Book 7: Chapter 107 - I Can’t Stop Loving You

Harry and Ah Zong exchanged a glance. Then, Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously. While Gehenna and the others glanced at He Lei suggestively, Ah Zong suddenly bent down and gave me a quick peck on my cheek. I was stunned but then I knew why he kissed me all of a sudden. The kiss had represented Harry’s intentions too.

“We shall head out first, my love.” The other men were stupefied at his kiss. Ah Zong glanced at He Lei, giving him a warning with his eyes.

Harry draped his hand over Ah Zong shoulder smilingly and they walked past behind the gloomy He Lei. There seemed to be a formless pressure exerting from Harry and Ah Zong onto He Lei.

Those two guys.

The others left together without casting another look in our direction.

After everyone left, I felt somewhat nervous. I had not been alone with He Lei for very long. In fact, I didn’t know why I’d wanted him to stay back either. I just felt that we had to deal with the knot in our hearts eventually.

“Did you want to stay because you wanted to avoid me?” I asked without looking at him.

His body stiffened before he slowly returned to his original seat, answering, “A little.”

The two of us fell into silence.

Neither of us spoke for very long, and the mood in the meeting room turned extremely awkward due to our silence. Every single second felt extremely difficult.

He Lei placed his hands on the table, clenching them into fists. I had no idea what to say too.

He took a deep breath and suddenly stood up. Taking huge strides over, he sat next to me. Turning to face me, he rested his right elbow on the table, conquering the entire field of vision on my right.

“Bing, you know it. I love you! So, I… I can’t control my feelings for you!” He said passionately. Every single word he uttered carried that unique passion of his. “I can’t hold myself back from looking at you. I can’t stop loving you. And I can’t stop…” he suddenly paused, his burning gaze fixed upon my face. He abruptly moved closer to me and grabbed the back of my chair. I could feel the heat from his body as he moved closer. He continued, “...wanting you!” My heart skipped a beat when he said that.

“Ah Zong said that I was in heat. Yes, I was! I don’t want to hide it from you and pretend to be calm. I can’t stop myself from thinking about it. So, I am going to say it out loud today. I think I should be honest about my feelings. I think I should be honest with you. Then, I could be more at ease before you, and feel freer to look at you, to miss you and to love you.” His smoldering speech burned my heart and I felt uneasy.

All of a sudden, he hugged me. “Bing, I know that I have yet to deal with my own affairs. So, I won’t come after you before that. When we return to the Aurora Legion, I will take care of it. Then, I will officially pursue you. I won’t give up until you fall for me and accept me. You know me well. I, He Lei, will definitely achieve the target that I’ve set. No matter if it is Harry, Ah Zong, Raffles or anyone else in my way, they won’t be able to stop me. I will definitely become your man, become one of your husbands!” He held me tightly in his arms, so tight that I felt like I was being molded onto his firm, muscular body. “I, He Lei, will keep my word!” He spoke right next to my ear, his tone harsh and ominous as if he was taking a vow.

Hwoo.” He took a deep breath right by my ear, as if he was trying hard to hold something back. Then, he suddenly vanished from next to me, bringing along his burning heat.

He Lei had been frank with me, like the other night when he’d gotten naked before me. He’d confessed his undying love for me. He’d confessed that he couldn’t pretend anymore. He’d confessed his sexual desire too. He’d actually admitted that he was aroused. I couldn’t help but chuckle. I didn’t know if I should smile or cry about it, but the emotional entanglement between us had truly vanished after he’d confessed.

His confession was so admirable. There was hardly anyone who would confess their sexual desire, yet he would express his thoughts openly all the time. He was right that his frankness would only do us good. He didn’t need to keep it in nor did I need to avoid him.

Now that he’d become frank with me, we could face each other with ease . His feelings for me were extremely direct and stubborn.

The living environment in the livable zone was much better. There was a bright sky, white clouds, breeze and fragrance.

I stood high at the top of Nubis’ palace. The microphone that I was wearing was connected to the communication system in all Nubis’ livable zones. It was also connected to the loudspeakers in Nubis’ capital.

Earl stood by my side, preparing to do a live broadcast.

The soldiers of Radical Star stood in high-spirits before the palace. Behind them were the people that we had rescued the day before. They stood in the sea of flowers, watching their children play.

Somewhere further away were the anxious slaves in the capital.

I turned to look behind me. There were my partners and men who had come this far with me: Harry, Ah Zong, Xing Chuan and He Lei.

After He Lei had confessed, he’d become completely at ease before me. He no longer avoided my gaze and instead stood there without hiding his attention to me. Even Ah Zong, Harry and the others staring at him didn’t stop him from gazing at me passionately.

Taking a deep breath, I turned back. I spoke in a loud and clear voice, “People of Nubis’ capital, people of all livable zones, greetings. I am the North Star, Luo Bing.”

Huge words appeared in the air one after another. Earl didn’t care if any of them could read, he insisted on displaying the words that I spoke above the sea of flowers.

“I’m sorry that everyone had been terrified by what we did, but it was for the sake of completely eradicating the Ghost Eclipsers who bullied us and conquered the world. Yes! Those who you once thought were impossible to kill, those who treated you as food! The Ghost Eclipsers have been defeated! They are dead under our warrior saints’ swords of justice.”

“Long live the Queen,” everyone cheered.

“Long live the Queen!”

Earl waved and everyone became quiet again, looking up at me with anticipation.

I stood at the edge of the balcony and continued, “From today onwards, you don’t have to live trembling in fear. You don’t have to be scared to sleep at night. You don’t have to worry if your child will be caught. You don’t have to be afraid that you’ll be eaten the next moment! Because a brand new world has come. The land has been cleansed. Everyone can live freely and equally! If you believe in me and Radical Star, you can join us. You will receive our protection and not be captured or bullied by anyone! If you are not willing to join us, we will provide you with assistance too! We will allocate food!”

The people in the far distance took a step closer towards us, then another.


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