Book 7: Chapter 113 - Overflowing With Gayness

He stared at me blankly, and even dropped the apple in his hand.

Leaving his lips, I studied him before complimenting, “I honestly feel that you are quite a handsome water ghost.” I stroked his unusually colored skin, adding, “No matter if you have white skin, yellow skin, dark skin or even the current pale green skin, you still look good because you are naturally good looking.”

Harry gawked, revealing his sharp teeth.

I honestly found him more handsome the more I looked at him. I turned towards Xing Chuan, who was looking away. “Xing Chuan, if Harry can be transformed back in the future, will he be able to switch between water ghost and human all the time?”

Xing Chuan’s back stiffened and he turned to stare at me. “What do you… want to do? Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan asked, seemingly terrified.

I smiled sincerely. Holding Harry’s neck happily, I said, “I really like him as a water ghost. He is like a mutated merman. So, I hope that he can switch between the two.”

“Lil Bing, is your brain frozen?!” Harry gasped. He wanted to run away but I firmly pinned him down in the chair.

Xing Chuan stared at me stiffly as he replied, “This… shouldn’t be a problem. As long as I am alive, I can transform him at anytime.”

“Old man, why are you cooperating with her?! Are your brains frozen?!” Harry clamored.

Xing Chuan calmed himself down and glanced at Harry. “I love Bing. No matter what kind of man she wants, I would fulfill her desire,” Xing Chuan suddenly said. It was the first time he’d admitted his feelings for me so frankly in front of my man.

Harry was stunned, asking in doubt, “Did I hear wrongly?” Harry stopped struggling, turning to look at me for confirmation while I stared at Xing Chuan in surprise.

Xing Chuan was dumbfounded at our gaze. He knitted his eyebrows and coughed, “What’s wrong with the two of you? Cough, cough."

“Wow!” Harry turned on him now, teasing, “Xing Chuan, even you would say such a thing?! You are willing to love whatever Lil Bing loves?! I thought only Raffles and I love her that way. Oh, and Ah Zong too.”

Xing Chuan was stunned.

He had once been overbearing and domineering. He’d refused to let go of the person he liked and he would have stopped at nothing to satisfy his selfish desire. He had even been willing to kill his love rival in order to conquer his beloved.

Yet now he just said that he would send whichever man I liked to me. He was as domineering as before, but now his intention was to satisfy me instead. He would stop at nothing to fulfill my selfish desire.

Letting go of Harry, I went over to Xing Chuan. Bending down and cupping Xing Chuan’s face, I looked at him happily as I spoke, “Xing Chuan, you learned how to love.”

He stared at me in a daze as his eyes quivered.

I smiled at him and Harry. “Let’s dance.” Then, I pulled Harry and danced along with the music. Harry gazed deeply into my eyes, asking, “Do you… really think that I am good looking?”

Mm. A different kind of good looking and I like it,” I answered, letting go of his hand. I then turned to hold Xing Chuan’s hands. Harry chuckled as he went behind Xing Chuan’s wheelchair to push him, saying, “Xing Chuan, when you recover, remember to give me some hair so that I can look even better.”

Cough, cough.” Xing Chuan finally snapped out of his thoughts. He held my hand and spun with Harry’s help. He said, “You can go and look for Raffles. He can help you to plant some hair follicles and get Ah Zong to stimulate your hair growth. Then, you won’t have to wait until I recover to get your hair.”

“That’s awesome!”

“Water ghosts have no hair because they lost it during their evolution to live underwater. Didn’t you notice that you don’t smell fishy anymore?”

“Yeah. What’s up with that?!” Harry realized as he pushed Xing Chuan.

“Because the water is cleaner now, idiot. Hehe… The fishy smell is derived from water. Now that you are using clean water, you naturally don’t smell anymore.” Xing Chuan chuckled. Seeing his face covered in wrinkles, I felt sorry for him.

“Then, I can really…” He smiled suggestively at me, saying, “Waifu… it’s kind of fun to do it underwater.”

“Get lost!” I uttered. At once I lost my mood, seeing his perverted behavior.

Harry pouted behind Xing China’s wheelchair. He complained aggrievedly, “You said you don’t mind. We haven’t… done it… for so many years…”

“Are you shameless?! Xing Chuan is still here!” I was agitated. Once the knot in his heart had been resolved, this guy only thought about those things.

“Water ghosts have naturally cold skin. It should be quite a nice experience… Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan tacitly cooperated with Harry.

I glared at Xing Chuan, protesting, “Xing Chuan, you change too quickly! I can’t keep up with you. Are you still the Xing Chuan I used to know?!” 

Xing Chuan’s face turned grave. He lifted his chin to look at me and held my hand firmly. “If I was still young, you’d be under my body by now. And I’d take care of you, along with Harry!”

“That’s enough!” I immediately cut him off. “Can you dance properly? I know you are the same Xing Chuan."

Hahahaha!” Harry and Xing Chuan suddenly burst out in laughter. Harry patted Xing Chuan’s shoulder while Xing Chuan shook his head, chuckling. They looked just like intimate brothers, filling the air with gayness!

I stared at them, at a loss for words. “Who gave you the courage to be so shameless?!”

The two of them continued to laugh. Even Ah Zong who was sleeping soundly lifted the corners of his lips as though he could feel the cheerful mood around him. He wore a happy smile in his sleep.

Suddenly, a disc flew in. It was an imaging device.

The three of us stopped and looked at it. It shot out light, forming Raffles’ image in mid-air. Raffles looked at us happily. “I see! You guys are here!” He was stunned once he saw me, his gaze fixing upon me blankly.

Seeing that Raffles was here too, I immediately thought of something that the four of us could do to pass time.

“Raffles! You came just in time!” Harry took a step forward and held my shoulders. “Lil Bing and I decided to have a child.”

I was stunned. Who gave him the courage to make such a decision?!

Raffles was stunned and Harry immediately laughed, “Hahaha! I am just joking with you. Look at how nervous you are! But Lil Bing and I reconciled…” His voice grew gentle at the end of his sentence. He hugged me from behind softly. His helmet-less head was finally on my shoulder, as he let out a breath of relief.

“Really?! That’s great!” Raffles cheered, looking at us. He then turned confused, saying, “But you are a water ghost…”

“Bing doesn’t mind that Harry is a water ghost,” Xing Chuan explained.

Raffles glanced at Xing Chuan. “I know that Lil Bing doesn’t mind that Harry is a water ghost but I meant… I meant…” He suddenly blushed.

“Raffles!” Xing Chuan stared at Raffles sternly. He sounded extremely calm, adding, “I meant what you are thinking in your head now. So, Lil Bing doesn’t mind that Harry is a water ghost.”

Raffles gawked in shock, turning into a log of wood.


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