Book 7: Chapter 104 - New Sisterhood

Watching what we did with their children, the women by the bathing pool seemed to understand. They jumped into the pool and began to wash off the stains on their bodies. 

Splashing water on their bodies, they watched the water trickle down their bodies. Within moments, water was splashing everywhere like a herd of deer were bathing in the river.

“Look!” Oneechan clown stopped, watching the women delightedly.

Angelina was thrilled too. “Sister Bing, they are learning how to bathe!”

I smiled, gratified, as I watched the women splashing water on their bodies. I believed that they would eventually learn how to be a human too, just that they would take a longer time.

Our efforts would definitely not be in vain.

The children were energetic, crawling all around. The three of us sincerely felt that it was not easy to raise children. It was impossible to control them and they wouldn’t follow your instructions either.

They didn’t come with on and off switches. They wouldn’t obey your command like a robot nor could you temporarily switch them off.

They would forever be like a perpetually moving machine, crawling all around energetically. They would put anything into their mouths and roll around naked happily. The moment we placed them down, they would start crawling in all directions. When they almost fell into the bathing pool, the women would quickly go and push them back to shore. We let out breaths of relief, grateful for the maternal instinct.

Recognizing their mothers, the older children spread their arms pleadingly. The women would then carry them and put them into the water to shower them like we did.

We smiled at them and they smiled back at us. Happily they played with the water together with their children.

The more curious ones would try to drink shower gel. We didn’t stop them either, because it was edible and was in ice cream flavor, which was actually rather delicious.

The entire bathing pool was filled with colorful bubbles and the fragrance of shower gel. The women and children playfully poked the bubbles in the air.

Looking at their smiles, I reckoned that they were not stupid, rather their brains had stopped growing. They had stagnated at a childhood stage and stopped growing up.

All of a sudden, we now had hundreds of children in our big family.

Finally, we were done showering the twenty over children. There were also many women who were pregnant with bulging stomachs. Those with swollen breasts instinctively breastfed the children.

Seeing their calm expressions while breastfeeding, the three of us became quiet. We lounged by the pool, watching their careful and alert expressions.  

“Why are they so alert?” Angelina was confused. Like me, it was also her first time seeing human pigs from a pound.

“They should be keeping their guard up against people who want to rob for food. They have milk, which is also a food source. The men in the pound would probably fight over it,” Oneechan clown said sadly.

“This is so pitiful. They have completely lost their human minds… It’s hard to imagine how their life was in the pound…” Angelina gazed at them sadly.

“They are blessed that they don’t have human minds. They grew up in the pound. They don’t know how to think. They don’t know how to talk. They don’t know anything. The most pitiful ones are those people who were caught to become the first batch of human pigs. They were humans yet they had to watch their friends get eaten every day. It would have been such a terrifying and torturous thing to go through on a daily basis.”

When there was love, there would be hatred. Where there was sweetness, there would also be bitterness. Happiness existed alongside the fear of losing happiness. Human pain was derived from human emotions and desire. But these people didn’t have any, so they could live on like this. It was also the reason why they didn’t worry about their fates the next day.

The children slowly fell asleep in their mothers’ embrace, with milk hanging at the corner of their lips. The women then slowly let their guard down. Even though there were no men in the surroundings, it was instinctive to them to guard against it.

Oneechan clown and Angelina walked up to them and gently carried their children. Although they obediently handed the children to oneechan clown and Angelina, still their gazes never left their children.

Oneechan clown and Angelina carried the children over to me and I gently wrapped them in a blanket before placing them onto a stroller next to me. They were finally quiet and not crawling around anymore!

The women seemed to understand and carried the children over to us. Some of them even learned to wrap their children with the blankets. Although they wrapped messily and some even wrapped the children’s heads, those children wrapped by their mothers had a unique warmth and slept even more soundly.

It took great effort for us to blow dry the women, because they were terrified of the wind. They flustered in all directions, hiding in the corners like ostriches trying to stuff their heads into the soil. 

We had to pull them back one by one gently. We stood at the nozzle and demonstrated to them. Only then did they do somewhat better, although it still took a while for them to get used to it.

Finally, we put on clothes for them. We dressed them in simple straight skirts, taking into consideration that they still did their business anywhere. Since they also didn’t know how to put on pants, we had cut the pants and made adult open-slit skirts. We were short-handed and had yet to teach them simple living habits. I intended to teach them once we returned to the capital.

By the time we’d sent the women to the sleeping cabins, it was already midnight. We watched them sleep on the ground covered with mattresses with their children in their arms, while we ourselves were aching all over. This was even more tiring than fighting a war.

“Would they learn? Like how to put on clothes,” Angelina asked, leaning at the door.

“Of course. They are humans, just like us. We didn’t even teach them breastfeeding. They would eventually pick it up as long as we are patient enough.” Oneechan clown was confident.

“But there aren’t many women in the capital. How do we teach them one by one? There are over forty of them. Half of them are pregnant. We can’t tell the men to do it either.” Angelina expressed her concern.

Oneechan clown smiled and pointed out, “If we pool together all the women in every livable zone, we’d have quite a number. Let’s get the Queen to call for an assembly. Your Highness?”

I nodded with a smile. “Your suggestion is great! Oh yeah, I still don’t know your real name. I can’t be calling you oneechan clown all the time.”

She blushed, answering, “My name is Ugly, because I’m ugly like a clown… This is so embarrassing, Your Highness.” She glanced at me in embarrassment.

I chuckled. “Stop calling me ‘Your Highness’. There aren’t many women in this world. We are sisters now.”

“How, how could I?!” Oneechan clown became nervous.

Angelina chirped happily, “Sister Bing is the best! She has never put on a queen’s air.”

Mm!” Oneechan clown looked excited too.

We looked at one another, holding hands happily. I had another two sisters now.


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