Book 7: Chapter 96 - Cleanse

I put away the light whips and flew up to the giant’s neck.

Bubbles rose on his neck stump again. Just as a small head was popping out, I slammed myself into the head and plunged down.

Ah!” The small head was burned into ashes in an instant before my eyes. Blue flames on my body ignited the surrounding rancid liquid, preventing it from getting close to me.

The world in front of me suddenly opened up, becoming spacious. I entered through the hold in the giant’s neck, into a faintly red space.

“It’s his stomach! Burn him into ashes!” Xing Chuan roared in my ear.

I retracted my lightsaber but the symbiotic flower vine catalyzed by blue crystal energy was still hanging from the back of my hand. Hovering above the dark pond, I slowly raised my arms. Just as my blue crystal energy exploded, the hanging vine turned into sharp tree roots and dug into the dark pond beneath!

The drastic change in my symbiotic flower greatly surprised me. However, this made it even easier for me to control my blue crystal energy, as it focused the range of my energy and prevented spillover.

The entire world trembled as the dark pool shook vigorously like a wok of dark boiling water. Suddenly, thick blue vines burst out from the water, sprawling all over the walls. Spirit flowers bloomed quickly, lighting up the surrounding.

Blue flame spurted from the dark pool underneath, blooming into a huge spirit flower!

“It turns out that you like to fight too!” I could feel the symbiotic flower’s intense desire to fight! It was an aggressive flower! It liked to consume its enemy’s pain and soul.

Blue spirit flowers bloomed all over the red space, tinting the air blue. The blue flames lit up every dark corner, burning the Ghost Eclipsers’ sinful blood, setting free every painful soul that they had swallowed.

I was left alone in the blue world as it slowly burned and melted. I watched as the sinful world melt away. The stench slowly vanished too.

Suddenly, a burst of light shone in from outside. A hole appeared before me, like a window suddenly opening in the dark world to let the light in. Beyond the window were the shocked Ghost Eclipsers. They slowly backed off in shock, before running for their lives in terror. 

It’s time. Now is the moment that Xing Chuan mentioned. Their morale has broken down!

With a swing of my right hand, a glowing blue vine flew out of the window and pierced one of them. The others stared at him, horrified.

Ah!” After a shrill scream, the pierced Ghost Eclipser turned into ashes. In the same moment, the surrounding Ghost Eclipsers shouted in terror and fled in all directions!

“The legend is true! Run!”

“Forget about the capital! There won’t be a capital anymore!”

“Run for your lives!”

“The demon is going to massacre this city!”

The scariest devils in the world called me a demon.

Humph. How laughable.

I smirked coldly in Blackie's melting body. His body melted like a glacier under the assault of the blue flames above me. Sunlight poured in, and the blue vines began to absorb the blue crystal energy drifting all around. I gave out my command coldly, “All four troops, listen up! Attack!” 


I landed on the round boil-looking building. Its crystal surface shimmered under the sunlight. Thick vines spread below me, sinking roots deep into the dark pool. Blue flames continued to churn vigorously, burning the bones into ashes, as well as every single drop of black liquid inside.

Then, clean crystal flooring began to appear beneath the dark liquid. The crystal ground was transparent. Below it, I could clearly see neat streets, stairs, and glasshouses. There was an underground city!

The Ghost Eclipsers fled in all directions, running for their lives. The vines of the spirit flower slowly retracted, gathering up the scattered blue crystal energy. I spread my wings and flew into the capital, shielded by the blue crystal energy all over my body.

“The others are afraid of you but I’m not.” Suddenly, a person landed in front of me. He waved his arm and sharp dark crystals popped out on the buildings around me. However, all his crystals shattered the moment they met my protective shield. He gaped at me in shock. 

I charged forward and instantly pierced his body with the lightsaber entangled with spirit flowers. I watched him burn slowly outside my protective shield, saying coldly, “You should be.”

A huge spirit flower bloomed behind him. Then, the petals instantly shut and swallowed his body. He wasn’t even given a chance to groan in pain before he vanished before me. There were a few Ghost generals standing in shock behind him. 

I wielded my swords, glaring at them coldly. Snapping back to reality, they quickly performed their superpowers but nothing could be seen because I was immune to all of it. In my eyes, they were acting like clowns or teenagers, standing in mid air as they gestured uselessly.



“Why isn’t she affected?!”

“Why didn’t she turn into a rock?”

“Why, why is it useless!?”

“Hurry up and manipulate her speed!”

“I tried! It’s not working!”

“She, she seems to be immune against all superpowers!”

D*mn! How can such a superpower exist?! This is cheating! Cheating!”

Panicking, they began to fall back.

I advanced step by step, keeping my energy in control so that it wouldn’t run wild and scatter in the air. My blue crystal energy sparks remained connected to one another, circling me along with the spirit flower vine formed by my symbiotic flower. They were so beautifully brutal that they could burn your soul and turn you into ashes just by piercing your body.

Spreading my wings, I lifted my light gun and charged at them, vines flying in the air on both sides of me.

They were instantly flustered. Every place I passed turned into a pile of ashes.

A buzz sounded in the air. My army had arrived. Huge spacecrafts approached, covering the sky. Dark spots appeared in the air like floating islands, blotting out the sky and the sun.

In silence, the human figures landed from above, like a descending angel army that had come to kill the demons who had conquered the world for too long, to wash away everyone’s sins and cleanse the sinful world. 


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