Book 7: Chapter 99 - Underworld Ghost’s Death

I stared at him in surprise. He gripped the container tighter. A surge of emotions crossed his face, his emotions like a river that had burst the bank, unable to be concealed any longer. “Please give me… the chance to kill him!”

I glanced at the empty container in his hands and understood what he wanted to do.

“I ate my brother’s flesh. I don’t want to be forgiven but I want to-! I want to kill him! So, Your Highness, I beg you. Please give me the chance!” He pleaded, kneeling before me. His face was covered in tears.

He lifted the container high before me, choking with sobs, “Please, I beg you… grant me… the chance…”

I felt a heavy weight over my heart, and was at a loss for words.

I took a deep breath. Then, I took the container from him and opened it. With a final look at him, I inserted blue crystal energy into the container.

Radiation overflowed from the container at once. Mere seconds had passed, but he was already covered in blisters. Yet he didn’t let out any groan in pain, rather he seemed to have regained his calm. He looked relieved.

*Pak!* I closed the container and placed it back in his hand that was covered in blisters. He gripped it firmly and held it to his chest, murmuring, “Thank you, Your Highness…” 

I turned and walked past him, but my tears flowed down. My tears were for Underworld Ghost’s miserable life.

The crystal wall reflected his figure. Slowly, he stood and walked up to the blooming flower. He entered the beautiful, clear mother pond.

Yet his body rotted bit by bit in the mother pond. His feet, his thighs were melting away!

His face was covered in cold sweat from the drastic pain, but he stubbornly clenched his teeth without making a sound.

The flower petals slowly closed and covered his body.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. At that very moment, a burst of blue light exploded. A huge wave of energy gushed out from behind me, pushing me forward. 

The blue crystal energy that looked so insignificant, could destroy the world when it exploded! 

When I used my superpower, the energy wouldn’t be in an explosive state. Except for that one time back in Steel Ghost Town.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and turned back. The entire world was covered in blue light spots, and there was a churning blue flame. The turf and the corpses underneath had turned into ashes, revealing a crystal clear ground.

I turned to leave this world with a heavy heart. Both the fresh flowers and the pond were incinerated. The crystal stairs were tinted blue. The flower vines that had entwined the stairs earlier had disappeared too. Every single decoration vanished in the blue light spots. The entire palace seemed to be going through a thorough clean up, filled with blue light spots all over.

I walked out of the palace. Every step I took was heavy, as though I was stepping on countless corpses and each one was stretching their hands out to grab my feet, to seize me so I couldn’t move any further.

I stopped in the empty blue palace. Just a few more steps and I would be able to leave this place, but for some reason I had suddenly lost the energy to move forward.

Those rotten corpses had been human pigs reared in the pound. They were the countless souls that had died a miserable death in the Ghost Eclipsers’ hands. Those souls turned into a shapeless weight over my body, so heavy that I couldn’t lift my feet anymore.

“Thank you…” A soft remark suddenly resounded in my ear. Underworld Ghost flew down from above. He had turned into a spirit. Sunlight shone through his translucent blue body, and he wore an extremely relieved expression. He smiled at me and *Pak!* He vanished into the blue world.

My heart relaxed all at once. The heavy weight over my heart vanished the moment he thanked me. I had to continue to move forward, because there were too many people who had suffered like him, who still needed our rescue.

With a spread of my arms, flower vines sprouted from the back of my hands, spreading all over the palace to take in the scattered blue crystal energy. I pulled them into my body, completing my final cleansing of this palace filled with rotten corpses.

The palace doors opened before me, and a whiff of smoky smell greeted me. Before me was a piece of burned land.

Walking out of the palace, I saw that the surrounding flowers had turned into burned soil. Yet the burned soil looked extremely pure, clean and full of vigor.

At the end of the sea of flowers, spacecraft were taxiing. More and more people ran out of the dark city and landed from above. In the blink of an eye, they had gathered ahead like a subsided wave in the sea of flowers, yet also resembling a high wall that formed the strongest line of defence in this world!

This line of defence was Radical Star’s line of defence. It was a line of defence that safeguarded justice, humanity and the world! 

Looking at them, I smiled from the bottom of my heart. I walked towards them as they cheered.

“Your Highness!”

“Your Highness!”

“We won!”

“We won!”

Yeah, we’d won. Good had won against evil. The light had won against the darkness!

This world no longer had to be afraid of Ghost Eclipsers, and it was no longer a common sight to see humans eating other humans. Nor was hope still an impossible existence.

Ice Dragon slowly landed from above, stopping above the wide flower sea along with the other spacecraft.

Uncle Mason, Gehenna, Napoleon and the others came forward, followed by their soldiers behind. Some of them were injured but they continued to stand tall and proud, like towering cedars on the high mountains!

They stopped cheering as I came to a stop. Each one of them stared at me emotionally. This was their revolution, a revolution to fight for their future!

I raised my arms high in the air, shouting, “There’re no more Ghost Eclipsers in the world.”

“Wow!” Their cheers reverberated across the universe.

Gehenna, Napoleon and the others let out relieved smiles. There was no pretense behind their smiles, only a natural relief after self-redemption.

They had finally shed the title of Ghost Eclipsers. They no longer forced themselves to accept their identity as a Ghost Eclipser, but instead truly became upright people.

Harry, Ah Zong, He Lei and Xing Chuan stepped out of Ice Dragon and walked up to me. I looked at them as they smiled at me in unison.

They looked in the direction of Nubis’ capital.

“Everything ended,” Xing Chuan said.

Harry nodded, sharing the same sentiment. “Yes… It ended…”

“Where’s Underworld Ghost?” He Lei asked.

“Did he take revenge?” Ah Zong asked closely.

I smiled, replying, “He fulfilled his wish and reunited with his brother and his tribe.”

Harry and the others became silent at my reply, turning their eyes towards the towering white palace.


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