Book 7: Chapter 111 - Why Not Dance

Xing Chuan was stunned for a moment. Shortly he recovered himself and nodded. It seemed that he had still yet to accept the fact that I was from another world. He continued, “Because there were more girls and most of them liked to dress up as princesses, this place came to be known as the Maiden City."

I smiled, gazing at the sparkly crystal castle. There was indeed a really soft, girly aesthetic to it.

“It’s so beautiful. I have never seen such a beautiful house,” Lucifer gasped in admiration. Even a young man like him would also behave like a feminine girl occasionally.

Suddenly, I spotted some of the guys walking back sneakily. Everyone was rushing to the palace, yet they were walking in the direction of the dark city.

“Why are they walking back?” I watched them puzzledly.

“Who?” Xing Chuan moved towards the window and I pointed at the guys. There were quite a number of them.

Xing Chuan avoided my eyes, only replying with a smile, “It is a secret. You will find out later.” Then, he left with a mysterious smile.

What’s going on? Why is he being so mysterious? He didn’t even want to tell me.

I glanced at him, asking, “Where are you going?”

He chuckled, shaking his head. “Do I stay here and watch you change?”

Realizing it, I suddenly found myself dumb.

He glanced aside, commenting offhandedly, “Bing, you become slow and dumb when you are not fighting a war.”

“Who are you calling dumb?!” I pretended to roar, puffing my cheeks.

Of course it wouldn’t scare Xing Chuan, but Lucifer was fooled. He immediately became nervous.

“But we love your idiocy,” Xing Chuan smirked, gazing at me dotingly.

“Sister Bing, hurry up and change into the gown. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you in it!” Lucifer rushed excitedly, “I am looking forward to seeing you in it too! I have never seen you in a dress before.”

Lucifer’s anticipation made me feel embarrassed. I couldn’t help but blush. Swiftly I pushed them out of the room, holding the gown.

I still remembered that the Queen had picked a moon-white gown for me back then too. They were mother and son after all, they even shared similar tastes and preferences.

As I changed into the gown, I somehow felt more anxious compared to the countless times before when I had worn a dress. I hadn’t blushed so hard for very long. When I opened the door, I saw Lucifer’s astonished gaze and satisfied smile. Harry, who was standing next to him, was likewise dumbfounded when he saw me.

That’s strange. Where’s Ah Zong?

We walked out of Ice Dragon together. Oneechan clown and Angelina who were equally shy, walked out of the warship next to Ice Dragon.

Oneechan clown kept tugging on her clothes here and there. It seemed to be her first time wearing a gown, so she was extremely shy.

Seeing me, Angelina immediately ran over to me. But she nearly fell down because she wasn’t used to the length of the dress, and she didn’t know that she had to lift the hem of her gown. Luckily, a speed metahuman who was passing by reflexively caught her. He was Ah Zan.

Ah Zan’s speed was three times faster than an ordinary person, although he was still far behind He Lei’s speed.

Angelina flashed a grateful smile at Ah Zan. He froze, dumbfounded, as if someone had hit his acupuncture point. He looked just like Harry when Harry had seen me in my gown earlier.

Now that the war had ended, romantic vibes began to fill the air.

“Your Highness!” Angelina ran over to me happily. She spun in a circle, exclaiming, “This gown is so pretty!”

“Remember to lift your dress next time,” I reminded.


“This is so tight. It’s suffocating me,” Oneechan clown complained, grabbing her chest. The gown outlined her curvy body.

“But you’ll get to charm your zone leader Bei Luo like this!” Angeline smiled cheekily.

“Oh! Pelos!” Oneechan clown suddenly called.

Angelina immediately grew tense, blushing.

Hahaha!” I burst out in laughter. “Oneechan clown fooled you!”

“Hey!” Angeline chased after oneechan clown and hit her playfully. Laughing heartily, we arrived at the crystal castle at the end of the red carpet.

More and more people were entering the palace, but I still didn’t see Ah Zong anywhere.

Not long ago, those who had once been slaves in Nubis’ capital had brought the people in the pound into the palace. They had volunteered to take care of the human pigs.

They had once lived in the capital together…

They had served the Ghost Eclipsers… 

...while they had been eaten by the Ghost Eclipsers.

They had slept outside the pound… 

… while they had slept inside the pound.

They had been merely a fence apart. They hadn’t been able to do anything besides watch them get caught and slaughtered. Among them were people who had once their tribespeople…

Now, they wanted to do something for them, and atone for their sin and guilt…

Melodious music was playing within the palace, while hundreds of people scattered across a few floors in the palace. It was busy but not crowded.

Every floor had a place for food. No wonder it had taken the entire afternoon to prepare the banquet. This was a feast for over hundreds of people.

Suddenly, a moving platform rose in the middle of the palace. I brought Angelina and oneechan clown onto the crystal platform. Both of them felt shy.

I smiled and reassured them, “You are Queens too. Show the mightiness of a Queen!” 

Angelina and oneechan clown took a deep breath. Then, they pushed their chests out and their chins high. They walked up behind me, attracting the men’s attention.

“Ah Zong said to tell you to kickstart the party. He prepared a surprise for everyone. Just bring him up and give him a short introduction at the end,” Harry said mysteriously after I had gotten onto the platform.

I was looking forward to see what would happen next. Ah Zong had said that it would be a surprise for everyone.

Standing on the platform, I looked at everyone dressed up in exquisite formal wear. Many of them were dressing up for the first time. They looked shy and cautious.

Three wine glasses flew up before us and we took one each.

I raised my wine glass. “It’s needless to say anything. Let the fun begin!”

“Long live the Queen!”

As we cheered, we took a sip from our glasses.

I announced loudly, “This is a celebratory party for everyone. Our General Ah Zong has prepared a surprise for everyone! Do you want to see?” I suddenly felt like an emcee at a countdown party.


Just as everyone replied in unison, the palace doors suddenly swung open. Girls in gowns started walking in, making everyone hold their breath in silence at the sight.

Everyone was taken by surprise!

The entire palace was so quiet that I could hear glass shattering on the ground. It seemed that many of them were so surprised that they dropped their glasses.

The boys on the higher floors crowded nearer to the railings, looking down.

The girls who had just walked in hung their heads bashfully too.

Ah Zong walked in from the side and leaned by the door wearily. He glanced at me with a flirtatious smile and I immediately understood what had happened.

I smiled, looking around at the surrounding dumbfounded boys. I asked, “What are you doing standing there? Let’s dance! Let me teach everyone how to dance!” I immediately stretched my hand out to Harry. He was stunned, until He Lei next to him nudged him. Coming back to reality, he whispered into Sia’s ear and Sia nodded.

I wondered what Harry was up to again.


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