Book 7: Chapter 103 - Motherly Instinct

At night, Harry and I sat at a balcony at the top of Nubis’ palace. Moonlight showered down upon the entire capital, reflecting silver off the black spherical buildings that clustered together like towering ice cream sundaes.

“I wonder how Elder Alufa is doing…” Harry looked up into the night sky and sighed, “There should be a lot of Ghost Eclipsers on the run in the East…”

“There are still many unknown closed livable zones in the East.” Not every livable zone in the East had formed an alliance with Silver Moon City. Those who had formed an alliance weren’t necessarily good people either. Many of them still practiced the Ghost Eclipsers’ barbaric habits. That was why they were known as the Ghost Eclipsers of the East. 

In the past, we’d had to be wary of being robbed by these people. The East wasn’t exactly united.

“I wonder if Arsenal has delivered her baby…” Harry lay on the crystal floor, resting his head on hands folded behind his head. To him, Arsenal was just like his younger sister.

I glanced at him. “I have always been curious about this. Arsenal is the most beautiful girl in Noah City and you are such a pervert. Why didn’t you fall for Arsenal back then?” 

“Maybe… because Raffles looked prettier than her…” he pouted.

“Huh?!” I gawked at Harry, asking closely, “Harry, be honest with me. Are you bi?!”

“What is bi?” Harry gave me a confused look.

“It means that you like both men and women,” Xing Chuan answered, moving slowly from the door. He was wearing a blanket over his shoulder.

“Of course not!” Harry immediately retorted, sitting up straight. “You should know about what happened with Raffles long ago. I couldn’t differentiate men from women back then!” He explained.

Cough. But you have always been touchy with men,” Xing Chuan calmly said what I wanted to say. 

Harry glanced at us helplessly, asking, “Am I?”

“You are!” I narrowed my eyes. This guy had always liked to touch my Raffles, and my Ah Zong. Today he’d even touched He Lei’s thigh, although He Lei didn’t notice.

“Ah Zong stared at you for very long when you put your hand on He Lei’s thigh. He must have felt something,” Xing Chuan commented, frowning.

“Where’s Ah Zong?! Let him explain to me what he felt?!” Harry roared, shooting up to his feet.

“I asked him,” Xing Chuan said calmly.

“What did he say?” Harry immediately supported his weight on Xing Chuan’s wheelchair armrest, staring at him nervously.

Xing Chuan looked at him for a while before he said, “He said that…” Xing Chuan slowed down as he spoke, frowning. His distressed expression made Harry even more anxious, who couldn’t help but urge, “Hey, hey, hey. Old man, watch what you are going to say. Don’t bullsh*t!”

Xing Chuan gazed to the side in deep thought, before he turned back and suddenly chuckled, “He said that, luckily, he wasn’t the one sitting next to you. Otherwise, you would be feeling up his thigh.”

Huh?!” Harry’s expression grew stiff.

Hahaha!” Xing Chuan burst out in laughter. I had never seen him laugh so heartily and so naturally.

Harry’s face turned black and he complained, “You are an ass! Humph!” Harry let go of the armrest. Still, he couldn’t help but let out a stifled laugh when he turned around.

“Have you ever thought of what it would be like to return to the East after you defeated Silver Moon City?” Xing Chuan asked softly.

Harry blinked his fish eyes, turning to look at me as well.

“Why are you looking at me?” I returned him a confused look.

He averted his gaze guilty while I looked at the twinkling spacecrafts and the people bustling about under the starry night sky. I told Harry, “Push Xing Chuan back to take some rest. I will go and help."

Oh,” Harry responded softly but didn’t say anything else.

I had never thought about the question that Xing Chuan had just asked me.

Back then, I’d only been thinking about eradicating the Ghost Eclipsers and sending the demons to hell. I had never thought that I would one day possess the entire western hemisphere, form Radical Star and become tens of thousands of people’s Queen.

That was why when Xing Chuan had asked me what it would be like when we saw the people in Noah City in the East after defeating Silver Moon City, I had no idea how to answer him.

But we would definitely head to Noah City eventually, because Pelos and the others’ parents were there. If Radical Star was our home, Noah City would be like our hometown.

Our spacecrafts stood like towering palaces under the night sky. The galaxy flowed past above us, reaching down to meet the sea of flowers at the horizon.

Under the spacecrafts’ lights, everyone was busy managing the people in the pound. Our men were in charge of the men while our women took charge of the women. Everyone had yet to celebrate our victory. We had to first take care of the people who had been raised in the pound.

The people in the pound were tame and obedient.

In Nubis’ capital that we had just taken down, there were not only the people in the pound but also the enslaved people in the capital who had slowly walked out from each corner after we had won the war. They had been cautiously watching us from afar in fear.

I’d told everyone not to disturb them because they had looked terrified. If we were overly enthusiastic, we might end up scaring them instead. So, just let them watch and make their own judgment. They weren’t people in the pound, so they would have their own thoughts.

In my spacecraft, oneechan clown and Angelina were busy washing up the women.

The men and women in the pound were all naked. There were quite a number of them too. Fortunately, we had enough manpower, so we had two men dealing with each man.

However, we were severely short-handed when it came to the women. I assigned Ah Zong and Lucifer to support by passing us women and children’s clothing.

The children were gently placed next to the bathing pool. We brought the women over as they watched curiously, squatting next to the bathing pool. They touched the warm water and splashed occasionally. Then, they watched it blankly for a while before they suddenly dunked their heads in to drink.

We didn’t stop them because we didn’t have the bandwidth to.

Ah Zong and Lucifer neatly piled up the clothes by the side and left immediately after.

Oneechan clown was already in the pool, showering the older children.

Angeline and I washed up the younger babies by the side. Although we could hold weapons firmly on a battlefield, our hands couldn’t stop shaking when we held the babies.

“They are so tender…” Angelina carried a baby with trembling hands. She looked to oneechan clown pleadingly, “Oneechan clown, why don’t you deal with this?”

Oneechan immediately refused, “I have never had a child, I have no idea how to handle them. You can do it.”

“If only we had someone who manipulates water, that’d be great. Or we could find Sia. But it is inconvenient for him to come here,” Angelina sighed.

I was nervous too. Babies felt so soft in my hands that I felt like I might break them. I hushed, “Just be careful.” Angeline and I began to put the babies in the warm water to wash them. The stench became more pungent due to the warm water. However, the children were still much cleaner than the men and women in the pound. It seemed that someone would wipe them from time to time. It must have been their mothers. 


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