and reappear instantaneously or his extremely fast speed like ‘Flash’ obviously proved that he was a metahuman!

Previously, He Lei had mentioned about being restrained in the prisoner cage and had also needed an antidote. He most likely meant that his metahuman powers had been restrained by some sort of medication, and he couldn’t use them temporarily. Hence, He Lei needed that antidote to negate the medication’s effects in order to chase after the bastards using his superpowers!

“He really is a metahuman!” Ah Xing looked at the bandit chief who was growing in size.

I stood at a spot closest to the bandit chief, and the gun that Ah Xing had thrown away earlier was also nearby. Just as I was wondering about how to get the gun at the fastest possible speed, a foot that was like a huge rock landed near me. *Hong!* The gun broke into pieces.

“Hahahaha!” the chief laughed as he looked up. He had turned into a three meters tall crimson giant with every muscle of his becoming as hard as a rock. He was originally a human but had turned into a monster all of a sudden!

Unexpectedly, a ray of blue light was shot next to me. It was He Lei. However, the ray hit the monster but didn’t have any effect. The monster looked to be immune to all weapons!

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