Book 7: Chapter 112 - A Handsome Fish Lies In The Lover's Eyes

Just as I was confused, Sia sent Ah Zong up to me.

Ah Zong landed before me, looking stunned. I smiled, although I felt complicated inside. It was because of Harry. If he wasn’t a water ghost, he would have definitely responded to my request. He loved to dance with me. A scene replayed in my head as I looked at Ah Zong: the time when I had first danced with Harry, when I had taught him how to dance.

I smiled, placing Ah Zong’s hand on my waist. Ah Zong snapped back to reality, gazing deep into my eyes. I could tell he was feeling grateful towards Harry.

Next, Pelos and Bei Luo were sent up one after another. They blushed, staring blankly at oneechan clown and Angelina.

Angelina walked up before Pelos bashfully. Then, she mimicked what I’d done, placing Pelos’ hand on her waist.

I then glanced over at oneechan clown. She was looking away shyly, her body tense. I gave Bei Luo an encouraging look, but he was only gazing blankly at oneechan clown. 

Abruptly, Ah Zong patted Bei Luo’s back, snapping him out of his thoughts. He took a deep breath to calm himself down before he put his hands around oneechan’s waist. But he still kept his eyes averted, not looking at her.

“Music!” Napoleon waved elegantly by the side. Then, melodious music resounded in the palace. I began to dance along with Ah Zong while everyone watched us attentively.

It was just a simple dance. As long as we moved along the music and drew closer in the music, our feelings would eventually grow under the intimate atmosphere.

Oneechan clown, Angelina, Pelos and Bei Luo learned to sway like I did. Angelina and oneechan clown finally showed sweet smiles while Pelos and Bei Luo were at ease, gazing deeply at the girl in front of them.

As the lights dimmed, crystal swan lights slowly descended from above, lighting the palace up with colorful glaze. 

“If you don’t pick, I am going to pick one!” Gehenna shouted. The boys finally collected their thoughts and bashfully asked the girls for a dance.

They had once been comrades-in-arms but now they had become the most beautiful girls in the dinner banquet.

“How did you think of this?” I glanced at the girls as I asked Ah Zong.

Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously, replying, “They brought it up themselves. When they saw the gowns in the storage, they started having thoughts of being a girl. So, I only did something that I should…” His hoarse voice revealed how exhausted he was.

I watched him with concern. “Are you tired?”

He shook his head, leaning on my shoulder. “I am reluctant to let you go…”

“Silly boy, I am yours. Just take a rest if you are tired. I will keep you company.” I led him away from the dance floor to a guest room in the corner. 

The guest room was equipped with furniture like a reclining chair. There was food on the coffee table too.

I sat on the reclining chair while Ah Zong laid down, resting his head on my lap. He looked up at me, clearly happy. Touching my face, he said, “I am really happy and I want to be like this forever… lying in your arms…” Slowly he fell asleep as his voice grew softer.

“Why did you stop dancing?” Harry pushed Xing Chuan in. Ever the foodie, Lucifer had gone crazy the moment he had seen so much food. He Lei glanced at us from the door before he turned to leave, closing the door behind him.

“Ah Zong is exhausted. He probably expended a lot of energy turning them into girls,” I said, stroking Ah Zong’s head gently. I had never thought that it would be so exhausting for him to turn the men into women.

That impression was most likely derived from the time when he had turned the Honeycomb boys into girls in Noah City. He hadn’t looked as tired. Then again, now that I thought about it, it might have been because there’d been less people back then. This time around, there were two rows of girls dressed up in beautiful gowns. It was a magnificent and astonishing sight.

Most of the people here probably had never seen so many girls before.

“I have a blanket under my wheelchair,” Xing Chuan reminded Harry. Xing Chuan himself was quietly changing. He might not have noticed it himself but he was behaving more and more like a member of our family. He now cared for everyone around me. He had learned how to love.

Harry took out the blanket and placed it over Ah Zong before taking a seat. “Seems that this is his limit. He can only turn about sixty girls at one go.” Harry picked up the fruits on the table, removed his helmet and started eating.

“Everyone has their limits. It would harm their bodies if they went overboard. We can’t let Ah Zong turn people into women like this in the future. The balance of men and women should be best achieved through reproduction,” Xing Chuan commented, sounding like a senior scholar.

I was worried to see Ah Zong this exhausted. Touching his face, I sighed, “He did this for everyone’s sake.”

“He still looks like a woman…”  Harry commented casually, destroying the melancholy mood of me feeling heartache towards Ah Zong. I glanced at Harry impatiently, who only looked back at me confusedly. “Why are you looking at me like that? You know that I have no bad intentions by saying that. Ah Zong is the same as Raffles. They look like women. It’s good to look like a woman. They are good looking!” He explained.

I continued to stare at him until he surrendered. “Fine, fine, fine. My bad. I’m sorry, Ah Zong.” He intentionally said it to the asleep Ah Zong with a cheeky smirk.

Cough, cough.” Xing Chuan coughed, saying, “Harry, you care about your appearance. That’s why you care so much about others’ appearance.”

Harry glanced at him. “Would you want to marry a water ghost as your wife?”

Xing Chuan seemed to understand Harry’s viewpoint. He furrowed his eyebrows and hung his head low. “It’s my fault. Cough, cough. I’m sorry. I will try to stay alive until I could transform you back.”

I knew why Harry was bothered. Anyone would mind. Harry had become a water ghost so we couldn’t be like an ordinary couple. We were like husband and wife in mind, but Harry was still bothered about it after all.

I put Ah Zong down gently and pulled the blanket over him.

Harry joked again, “You don’t say. This Pink Baby is pretty good looking. Waifu, your children would look very beautiful.”

He was always like this, pushing himself too hard. He was actually feeling extremely bothered. 

Lifting my gown, I walked up to him. He shot me a confused look and complained, “What now? I didn’t say he looks like a girl. Mm!

I sealed his lips with a kiss. His cool, tender lips felt like jello that had been just taken out of the fridge. There was no smell, only a unique coolness.

His eyes opened wide in shock. In fact, he was actually a good looking water ghost, probably the most handsome one among the water ghosts. His facial features were comely; the only downfall was that he had no hair.

It didn’t affect his face score though.


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