Book 7: Chapter 110 - The Maiden City

Karloff explained, “The legend started two years ago, after you wiped out Steel Ghost Town…”

So that’s how it is.

“The North Star’s name has spread through every livable zone ever since. Although it was only a legend, many actually thought the North Star doesn’t exist…” Karloff and the surrounding slaves’ expressions revealed awe and astonishment as they recalled. “How can there be someone that the Ghost Eclipsers are afraid of? And she can even kill all the Ghost Eclipsers? Many of us thought that it was merely a rumor but still it gave us hope anyway…”

“When Your Highness said that you are the North Star, we didn’t dare to believe it…” Someone glanced at me apologetically. They watched me in reverence and awe, like they were at once excited yet fearful.

“We didn’t know if… you are a counterfeit…”

“We are really sorry for suspecting you…”

It was human nature. Like I’d said before, they had been without hope for so long that they hadn’t stopped believing in hope.

“But you are different. You brought people to kill the Ghost Eclipsers and released the human pigs. You didn’t imprison us or chase us away. Nor did you kill us!” They were so excited that they scrambled for words.

“We just can’t believe that the North Star really came to save us,” they exclaimed, still filled with disbelief.

Extremely solemn, I told them, “In my territory, there will never be any Ghost Eclipsers ever again!”

“That’s great!”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you, Your Highness…” They shed tears of joy.

“Your Highness, can we really join your dinner banquet tonight?” They asked, their still flowing tears leaving a clear trail across their dirty faces.

I smiled, replying, “Of course.”

“That’s awesome! That’s great!” They looked at each other excitedly. Then, they became anxious, glancing at their dirty hands and smelly shirts. “We are too dirty…"

“It’s okay. You’ll be clean after a quick shower,” Karloff reassured, looking them over.

They nodded quickly. “I never thought that there would be a day when we are finally free and don’t have to be afraid,”

“How many years…  How many years has it been? The days that I’d rather be dead than alive…”

Karloff seemed to share the same feelings as he too choked with tears. The past tough times seemed to replay before his eyes.

I seized the chance to cut in, “The resources here will be given to you.”

“What?!” They gaped at me in shock.“To, to us?! We, we can use them?!”

“Yes, we won’t take it with us.”

“Will Your, Your Highness still come and visit?!” They suddenly turned anxious, as if they didn't want me to leave. They seemed to be worried that the runaway Ghost Eclipsers would return once I’d left.

“Don’t worry. General He Lei will stay back.” Karloff lifted his hand, pointing at He Lei who was busy moving food. “Look, that’s him.”

The slaves immediately relaxed. He Lei’s reliable bearing comforted them.

But then they glanced back at us anxiously. “Can, can we go home then?”

“Of course,” I chuckled. “General He Lei will stay back. You can look for him if you want to go home. He can arrange a spaceship to send you home.”

“Oh my…” They cheered excitedly, raising their hands in the air. “Oh my. We can finally go home! We can finally go home!” They hugged each other tightly and wailed in tears. Their tears helped to clean their faces.

The sunset vanished over the horizon and the ice sculptures twinkled with lights. Turned out that Napoleon had placed solar light bulbs within the ice sculpture. Lit up at night, the ice sculptures were beautifully translucent, giving the walkway to the palace a dreamy touch.

Everyone changed into outfits of their choice and headed over to the palace.

My hatch opened and Lucifer pushed Xing Chuan in. They’d brought a moon white-colored gown.

“Sister Luo Bing, this is what Brother Xing Chuan chose for you!” Lucifer picked up the gown from Xing Chuan’s lap and held it up before me. “Look, it’s so pretty!” Lucifer gazed at it longingly, as if he half-wanted to wear it himself.

I looked Lucifer over. He was also wearing a handsome suit with a long light purple jacket. The jacket’s violet silk strands shimmered with flowing streaks of silver light, subtle yet luxuriant, like a purple gem glowing with deep luster under the moonlight.

The jacket hem reached down to Lucifer’s knees. Under the jacket, he wore white pants made from a soft draping material, with purple decorative borders running up the sides. His outfit brought out his youthful liveliness and lovableness, perfect for someone of his age. 

Xing Chuan was very good at picking outfits. He’d even gotten Lucifer a matching silver necklace, with a silver disc pendant carved with an ancient pattern. It made Lucifer seem even more like a mysterious prince.

“You are looking good yourself,” I complimented Lucifer, adjusting his purple collar and straightening his shirt.

Lucifer smiled happily and raised the gown before me again. He urged, “Hurry up and put this on! Brother Harry and the others are still waiting!” 

I accepted the gown. Xing Chuan coughed, “Cough. There is jewelry too.” He handed me a silver jewelry box.

Lucifer quickly took and opened it, showing off a beautiful crystal necklace and an equally brilliant diamond ring.

I chuckled and joked, “Are you proposing?”

Cough, cough, cough…’ Xing Chuan abruptly started coughing vigorously.

Worried, Lucifer quickly put down the jewelry box to pat Xing Chuan’s back. He blamed me, “Sister Bing, don’t tease Brother Xing Chuan. It is bad for him to cough so much."

“Fine, fine, fine. I know that you care about your Brother Xing Chuan the most.” I picked up the necklace and wore it around my neck.

“Why would I use the Ghost Eclipsers’ things to propose?” Xing Chuan remarked disdainfully between coughs. As though this set jewelry had just been the best thing he could find within the Ghost Eclipsers’ storage.

I chuckled, turning to admire the charming crystal castle outside the window. The crystal castle looked exceptionally beautiful at night.

“Napoleon has great taste,” I praised. The originally empty palace had become luxuriant and resplendent in its grandeur.

Mm,” Xing Chuan agreed, which was unusual. He started telling me about the history of a city that had once been outstanding. “This place used to be the Maiden City, the City of Crystal… Cough, cough… In the past, young men and women would gather here in their own costumes, throwing masquerade parties. That’s why there are so many types of clothes and accessories here…”

“Cosplay!” It turned out to be a cosplay city!

“What is… cos?” Xing Chuan gave me a confused look.

“It’s a word from my hometown.” I smiled. Finding a similar idea in this world made it feel much friendlier to me.


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