Book 7: Chapter 106 - He Lei, Stay Back For A While

Napoleon narrowed his eyes at Gehenna. “Her Highness is not interested in you for a reason. Even if I was a woman, I wouldn’t be interested in you either.”

Gehenna bit his lip, looking at everyone with sad puppy eyes.

Everyone sniggered.

“He doesn’t need me to be interested in him. He has a bunch of wives back home.” I couldn’t be bothered with Gehenna.

Hahahaha!” Everyone let out another burst of laughter. The mood was much happier than the day before. Bei Luo and Inge, who were originally anxious, relaxed too.

The baby boy laid on the table, gazing at me with a smile. His cute face could melt any woman’s heart.

Bei Luo blinked, asking me softly, “Your Highness… Cough… Ugly came back and told me that… you allow her… to pick a few… beautiful young men as her husbands… Is that true?”

I glanced at him and said sternly, “If you were to call her Ugly again, I will make it come true!”

Hahahaha!” The men who were holding back their laughter earlier burst out in laughter again.

Bei Luo turned nervous, clenching his hands anxiously.

“Bei Luo, go to the capital to get a ring,” I said to Bei Luo. He immediately looked up at me and I smiled. “Give it to oneechan clown.”

Bei Luo blushed and smiled happily. “Thank you, Your Highness. I… am not good with words so…”

“Bei Luo, you are a man. You have to be brave for the woman you like!” Harry cheered, raising his fist.

“But not overly,” Xing Chuan added. “Cough. It would be excessive…” He coughed and stole a glance at He Lei. He Lei’s eyebrows were tightly knitted.

“So do I say it? Or not?” Bei Lei was confused by Harry’s and Xing Chuan’s advice.

The men laughed, side-eyeing Bei Luo. He was an adult man yet he was as shy as a child when it came to relationships. He only knew to dress up the woman that he loved as a clown.

I chuckled, looking at him. “For oneechan clown, she will definitely be delighted if you are outspoken.”

Bei Luo smiled bashfully while Inge lifted his slender arms to pat his back. Inge seemed to be encouraging him.

I looked around at everyone and asked, “Bei Luo wants to return to Zone 8. Any suggestions?”

Inge moved his lips, not making any sound. The baby boy next to him immediately said, “Your Highness, we are willing to stay back but our superpowers are not sufficient.” They reported with full honesty.

It was true. There had to be a general who stood guard in Nubis’ capital. Not everyone could carry out the role perfectly.

Inge and his men were almost illiterate. Hence, there were many things that they couldn’t do. However, they seemed to be the most suitable candidates right now, because the people in their livable zones had relocated to Zone 6 so they didn’t have any worries.

I glanced at Inge and the baby boy, asking curiously, “Inge, why don’t you speak for yourself? Why does the baby boy have to speak on your behalf all the time?”

Inge blushed and moved his lips. At first, there wasn’t any sound but suddenly there came a super sharp voice, “Your Highness!”

At once, all the men in the meeting room’s faces turned awkward. His voice sounded just like a screaming rubber chicken.

Inge shut his mouth at everyone’s surprised gaze, hanging his head low.

“All of you heard him. His voice isn’t great,” the baby boy teased, smiling. They shared a close enough relationship that they could make fun of one another’s flaws.

Cough,” I coughed and caught everyone’s attention. I tried hard to hold back my laughter.

“Let my dad do it. Dad, what about you?” Harry suggested, draping his hand over Uncle Mason’s neck smilingly.

“Dad!?” Suddenly, everyone let out a shriek even more shrill than Inge’s voice.

Although there had been a rumor spreading among the soldiers, no one had known the complete truth.

“Why? Can’t he be my son?” Uncle Mason asked proudly, putting his arms around Harry. He knocked Harry’s helmet, bragging, “He looks like a fish now but he was once a handsome young man. Of course, not as handsome as I am.” Uncle Mason chuckled smugly.

“I was definitely more handsome!” Harry argued. They continued to make jokes despite everyone’s surprised yet complicated expressions.

I looked around at everyone, adding, “Let me do an official introduction. He is my husband, Harry.”

Everyone gawked.

“Why, why did he become a water ghost?” Gehenna asked suspiciously.

I didn’t reply but Xing Chuan leaned forward, admitting, “I turned him into a water ghost."

Huh?!” There was another shocked gasp. Not everyone might be able to understand how Harry and Xing Chuan still managed to get along in peace.

Suddenly, He Lei spoke up, “I will stay guard at this capital!”

Everyone had yet to come back to reality from the earlier surprise. I turned to He Lei but he didn’t meet my eyes. He added, “I am the most suitable candidate. There are too many beautiful young men in Queen Town. It would be inappropriate for Uncle Mason to stay away for too long. Plus, this place is closer to the East. It would be more convenient for me to head over to the Aurora Legion later on.”

He Lei was right. The valley on the other side was closer to the East. In short, it was closer to the base of the Aurora Legion than the capital.

Plus, He Lei was suitable to take on the role of standing guard here because he was a leader. But recently…

It might truly be a wise choice for him to stay guard here. Maybe we should stay apart for a while.

“He Lei is a suitable choice,” Xing Chuan said hoarsely. “He can attack and defend. Inge and his men can assist him.”

“Yes, we are willing to!” The baby boy replied happily. His eyes were shimmering with admiration for He Lei.

I nodded in agreement with a smile. “That’s it then! Everyone, get yourselves ready. We are throwing a celebratory party before we return to our own livable zone for more celebration!”

“Awesome! I told you we should celebrate our victory!” Gehenna jumped in excitement, letting out a middle-aged men’s enthusiasm.

“I suggest for every troop to come up with a performance. Your Highness, I hope you can delegate this task to me,” Napoleon requested. He who was brimming with a performer’s spirit, was clearly in the mood.

“Sure,” I readily accepted. It had been a while since we’d gathered for some fun. Everyone was now liberated from the terrifying Ghost Eclispers. It really deserved a celebration. It would be even better to have some performances.

He smiled cheekily at me, saying, “Your Highness, please prepare a show too!”

“Huh?!” I felt like I’d been conned?

Everyone gazed at me with expectation.

In the retrogressing civilization, art and culture were almost at a complete stagnation. Under the rule of the terrifying Ghost Eclipsers, I reckoned no one had been in the mood to sing.

But it should be different in Gehenna and Napoleon’s livable zones. I believed their living conditions would have been better.

Everyone was looking forward to the celebratory party, and they hastily left to make the necessary arrangements.

I thought for a while before I called for He Lei, “He Lei, stay back for a while."

He Lei’s body stiffened and everyone exchanged a look. Harry glanced at Xing Chuan, who had already left in silence. Lucifer was already waiting for him at the door.


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