Book 7: Chapter 97 - Human Pig

With a smirk, I advanced further into the territory. I was surprised to see a boundless sea of flowers laid out before me. Now this looked more worthy of being called the best livable zone.

In the middle of the sea of flowers, stood an independent building made of white spheres, in the same style as the black buildings. When the filthy dark water was finally burned off by the fire, the buildings were revealed to actually be extensions of the underground city. The crystal surface shimmered with a mysterious dark gem-like luster under the sunlight. It no longer looked as disgusting as a boil but instead seemed futuristic and modern.

I chased after the ghost generals. The dark crystal surface of the buildings reflected their fleeing figures. As they blundered in the direction of the sea of flowers, I followed closely behind. 

Suddenly, something entered the edges of my field of vision, catching my eye. I stopped and turned to the side in shock. I was dumbfounded at the sight!

There was a huge pound by the side, and it was filled with naked filthy people!

They crowded together like pigs, faces blank while hunched on all fours on the ground, like a crowd of apes or monkeys. They sat there blankly, scratching their bodies or digging the ground, picking up things like shit and putting it in their mouths to eat. Some men even grabbed an equally blank woman and mated like dogs as though there was no one around.

*Retch!* I couldn’t help but retch. It felt like there was a heavy weight on my chest and I couldn’t breathe. An indescribable distress and pain weighed me down, so hurtful that I couldn’t look straight at them.

There were children of all ages among them too. At least the children looked much livelier, feeding themselves with the grass on the ground or playing chase with their friends. They still wore smiles that could be seen on ordinary children.

They were surrounded by a ring of women, who were in turn surrounded by a ring of men. Seemed like they still retained the instinct to safeguard the young ones of the animal world. 

Suddenly, the humans ran. The women quickly turned to shield the child closest to them while the men on the outer circle surrounded the women.

The only reason they had moved was because they had seen the Ghost Eclipsers ran past their pound. Their response was the instinctual avoidance a living thing at the bottom of the food chain showed against their predators.

After staying closer together for a while, they finally realized that the Ghost Eclipsers weren’t there to catch them but merely passing by. So, they stopped huddling close. The men returned to their original spots while the women let go of the children. Some of them even threw some stones for the children to play with.

I slowly descended far from the pound, keeping a distance so as to not hurt them. Seeing their blank expressions, I felt a heart-wrenching pain. There was no spirit in their eyes. Nor were there any thoughts or any behaviors a human should have. The way they looked at you was like mindless animals, even our lucid birds were more intelligent.

They stared at you like pigs within a pound. There was no curiosity, fear, excitement, struggle or even pleading for help.

Human pigs. They are human pigs!

The very moment I saw true human pigs, I felt even more determined to eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers! The Ghost Eclipsers had turned humans into human pigs. The Ghost Eclipsers had made them lose a human’s spirit!

It was all because of the Ghost Eclipsers!

I glared at the Ghost Eclipsers who were running toward the sea of flowers. I clenched my jaw and roared in anger, “Ah!” Spirit flower vines spurted out from the back of my hands, growing strong in mid-air like two blue light dragons as they charged at the Ghost Eclipsers, cutting two blue burning trails through the sea of flowers as they passed by. At the end of the trails were ashes of Ghost Eclipsers who were incinerated in mid-run!

Blue light spots floated in the air as the flower vines gradually returned to the back of my hands. This world really needed a thorough cleansing. The demons who had turned humans into pigs should be eradicated completely.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. Then, I turned to look at the people in the pound. They gathered at the fence, staring at me blankly. Then, they looked in the direction where the Ghost Eclipsers had vanished. They didn’t look delighted after being rescued but instead continued to look dumbfounded.

Turning back, I stared at the castle ahead of me. Then, I ran towards it, holding my lightsaber in hand.

I was getting closer and closer to the white building that towered above the sea of flowers. The Ghost Eclipsers who ran for their lives stopped before the building, knocking and shouting, “Underworld Ghost! Open the door!"

It’s Underworld Ghost. He is in the final palace!

I stood behind the Ghost Eclipsers. Seeing me, they shouted even louder, “Underworld Ghost, you open this godd*mn door!”

“Underworld Ghost! Do you hear me?”

“Let me do it!”

One of them turned his fist into a metal fist and punched. He broke the door open and they immediately swarmed in.

“Hurry up and run away with the King! We will shield your retreat!” A few of them stood at the door, glaring at me.

“Let’s kill her!” They gritted through their teeth, watching me.

King? Nubis?

Nubis’ principal body was here!

They were quite loyal. Loyalty was hardly ever seen among the Ghost Eclipsers. Most of them would run away at the first hint of danger. They would only care for themselves when there was trouble.

Roars resounded behind me and the earth quivered. My army of warrior saints were fighting against the Ghost Eclipsers in the capital.

The sea of flowers billowed in the gale, brushing past the Ghost Eclipsers whose faces didn’t lose out to the flowers in terms of handsomeness. Yet under their pretty skin lurked the ugliest and evilest hearts in this world. 

“We either live or die together with the capital!” The Ghost Eclipsers seemed to have found their integrity.

I smirked at them. “I already took care of your King! You will all die together!”

“North Star, you are brutal! Do you have to corner us to death?!” They spat at me.

I clenched my lightsaber, retorting, “You eat humans so you should be punished!”

“So what?! Who hasn’t eaten humans?! All your men used to be Margaery’s men! Which of them has never eaten humans? All Ghost Eclipsers have eaten humans!”

I glanced at the dying Ghost Eclipsers making their final arguments. “They don’t eat humans!”

“They don’t?! Humph! They helped Margaery to seize the humans that she ate! They are just like any of us!”

I glared at them and roared, “They are different from you! They have hope but you have completely sunk to the bottom! Go to hell!”

“Go!” Suddenly, one of them exploded and vanished in the air. Another one of them sent the flower petals flying around me, blocking my view.

The colorful flower petals danced around me and burned into ashes as they collided with my protective shield.

“North Star! You ain’t any better than us! You are just the same as us!”

“You are worse than us! You killed so many of us!”

“The Great Ghost King is a b*stard! He betrayed us and worked with you! Do you think you can kill all of us?! Just you alone?! Humph!

“Our King will take revenge for us! Just you wait!”

They roared at me, making their final declaration. 


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