Book 7: Chapter 108 - Gunpowder Smoke In The Concubines’ Living Quarters

“Seeds! Clothes! And all kinds of resources! We will send them to you! We will find a clean water source for you too. We will rebuild your homes so that everyone, every town, every tribe on this land can regain its strength. We can then bring peace back into this world!”

“Wow!” Everyone cheered.

I raised my hands, proclaiming loudly, “Now, let us begin our celebration!”

*Hong!* Columns of water spurted up from the ground and turned into crystal ice statues, shimmering under the sunlight, just like fireworks kickstarting our celebration.

We threw the celebration banquet in Nubis’ palace as it was the most suitable location. It had a spacious crystal hall on the first floor, with beautiful crystal stairs in all four corners that led to the second floor.

Both floors were connected.

Everyone found long tables from other buildings and put them around the first floor.

The journey from the palace to the capital city was lively.

There were tables, chairs, table cloths, food and wine bottles floating in the air as everyone was busy sending them to the palace.

Harry, Ah Zong, He Lei and the others were in charge of the banquet. Xing Chuan was giving Raffles a brief report in Ice Dragon and discussing the future transformation in Nubis’ livable zone.

Everyone was busy. I came out of the palace alone, wanting to help.

“Your Highness.”

“Your Highness!” Everyone greeted me excitedly, smiling wide.

I nodded with a smile.

“Your Highness, what do you think about the ice statue?” A row of exquisite ice sculptures were neatly lined up along the route to the palace, like extravagant street lamps. It had been Napoleon’s request. I had to say that Napoleon had a great artistic taste. He seemed to have high standards for a banquet.

I nodded, giving him a thumbs-up. “Amazing! Good job!”

The metahumans in charge of making the ice sculptures beamed in pride.

“Brother Bing!” Only my old comrades, Joey and Sia called me that. In fact, I preferred this nickname that was much friendlier. ‘Your Highness’ made people feel more distant.

Sia had a big table above his head while Joey held a beautiful vase and a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

“I heard from Harry that we might return to Noah City. When is that? I miss everyone! I wonder how Elder Alufa is doing. Xue Gie and Bill and the others too. Sigh. Do you remember, everyone had been full of ambition to kill the Ghost Eclipsers on the battlefield? In the end, all of them are taking care of their children at home,” Joey asked emotionally.

Joey’s feelings now were exactly the reason why Xiao Ying had left Noah City. I too empathised with how he felt once I heard his words.

We had once been young and had our own dreams. Arsenal had wanted to go to Silver Moon City. Sis Cannon had wanted to tour around the whole world to see all the beautiful young men. Xue Gie had wanted to take revenge on her parents behalf, killing all the Ghost Eclipsers. Ming You had wanted to become a doctor, to make up for where her healing superpower fell short.

Xiao Ying had wanted to be a Queen. In the end, it seemed that only Xiao Ying was getting closer to her dream while the others were, as Joey mentioned, having children at home. More and more children…

“I really miss Williams and the others. We have to bring something back to Noah City to show off. What about bringing a few heads of the Ghost Eclispers?”

I raised my eyebrows. That is so gory. Although I could understand Joey’s intention to show off, I felt like he would be besieged and beat up if he actually did that.

He would simply be poking them where it hurt, triggering them on purpose.

“That’s enough!” I glanced at Joey in disdain while Joey chuckled, saying, “I am just joking. But I really do miss them.”

I miss them too…

However, my feelings for Noah City… are very complicated…

“HUMMMMM.” Sia did a Mudra gesture and advised, “Joey, when the time comes, we will naturally meet.”

“Don’t be so chill all the time. Xiao Ying is about to be taken away!” Joey rolled his eyes at Sia.

Sia raised his eyebrows and forced himself to stay composed, “We can’t force things when it comes to relationships…”

Sia’s character was just like the Buddhism in the world where I had come from.

I immediately held their arms because they were taller than me and I couldn’t reach for their shoulders anymore. “I will throw you a wedding tomorrow when we return to Queen Town,” I blurted.

They whipped around to stare at me in surprise.

I chuckled and continued, “You are not young anymore. Xiao Ying has passed the eighteen years old mark too. She has long reached the age to get married. Let me give her a little push when I go back.”

“Are you becoming the second Elder Alufa?” Joey couldn’t help but joke, “Brother Bing, I feel like you are going to be like Elder Alufa.”

My face turned grave at once. “Then I won’t care about you anymore.”

“No, no, no. Say something for us but don’t… let Xiao Ying propose to us. This is what we men should do. You just help us… Ugh! I don’t know what to say.” Joey scratched his head anxiously.

I raised my eyebrows. “I understand. Go and prepare your rings then. And, Sia, sometimes, you can’t stay calm when it comes to relationships. There are very few women and a lot of men. If you don’t fight for her, you might really lose her.” Although I knew that Xiao Ying had feelings for Sia, there was no balance between men and women in this world. Not only could women choose whichever men they preferred, but they could also choose more than one, or even many.

So, if he didn’t fight for it hard, his position might really be taken by the other men.

I couldn’t help but recall what He Lei had said. No matter who was blocking his way, he would barrel past them all until he became one of my men. It had been such a confident and domineering declaration.

“Brother Bing, you are awesome!” Joey said excitedly. “Our captain is so unreliable. You treat us much better.” He was referring to Harry. Joey glanced at Sia who had finally lost his cool. “I saw a jewelry vault earlier. It must be what Nubis had prepared to give to Margaery. Let’s go and pick two rings. We have to propose before the other two guys!”

Sia nodded heavily.

Joey held Sia’s hand firmly. “We have to be on the same side against the two guys. We have to unite!”

Sia blinked. I suddenly felt that the world was at peace, but the concubines’ quarters were in a mess...

Just then, Joey saw something and he immediately pulled Sia, urging, “Let’s go. Silver Snake is coming.” Then, they left suspiciously, looking tense. One could tell at a glance that they were hiding something.

Silver Snake glanced at them suspiciously, before walking up to me. “What’s up with Joey and Sia? They are looking at me funny.” There was a row of replicators behind Silver Snake, all carrying dining plates.

I couldn’t help but laughed. “You are rivals in love. Joey and Sia grew up with Xiao Ying. It’s normal that they can’t accept you and Fat-Two for the time being.”

Silver Snake was stunned. He suddenly blinked and glanced around sneakily. His replicators surrounded us so that no one could eavesdrop.


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