Book 7: Chapter 102 - Plan Accordingly

Xing Chuan spoke up, “We need a plan. How will we manage the livable zones and the people living there? If we have to transform every zone, Bing, I think our resources will fall short of our ambitions. We still have to declare war against Silver Moon City.”

I knitted my eyebrows and nodded. “I’m thinking of annexing Nubis’ livable zones, and taking his people into my zones. Then, for the extra livable zones, I will sow seeds and rear animals in the ones that have a better environment. I could turn them into natural wilds, which would be beneficial to the overall global environment.”

Xing Chuan, He Lei and the others nodded, assenting to my ideas.

“We can leave those unsatisfactory livable zones be, and set up a few base stations for defence and security purposes,” Harry added.

“Sure.” This way, we could save a lot of manpower and resources. We were still busy improving our own livable zones after all. Plus, we couldn’t just neglect those transformed livable zones, since environmental recovery required sustained improvement and adaptation. Hence, there was still a lot more work to be done after the initial transformation.

“But what about us? Sis, we still need you!” Gehenna panicked. He spread his hands in a plea. “Please take us in! I don’t care about these livable zones and these lands. I promised my brothers that I will let them live a good life! How about this? You can annex our lands too.”

I stared at him, speechless. Does he think that we are in a game and we can merge whenever we want? He would only increase our burden if he joins us too.

He Lei let out a stifled laugh. This guy who had always been so solemn, I didn’t know what he found so funny that he actually laughed out loud while holding himself with both arms.

“What are you laughing at?” Harry slapped He Lei’s thigh.

Ah Zong raised his eyebrows, eyeing Harry’s hand on He Lei’s thigh.

He Lei held back his urge to laugh and looked up at us. “This is my first time seeing people getting annoyed over how to segregate an entire livable zone after taking it down.”

Everyone chuckled too at He Lei’s words.

Sigh…” Napoleon let out a heavy sigh, combing his long hair. “To be honest, I only requested a share of land out of greed. But now that I’ve gotten it, I realize that it’s a troublesome matter. Your Highness, I am willing to join Radical Star too. I can rest assured if you take care of our livable zones.” He smiled. He was actually being serious!

“Do you… really want to give it all to me?” I stared at them in shock.

Gehenna and Napoleon exchanged a gaze and smiled. Their smiles made them look like my seniors.

Gehenna waved and the map began to expand, including Gehenna’s livable zone in the map. Napoleon then waved too. They handed out their livable zones like they were throwing in their gambling chips.

Then Harry threw out our livable zones too! Now, the entire west zone came into sight on the map. Besides Ghost King City, the rest of the west zone all belonged to Radical Star!

In but an instant, I now possessed the entire western hemisphere! It was like a dream!

I couldn’t help but lean forward. Now that I saw the entire map, I suddenly realized that some of the livable zones could be merged together. Some zones were merely separated by a river, a mountain, or a cliff but they had actually belonged to two different nations.

“Some of the livable zones can be expanded!” Harry noticed the phenomena too.

Xing Chuan tapped as he suggested, “Here and here, we can build big cities. Here, this place can be used for defence and security. And here, this area is suited for being turned into natural wildlands. This forest is great. We can build an ecological station to improve the environment…” Napoleon and Gehenna’s eyes started beaming with hope as they listened to Xing Chuan’s plan. Who would have thought that merging our nations would actually have been more beneficial for our development!

“This location is good. I think we can build a major resource exchange stop.” Xing Chuan came from Silver Moon City. Out of all us here, his knowledge was the most comprehensive. No matter the circumstances, he could always provide the best suggestions.

In military affairs, he was a strategist. In nation-building, he was an economist. He was just like our advisor. Our progress would have stagnated without him. 

Even Raffles who was equally knowledgeable wasn’t Xing Chuan’s match in certain fields. As a scientist, Raffles would tend to prioritize science at the expense of other concerns.

As for Harry, it was needless to point out that he hadn’t liked studying since young. However, he was much stronger when it came to managing human relations. He had a unique unifying power, allowing him to draw men to my side.

He Lei and Ah Zong had their respective capabilities too. However, in terms of running a nation, neither of them were Xing Chuan’s match either.

Right now, everyone’s attention was naturally focused on Xing Chuan. Even though he looked old, it didn’t conceal his unique charm.

It would have been great if we could have been like this from the very beginning…

“Awesome!” Napoleon threw his hat on the table, stood up and pointed at the map in the middle, exclaiming, “That’s right! This is it!”

“That’s right! We will all listen to you! D*ng. If this continues, we will be stronger than Silver Moon City!” Gehenna commented excitedly too. He no longer cared for his image, instead excitedly standing up in his chair. He gazed at the map, cheering, “They are connected! They are all connected! Let’s move our capital city too. I want to be with my sis! Let’s build the shuttling machine. Then, we can visit one another in the blink of an eye.”

Hahaha!” Napoleon suddenly propped his hands on his waist, bursting out in laughter. His cheeks were rosy as if he’d had too much to drink. Tugging his collar, he commented, “Phew. I never imagined that my boys would get to study! They are going to be educated! Have you ever expected this?” Napoleon nudged Gehenna and repeated, “They get to study! We are going to have schools!” 

Gehenna was thrilled with excitement too. “Yeah. They don’t have to be bandits like us. Hahaha!

The two of them hugged tightly. They seemed to share similar sentiments, which I couldn’t relate to because I had never lived among the Ghost Eclipsers. Nor had I ever became a Ghost Eclipser.

“Alright. Let’s merge all the nations together and build a powerful Radical Star!”

“Yes!” Gehenna and Napoleon answered, slamming the table.

He Lei nodded solemnly. Harry broke into a smile, looking at them. Ah Zong wore a hopeful expression too.

“Which month are we in now?” Xing Chuan suddenly asked.

“September, why?” Harry answered, looking at Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan added calmly, “Silver Moon City is still in the eastern hemisphere. We have time to repair and maintain the place.”

We had just ended a war. We needed to take a break too. Silver Moon City was in the eastern hemisphere, which gave me the time to rest. However, we still had to carry out that plan before they arrived in our western hemisphere.

“It’s September… Silver Moon City is in District 9 now…” I sighed.

Once, we had kept Arsenal company on Noah City’s gate throughout countless Septembers, looking up at Silver Moon City in the night sky because there had been someone she’d been dying to see up there.


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