Book 2: Chapter 24 - Emergency Mission

I felt apologetic after hitting him, since I didn’t even know why I’d hit him. I didn’t mean to, but I just couldn’t help it when I saw his face so close to mine. It seemed to be a natural instinct, probably because my first impression of him had been so bad it’d formed some sort of trauma.

“You hit me?!” Harry looked at me in disbelief and utter disappointment. “How could you… hit my handsome face!?” He pointed at his face; evidently, he was extremely proud of his handsomeness.

I’d been about to apologize, but once I saw his shameless face and heard his shameless remark words, I couldn’t help but refute, “That’s right. I’m used to hitting you. So what? Who told you to appear in my room out of nowhere while I was sleeping! You are so disgusting.” I quickly rubbed my face. “Did you drool on my face again?!”

Harry stood there in anger, his eyes were wide open. He was left speechless.

Massaging his temples, he shook his head then pointed at me. “Luo Bing! Like I’d explained to you before, that was an accident! I saw you in Silver Moon City’s spaceship in the radiation zone, so I went to pick you up. You asked me to save you, which made me curious about why you’d want to leave Silver Moon City. On top of that, you were a girl! Which girl in this world wouldn’t want to go to Silver Moon City? So, I… Then, I accidentally…” He faltered, blushing. Blinking, he scratched his head impatiently, then pointed at the table. “So I can’t even enter your room but that thing can sleep in here?!” Unable to explain himself, he chose to direct the topic elsewhere.

I looked to the side and realized that Raffles had fallen asleep on the table!

Raffles is so nice. He even kept me company last night.

But his lips seemed to be moving as he muttered, “The missing radiation was ten thousand Haggers. The purifier could only cleanse two hundred Haggers every hour…”

Haggers was the measurement unit for radiation in this world, named after the mysterious radiation professor, Hagger Jones. It was said that when a piece of aerolite debris had fallen to earth one year before the end of the world, Professor Hagger Jones had inspected it and discovered the unknown radiation. In the end, one year later the end of the world descended, and the radiation covered the entire earth.

“It’s impossible to cleanse the radiation so quickly.”

“Isn’t he awake and talking?” I looked at Harry confusedly.

Harry didn’t even bother to look at Raffles’s direction, “Raffles is a Synesthete. Most likely, half of his brain is sleeping while the other is working. That’s his superpower. He’s a metahuman after all.”

Eh? I’ve always thought Raffles’s brain is just better developed than ours, which allowed him to do a number of things at the same time. It turns out that he’s a metahuman.

Ignoring Harry who pouting with his arms crossed, I got off the bed to investigate this miraculous phenomenon. I walked up to Raffles, moving closer to his face to get a better look. I realized that although his grayish-blue eyes were open, his pupils were out of focus and only staring in front of him blankly.

“Hey hey hey. Don’t get so close!” Harry pulled me away. “Noah City’s protocol about male and female relations is very strict! Men can’t just sleep in women’s rooms as they wish! How could you let him stay overnight?”

“You left me in your room back then!” I shouted back at him. This was just like that saying, ‘the magistrates are free to burn down houses while the common people are forbidden to even light lamps.’ On top of that, Raffles must have only fallen asleep because he was too tired, since he didn’t even bother to close the door. Otherwise, how could Harry have entered the room?

Of all the men in Noah City, Raffles would be the one to guard against the least. He was more gentlemanly than a gentleman.

Harry was tongue-tied as I condemned him. His eyes moved around, and in the end he could only glare at Raffles and kick him. “Blue bunny! Wake up!” He vented his anger on Raffles.

Raffles woke up with a start, sending the hair that hung by the side of his face fluttering. It really looked like long bunny ears moving. His eyes dilated in shock as he blinked in confusion. Registering our presence, he jumped in shock, looking at me then at Harry. “I, did I fall asleep here?!”

Harry’s face grew grave. “Mm!”

Raffles stiffened on the spot and his face instantly flushed red.

I felt that they were making a mountain out of a molehill. “What are you doing? I used to sleep in Raffles’s warehouse too.”

“How is that the same?” Harry said solemnly. He was like a disciplinary master preparing to give a lecture. “The warehouse and the bedroom are two different places. Sleeping on the ground is also different from sleeping on the bed. Besides, when you were sleeping in the warehouse, Second Sis was there too. It wasn’t just you and Raffles alone. Do you understand?!”

*Pfft.* I didn’t bother with Harry. “When you brought me back, there were only you and I in your room too.”

“Which was why my mom threw me off from the third floor!” Harry said angrily. He turned his face away and sulked. “I was even hung out on the public street!” he added through gritted teeth.

Now that he brought it up, I did recall such a thing happily. Sis Ceci had really punished him and Uncle Mason severely.

“So-sorry!” Raffles hastily kept his booklet.

“What do you mean sorry? Get back to work!” Harry seemed to be extremely grumpy that day; he even extended his hand to grab Raffles by his collar. Caught off guard, Raffles stumbled.

Harry glared at Raffles’s blushing face, then pointed at me, “In short, Luo Bing, you can’t let any man into your room as you wish. That includes even this bunny!” He pointed at Raffles, who hit him with his booklet, “You’re the bunny! Luo Bing should guard against you instead! Humph!” Raffles pushed Harry aside, smoothing out his clothes. His sleeve glided up his arm, inadvertently revealing the bracelet that I’d given him.

Harry grabbed Raffles’ wrist and stared at his bracelet. “Where did this come from?”

“Luo Bing gave it to me! Humph!” Raffles threw off Harry’s hand, and Harry stared at me. “You gave the bunny a present?!” Harry gawked at me in disbelief as though I had given a present to his enemy.

Distracted by the bracelet, Harry and Raffles had stopped arguing. My room finally regained its quiet.

“What are you fighting about?” Suddenly, Arsenal appeared at the door. She looked at us curiously yet calmly. “I could hear all of you from the stairs.”

Harry retracted his gaze and turned to leave. “Gather at the hangar! Humph!” 

“Okay, I got it! Humph!” Raffles put his booklet away angrily.

The two of them exited the door, stepping around each side of Arsenal. Then, one stalked off to the left while the other headed off to the right. 

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