Book 7: Chapter 105 - Continue With The Meeting

“Oneechan clown, you are not ugly at all!” Angelina smiled at the sexy and beautiful oneechan clown. She was slightly older than us.

Oneechan clown covered her face and smiled bashfully. “Actually, I thought I was pretty too but Bei Luo always says that I am ugly. He told me to cover my face with a mask and not scare him.”

Angelina and I immediately laughed. I glanced at oneechan clown, explaining, “He is just worried that someone else will take you away from him. He’s lying to you!”

“What?!” Oneechan clown was shocked. Blushing hard, she asked, “Are you, are you serious?! He is worried that I…"

I smiled playfully at her. “Anyone would fight over women in this world. He likes you so he has to hide your face.”

“So that others can’t see your face. Aren’t you two married yet?” Angelina asked, holding oneechan clown’s arm. Oneechan clown blushed even hard, mumbling, “We… We…”

“Alright. Go and look for your Bei Luo!” Angelina nudged her.

I immediately added, “Tell him that the Queen said that there are very few women in the capital. So, the women in Radical Star have the right to choose men and you are considering taking on a few beautiful young men."

Huh?!” Oneechan clown gawked. She glanced at me bashfully and asked, “Can I really… pick a few beautiful young men?”

Hahaha!” We burst out in laughter. Oneechan clown laughed too. Zone leader Bei Luo had better watch out.

It was so exhausting for us to manage the women. Comparatively, the men were much more relaxed. Two men took care of each one. They showered them and taught them how to do their business.

Men didn’t have to take off their pants so it was much simpler compared to us.

We could finally rest in peace once night fell. Tonight, we could finally sleep soundly.

We were done with war. We had finally chased the Ghost Eclipsers out of the world altogether. This land was no longer ruled by the Ghost Eclipsers. We had shattered their rules and treated them like the rats on the streets. The remaining ones who were alive would be hunted down too.

When I returned to my room on Ice Dragon, I saw Ah Zong making my bed. Hearing the door opened, his body stiffened, clearly nervous.

I walked into the room and he turned, smiling as he said, “Rest well,” before he wanted to leave my room.

I was so tired. I knocked myself against his chest as he walked towards me. He tensed up at once. Ever since Harry and the others had acknowledged that he was my man, Ah Zong started becoming nervous, unlike his usual self.

“Ah Zong, I am tired. I showered over twenty children. You should have become a woman to help me,” I complained. My back was aching and all I wanted was to lie on the bed.

“Huh? That… That wouldn’t be a good idea. They… are women…” Ah Zong suddenly started acting awkwardly.

I chuckled. “Ah Zong, why have you become so shy now?”

“Because you are right. They are humans. And, they are women while I am a man. So, I naturally have to excuse myself.”

“I mean, you are not like the Ah Zong in the past when you are with me now.”


“Let’s sleep. I am really tired…” I exerted strength forward, shoving him onto my bed. His body stiffened as his long pink hair scattered across the sheets. I lay on his chest, seeking a comfortable position with my eyes closed. 




“Relax… Otherwise, it’s uncomfortable…” He was too stiff, and his chest too tense.

Mm…” He finally relaxed and his chest became softer. 

“Bing… my Queen…” He hugged me gently, pulling the blanket over my back and patting my back like he was putting a child to bed. Within seconds, I fell asleep on his warm body.

Early next morning, I saw our men leading the men from the pound out. Whenever they tried to bend down and walk on all fours, they would quickly fix their posture. However, it was a habit so some men would still bend down subconsciously from time to time.

After they were led out, they stood together to learn how to pee together.

It was so convenient to be men…

We gathered in the meeting room again. Now, Uncle Mason, Bei Luo and Inge joined us.

“We need someone to guard Nubis’ capital. Who is willing to?” I glanced at Gehenna and Napoleon and they immediately frowned.

Gehenna scratched his head. “My brothers are waiting to go back. Plus, why didn’t we celebrate?! We won a victory! A tremendous victory! We took over the entire western hemisphere. Shouldn’t we celebrate?”

“We are in no hurry to celebrate. There are many things that have yet to be done. We really need someone to stand guard at Nubis’ capital! We can’t just abandon it after we take it down. What if the runaway Ghost Eclipsers return? Plus, there must be someone here to take charge of the affairs,” Napoleon said smilingly. “In fact, I’d really like to take up the role but I have many Ghost Eclipsers in my own capital, waiting for me to deal with.” 

Gehenna and Napoleon had too much on their plate. It sort of felt like the overall situation had been decided, but the internal chaos had yet to subside.

But it was impossible for me to stand guard here because there were many things to be taken care of in Queen Town. So, I looked towards Bei Luo and Inge.

Bei Luo knitted his eyebrows and faced me solemnly. “Your Highness, I have to return to Zone 8 with Ugly. Excuse us.” He seemed like he was in a hurry to go back and get married.

I chuckled, reproving, “The world is peaceful now. You don’t have to hide Oneechan clown so secretively.”

Bei Luo blushed, covering his face. “Excuse me, Your Highness…”

Hahaha!” The other men laughed. I was the only woman in the meeting room. Oneechan clown and Angelina were busy taking care of the women. Luckily, I had assigned some of the men to help take care of the children.

“Bei Luo, there are very few women in this world indeed. Look at my sister. Just how many men does she have?” Gehenna raised his eyebrows at Bei Luo, teasing, “Even I couldn’t get a number even if I wanted to join the line.”

Cough, cough…” The men in the meeting room coughed and Bei Luo stole a glance at me.

Instantly I felt murderous intentions soaring within me.

Harry lifted his leg and stepped on the table, straightforwardly sealing off the space to my right, while Ah Zong supported his head on one hand, smiling at Gehenna as he blocked off the space on my left.

Xing Chuan was grimly quiet while He Lei crossed his hands, looking gloomy too. Both wore an equally stern look across their faces. The meeting room suddenly turned chilly. 

“That’s why you need to hold on tight when you find yourself a woman! It’s useless to just cover her face!” Gehenna advised like an experienced senior, “She can still find a few men after she marries you! Look at our Queen, she has three husbands!”

*Pak!* I slammed the table and Gehenna immediately bit his lips, frowning at Uncle Mason. Uncle Mason sniggered, ignoring him.


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