Book 7: Chapter 100 - They Are Humans

“Your Highness, how should we deal with the human pigs?” The oneechan clown asked me, pointing at the pound on the other side. Her eyes held a mixture of sadness and anger.

Anyone would feel sad for those human pigs, as well as anger at the Ghost Eclipsers’ brutal behavior!

The human pigs continued to sit, squat and lie about within the pound. Expressionless, they did not respond to anything that happened outside their pound,only looking around dully like a domesticated animal.

As humans, they should have been cheering at the Ghost Eclipsers’ death. They should have been shedding tears of joy. Moto, Silver Snake and the other men had responded humanely, but I couldn’t see any changes of expression across the faces of the human pigs in the pound.

They revealed no hatred, no love, no fear, no excitement. As though they had zero human expressions, and merely possessed human bodies without human souls.

“What else can we do with them?” Gehenna scratched his head. He glanced at the human pigs and turned away with his eyebrows tightly knitted, muttering, “Of course we should just kill…”

Cough!” Harry coughed and signaled at Gehenna with his eyes to stop talking.

Napoleon and Uncle Mason too reached out to nudge Gehenna, while carefully looking away from me.

Sigh! I don’t know!” Gehenna sighed.

Harry nudged Ah Zong, keeping his eyes averted too. Ah Zong glanced at He Lei but He Lei didn’t bother looking back at Ah Zong, as though he was intentionally avoiding Ah Zong’s gaze.

Ah Zong furrowed his eyebrows for a moment, then put on his charming smile. “Bing, it’s time to have a meeting with the Ghost Kings.” He sounded like he was convincing me to leave the place.

He was talking about the meeting to split the territory after our victory.

I looked around at them and asked bluntly, “Are you going to kill the human pigs?”

The atmosphere immediately became awkward.

Gehenna, Napoleon and Uncle Mason simultaneously moved their gaze to their soldiers.

Bei Luo pulled oneechan clown back. Inge moved his lips again but the baby boy on his shoulder quickly put his hand over his mouth.

“Why do you want to kill them?” Behind Xing Chuan, Lucifer glanced at Harry and the others with a confused look. “They aren’t Ghost Eclipsers."

Lucifer was a flying corpse, yet he was more innocent than all of them combined.

I glanced at Harry, He Lei, Ah Zong and the others but they all averted their gazes, avoiding meeting my eyes.

Harry looked elsewhere as he tugged Ah Zong’s sleeve. As though Ah Zong had become a shield that they were shoving before me.

Knitting his brows lightly, Ah Zong braced himself and walked up to me, trying hard to maintain his charming smile. “Bing, let’s return to Ice Dragon and get some rest…” He placed a hand on my shoulder, but I stubbornly stood my ground as I leveled a heavy stare at the others. “I won’t allow you to kill the human pigs!”

“They are no longer humans!” Xing Chuan abruptly roared, staring at me. His commanding manner made him seem like a senior lecturing his child.

Ah Zong immediately let go of me. Harry was the first to duck behind Xing Chuan, nudging Lucifer away from the wheelchair before he swiftly wheeled Xing Chuan before me. Then, he quickly backed off along with Ah Zong.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on Xing Chuan’s elderly face. There were hundreds of people standing around us, but it was so silent you could hear a pin drop.

“Killing them is setting them free!” Xing Chuan said sternly. He was the only one who dared to say it to my face, the only one who dared to offend me.

Xing Chuan lifted his face, moving his wheelchair towards the pound. Then, he drew his gun.

“What are you doing?!” I ran over to him at once. He aimed his gun at a human pig leaning against the pound fence. The human pig neither tried to hide nor looked afraid, instead only staring blankly at the gun in Xing Chuan’s hand.

“Look, they aren’t humans. They don’t know how to be afraid, to fight back or to plead for mercy. Lil Bing, they don’t know how to think!” Xing Chuan put down his gun and stared at me coldly. “To let them continue to live like a domestic animal is simply torturing them!”

I shook my head, refusing, “No! I won’t let you kill them!”

“Don’t be a child! Cough!” Xing Chuan roared and coughed vigorously. Lucifer immediately went forward to pat Xing Chuan’s back.

Calming down, Xing Chuan questioned me, “So what if you bring them back? They would still behave like this…”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “But we are all humans, us and them! We are all humans!” I roared, pointing at everyone. “We are humanitarians! Even towards these human pigs…” I looked at the human pigs inside the pound. “They don’t have human minds but they are still humans. We can’t kill innocent people who don’t know how to fight back!”

“You are the cruel one if you make them live on like this!” He retorted.

“Not everyone thinks that they’d rather die than stay alive!” I fought back.

Xing Chuan frowned. At once I realized that I’d said something wrong.

A pang of guilt ran through me. Awkwardly, I apologized, “I’m sorry. I, I didn’t mean it that way. What I’m trying to say is, we are not them. How do we know if they want to stay alive or to die…” 

Xing Chuan pursed his lips, and didn’t speak again.

It became dead silent, with only the noise of the field rustling in the wind.

Suddenly, the human pigs in the pound moved. They moved to the sides and the women walked out.

Everyone’s attention was caught by their sudden movement.

The men on the outer ring moved aside, allowing the women to walk out. Like monkeys, they walked with three limbs on the ground, keeping one hand to hold their babies. For some reason, they formed two lines before me and gazed at me blankly for a while. Then, the women at the front of the two lines suddenly placed their babies on the ground and pushed them out before my feet.

I was stunned.

What are they doing?

Two of the babies wanted to crawl back but the women shoved them further, until they were touching my feet. Then, the women turned and left.

Next, the rest of the women pushed their babies out one by one. Whenever their babies tried to crawl back, they shoved them back out harshly. Some of the babies flipped over on the ground because the women had pushed them too hard.

“What are they doing?” Everyone began to discuss among themselves.

“We had human pigs too but we have never seen such a scene.”

“Why did they give their children to the Queen?”

“I don’t want them to die… My grandfather was seized to become a human-pig…”

“Me too… We have many family members who were caught to become human pigs… Our family members might be among them.”

“But… to live like this… they might as well die…”

“If I was a human pig, I’d rather die!”

“But, but what if our family members and our tribe members are really among them? I, I’d like to bring him home…”

Everyone felt sad over the human pigs.

Cough…” Xing Chuan coughed into his fist and said, “It seems that they don’t want to die and they know to pay tribute to you…” Xing Chuan thought they were giving their children to me as tribute so that they could live on.


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