Book 7: Chapter 98 - Mother Pond

I narrowed my eyes. “Sure, I’ll be waiting. Don’t let me find you because I’ll kill each one of you on sight!” A burst of blue light exploded, incinerating the surrounding flower petals. In the same instant, flower vines burst out and wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers in front of me, burning them to ashes!

*Vroom!* I heard the buzz of a spaceship from above.

Raising my head, I saw a spaceship taking off. At once I flung out a flower vine and it pierced the spaceship, splitting it into two in mid-air.

*Rumble!* It crashed in the sea of flowers, flames rising all over its body.

Someone stumbled, carrying a bottle of dark liquid. He was covered in burn marks from blue crystal energy. He stared at me, lifting his hands. Then, a hole opened up in the ground. Just as he was going to drop inside, a huge ghost claw popped out from the hole and grabbed him firmly, preventing him from moving at all.

He immediately gritted through his teeth, staring behind me, “Underworld Ghost, what are you doing?! Let me go!”

Underworld Ghost?! I turned slightly and spotted Underworld Ghost walking out nearby. I pulled back my blue light so that I wouldn’t burn him.

He looked unusually calm. So calm that his face had no expression, only emptiness.

“It’s you! You traitor…”

“Die!” Underworld Ghost said gently. He clenched his ghost claw.


*Bang!* That person shattered in his ghost claw, spurting filthy blood. His body slumped, hanging off the ghost claw. He had turned into a piece of boneless human skin while blood coated the ghost claw. It was a gory sight.

The hole began to disappear along with the ghost claw. Then, the piece of human skin fell on the ground, all twisted up. The bottle that had originally been in his hand rolled to the side.

I reined back my superpower, looking at Underworld Ghost. He walked over to pick up the bottle.

I watched him as I spoke, “I’ve said this before. I will give you a chance to kill Nubis with your own hands.”

He clenched the bottle and mumbled, “This is not it.” He turned and walked to the white spherical castle. His back carried the silence of death as his green hair fluttered in the breeze.

I looked across the sea of flowers and saw that it had turned into a battlefield. I could barely see the people fighting in the air. They would take care of the rest.

I turned to follow behind Underworld Ghost. Every single step he took seemed unusually heavy. He walked slowly, as though he was stepping on Nubis’ dead body, trampling on his cells and his flesh. He was stepping on Nubis’ dead body on behalf of his deceased tribe, his late brother and every single person who had been killed by Nubis.

I followed him into the crystal-like building.

Inside, the building was filled with fresh flowers. Just like the garden library, this building’s interior design was blended seamlessly with fresh flowers. The stairs’ railing was entangled with flowers, and both sides of the walkway opened to exquisite gardens. It was hard to believe that Nubis would have built such a beautiful palace.

“Nubis built this for Margaery. She would come and stay sometimes,” Underworld Ghost explained monotonously.

Although Nubis was ugly, he was blindly loyal.

I may be ugly but I am very gentle. This Chinese saying suited Nubis.

According to Margaery’s aesthetic standard, Nubis probably didn’t even meet the requirements to have the right to touch Margaery. Yet this man who couldn’t touch Margaery was fare more loyal to Margaery than any other man.

A crystal stair descended in front of us. With every step we took, melodious music would play. The beautiful building and the exquisite decorations made it hard to believe that this was actually Nubis’ palace.

As Underworld Ghost began to walk down, lights turned on to illuminate the stairs. It really felt like a crystal castle in a fairy tale, so beautiful that no one would want to destroy it. 

“I was by Nubis’ side for five years but I never got to come close to the palace. He is overly suspicious…” Underworld Ghost said casually. The sight of his back became hazier in the dim light, as though he was a spirit wandering in the crystal castle.

“Then, Corgi and the others went to rescue Nubis in Ghost King City. That’s why they let me guard this palace. I got the opportunity to learn the code and found Nubis’ principal body…”

Light reflected by water rippled against the palace walls. Underworld Ghost’s body became vague. Looking down, I saw a clear pond at the end of the stairs. There were flowers as big as a bed in the pond. The flowers formed a tunnel, connecting to another room.

Underworld Ghost didn’t speak again. His footsteps were so silent that he seemed like a lingering spirit.

Walking past the huge flowers, he stopped before an exquisite door. He placed his hand against the door and said, “I love Margaery."

*Clang.* The door opened, revealing a round space. In the wide space, a huge white flower bud towered above the ground, which was covered in green turf. Stalks sprawled in all directions under the bud, gripping tightly onto the green ground.

The huge flower bud stood like a white hut above the green ground, looking innocent and cute.

Underworld Ghost walked before the flower bud and knocked gently. The flower bloomed, revealing a pool of clear liquid that refracted light like a lustrous gemstone, pure as clear spring water. Within the spring water floated a sleeping baby.

“This is…”

“Nubis’ mother pond. The baby is merely a disguise. It’s fed by dead bodies…” Underworld Ghost said. He bent down and flung open a piece of turf. True to his words, beneath the turf laid rotten corpses.

The corpses were all piled together, some of them rotted beyond recognition.

*Retch!* I couldn’t help but retch. Underworld Ghost laid the turf back to cover the corpses. Then, he slowly stood straight and muttered, “Margaery doesn’t like it. So, Nubis covered it with the turf and used deodorant to hide the stench.”

I glanced around the room, my hair standing on end when I realized that there were probably enough rotten corpses under our feet to cover the entire floor of this room.

Nubis and Margaery were truly meant to be. One of them lived among rotten corpses while another lived in the blood pool.

Underworld Ghost opened the bottle lid and poured the dark liquid into the extremely clear spring water. The dark liquid blended together with the spring water and unexpectedly, turned clear. Then, Underworld Ghost filled the bottle with the clear spring water. The moment it left the mother pond, the liquid turned black and filled the air with a rotting stench.

Underworld Ghost placed the liquid before me. “Look. There are tens of thousands of Nubises in here. He can be reborn again and again.”

“So, how do you kill him?” I asked solemnly. If it was up to me, I would burn down this whole place just like how I had burned every single drop of Margaery’s blood.

Underworld Ghost wore no expression. He looked as calm as the clouds in the sky. Slowly, he took out a small blue crystal energy container.


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