Book 7: Chapter 109 - Same Kind

“Your Highness…” Silver Snake shot me a cautious glance as he continued, “But your men really are on good terms with each other, no matter whether it is Harry, Professor Raffles or Ah Zong. On top of that, General Harry even forgave Xing Chuan. How did you do that?” Silver Snake eyed me disbelievingly.

I blushed at once. It would be too sickeningly disgusting if I admitted that they had accepted each other because they all loved me. I couldn’t say it.

“What I mean is, how did they do it? How did they accept one another?” Silver Snake asked me for advice.

I shot him a look. “Shouldn’t you ask Harry and the guys about this?”

Silver Snake was suddenly enlightened. “Oh yeah. I’m so dumb!” Silver Snake scratched his head, chuckling. Feeling embarrassed, he looked at me and sighed, “Your Highness, you are a great person. Despite Harry becoming a water ghost, you didn’t look down on him and even told all of us that Harry was your husband. Everyone found it touching. Now they all admire you and love you even more.”

I smiled at Silver Snake. “This is true love. Xiao Ying wouldn’t give up or leave you either. So, she will naturally hold the same feelings for Joey and Sia…”

Silver Snake was visibly moved. His eyes quivered. 

“So, don’t be in a hurry. Everything will get better.” I patted Silver Snake’s arm gently. “Show your sincerity. Joey and Sia love Xiao Ying. As long as they can feel your love for Xiao Ying and your sincerity, men can become brothers very quickly.”

Silver Snake smiled, nodding gratefully. “Your Highness, you are so good. You have to be our Queen forever.” Then, he left like a cheerful child, along with his replicators. Their footsteps were so light that they looked like they were going to fly.

Men. Once they entered a relationship… they would become like children…

Huh? Why did I feel like an elderly person, making such remarks? Perhaps I should also seek out the old Luo Bing who hadn’t needed to fight wars or carry out missions.

The breeze brushed softly against my face, the sensation making me relax. For such a long time, I had not felt at ease enough to feel the breeze, sunlight and fragrance…

All afternoon, everyone busied themselves decorating the venue. The long table was placed in the empty palace, covered in an exquisite tablecloth with glass and silver cutleries neatly laid out. Paintings were hung on the wall, and vases of fresh flowers filled the palace.

It was a sea of flowers, an unlimited supply of flowers.

Napoleon had even found and hung up beautiful curtains. In the blink of an eye, the palace had been redecorated; now it looked more like a crystal castle.

The path to the palace was cleaned up, revealing a black walkway. Just like the black capital, it was made of translucent crystal, with tunnels running underneath. It turned out that there was an underground tunnel running from the capital to the palace, just that it had been concealed under fresh flowers. 

Ice sculptures of flowering trees neatly lined both sides of the black crystal walkway, shimmering with warm luster under the gentle light of sunset. It would definitely look eye-catching in the dark night. 

After my impassioned speech, the slaves were no longer afraid of us. On the other hand, they didn’t take the initiative to approach us either and instead kept their distance, watching us from far.

We had our people guarding the other livable zones too, and they had broadcasted my speech to everyone in Nubis’ livable one. I was looking forward to their response, regardless of whether they would choose to join us in Radical Star or not.

As the curtains of night descended, we finally opened Nubis’ food storage to prepare food for the dinner banquet!

When we opened the huge storage, the slaves who had been avoiding us earlier stood outside the storage in silence, staring at the scrumptious food in the storage.

The food in Nubis’ food storage was surprisingly abundant. Although it couldn’t compare to the food in the past, the storage contained vacuum-packed biscuits, bread, snacks and meat sausages. To this world, it was already considered abundant! Let alone packet juices!

Just looking at it was enough for us to start anticipating the dinner banquet’s menu.

Then, we realized that there was actually a cold room at the far end of the storage, which contained fruits. Just like the fruits that had been frozen in time in Kro, the fruits in the storage had been nicely stored with vacuum superpower.

Thrilled with excitement, everyone started cheering for the scrumptious feast.

We began to move food. I picked up a bag of biscuits and came to the door. The slaves surrounding the door immediately backed off fearfully, taking a few steps back to stand at a careful distance away.

I smiled at them and placed a bag of meat sausages before them. “You can join our celebratory banquet at night. Come and have some food.”

They stared at me in surprise.

“Your Highness.” Karloff carried bags of bread and came to stand next to me expressionlessly. “You’ll scare them if you are so nice to them. We lived under the Ghost Eclipsers and they never respected us…” With an empathetic expression, he took the bag of meat sausages from my hand. “Let me do it.”

Then, he turned to them, saying, “I was from a mining zone, you should know what that’s like.”

The slaves were surprised. They came forward simultaneously, their eyes on Karloff. “You, you survived?!”

Mm, I did.”

“Ah Tu! Do you know Ah Tu?!” Someone came running out, staring at Karloff anxiously.

“Ah Tu!” I stepped forward happily but Karloff held me back. He faced the anxious person calmly. “Ah Tu was saved too! He is in Queen Town.”

“Really?! That’s great! That’s great!” The person cried emotionally.

Turned out that they would accept things easier from Karloff, because he was the same kind as them. To them, I wasn’t their own kind. They still kept a distance from me.

Karloff turned back to me. “Margaery’s mining zone provides blue crystal energy for Nubis. So, some of the people in the mining zone actually came from Nubis’ livable zone.” He glanced at the slaves before saying to me, “Your Highness, you can speak to them now. They are no longer afraid of you.”

Karloff had reduced the distance between them and me, just like that. Back in the mining zone, he had been reliable and calm too. He was a true talent.

“It is Her Highness who saved us all,” Karloff told the slaves. “Not only did she kill Margaery, she saved everyone in the West….”

“Really?!” The slaves crowded around Karloff as he continued calmly, “She even rebuilt our homes, gave us food and shelter. She transformed many livable zones and found water sources for them. Our good days are finally here!”

Everyone was moved by Karloff’s speech. They stared at me with disbelieving eyes filled with tears.

“I never thought that the legend would be true…” They choked with tears.

I looked at them and asked gently, “What legend?”

“The North Star will save the world, killing all the Ghost Eclipsers!” They replied.

I was stunned. It was that same legend again. Where did the legend come from? Did it spread naturally?


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