Book 7: Chapter 95 - Men Stayed At Home

At once, I swung the light whip made of blue crystal energy at his neck.

*Whip!* The blue light whip slashed past his neck, sending his head rolling off. The naked dirty man fell from the sky too. *Splash!* He fell into the dark pool below. Quickly, he swam to the shore and ran off.

Everyone turned silent at once. I gripped the light whip tightly as blue flames churned on my lightsaber. Sparks of blue crystal energy drifted around me, hovering in the air. 

Hahaha!” Suddenly, there came a burst of laughter. The Ghost Eclipsers on the buildings were laughing, mocking the headless giant.


*Gloop.* The neck of the headless giant began to bubble. A small head rose from the stump, gradually growing bigger as it spoke, “It seems like you do have…”

Before he finished his sentence, I flung my light whip and sliced off his head again!

The surrounding laughter paused and it became dead silent again.

The Ghost Eclipsers hopped and gathered around the giant.

*Gloop.* The giant’s neck bubbled again and a small head popped up, growing rapidly. “Let me finish what…"

I raised my whip and chopped off his head again.

A long pause stretched out. He didn’t grow another new head for quite some time.

Such metahumans were bothersome.

You wouldn’t know how exactly he regenerated and whether he had a host body. For other regenerative metahumans, death was certain if their heads got chopped off or if their hearts were dug out. However, a metahuman of his kind was similar to natural elements like water or fire. Like weeds that could never be wiped out by fire, they constantly regenerated themselves.

“Harry, Ah Zong, can you see this? What kind of regeneration metahuman is this guy?” The lens on my helmet could transmit the battle scene in real time. Just like before, they were acting as my advisors and consultants.

Tsk. That’s disgusting. Luckily, I am not there today.” Harry had always been picky in his fights. Not just him, that entire bunch of men also had the same habit.

When we’d been fighting against the earth monster back then, none of the fearless guys had been willing to clean up after the earth monster.

“Shut up! Be serious! We are at war!” I roared. The giant had yet to grow a new head and the surrounding Ghost Eclipsers didn’t take any action either. They seemed to be content just watching the monster and I repeat the cycle of chopping and growing heads.

“He is a liquid regeneration metahuman. Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan’s voice resounded in my ear. Finally, there is someone considerate. He was from Silver Moon City, and they liked to study and collect metahumans the most after all. I should have thought of asking him first. Xing Chuan added, “It looks like combustible liquid, like petroleum. You can burn it through.” 

I raised my eyebrows. “Sure. I’ll try.”

“But you’ll have to enter his body…” Xing Chuan added. I was stunned. I’m very picky when it comes to war too! How can you ask me to enter that disgusting person’s body?!

Retch.” Someone did a retching noise in the background at Xing Chuan’s suggestion.

Whoever it was, I held him in contempt!

I lifted my hand and pressed next to my ear. The visor descended over my face. “I’ll try.”

“Wait for his head to grow out. You have to enter through where his head grows out, and connects to his host body…” Xing Chuan added casually.

I rolled my eyes, complaining, “Can you said it all in one go?!”

Cough… cough…” He coughed.

I lifted my head to look at the dark giant, mocking, “Can’t grow a head anymore? Or did you poop your head out through your ass?!”

Hahahahahahaha!” The surrounding Ghost Eclipsers roared with laughter at my comment.

“Waifu, it’s not nice to speak like that…” Harry said softly.

“Shut up!”

“Harry is not wrong… Cough, cough… You shouldn’t behave like that… You are a Queen now. You have to watch your image…”

“You shut up too!”

We are fighting a war but every one of them is talking nonsense! I shouldn’t have let them stay at home! They are too free!

*Gurgle.* Suddenly, the neck began to bubble again. A small head slowly popped up and gradually grew big like a black balloon.

“Very well. You’ve made me angry now. I am going to eat you! Come on. Show me what you’ve got. Let me see how you massacred Steel Ghost Town!” He roared at me and opened his mouth wide.

“As you wish! Blue Feather! Give me a pair of wings!” I shouted. A pair of wings spread behind me at once, and I flew.

At the same time, the giant swung his black arm at me. The liquid on his arm lashed out, sizzling when it met the blue light engulfing me. The dark liquid seemed to be corrosive.

“I want to eat you! Eat you!” He was roaring and waving his arms at me. Black liquid showered like rain and the surrounding Ghost Eclipsers scattered all around, shouting, “Blackie, watch out!”

“Blackie, are you doing alright?! It’s been so long!”

“Let us have some fun too! There’s finally a beautiful woman here to play with us!”

“North Star looks so-so. They made her sound like God.”

“The people in Steel Ghost Town are too weak. Those watching the borders are all rubbish.”

“He’s right. Hahaha! Let’s not wait anymore. Let’s go out!”

“Old man! Are you done?!”

The Ghost Eclipsers were all clamoring at Blackie, who shouted back, “You are so noisy! Can’t you see that I am busy?!” He raised his hands high. Suddenly, his body split and he grew three heads and six arms, like a giant demon standing in front of me.

He swiftly punched out at me!

I gamely greeted his fists. When his huge fist hit me, the blue flames on my body churned. I instantly pierced his fist, and the blue flames climbed onto his fists as well.

The surroundings turned silent as the flustered Ghost Eclipsers stopped, staring at me in shock.

I flew before Blackie and coated myself in blue light. Blackie lifted his fist blankly while the blue flames continued to burn his fist.

The Ghost Eclipsers here had an extremely high level of anti-radiation resistance, so the blue crystal energy I left on them couldn’t do them any harm.

“Can’t, can’t hit her! Can’t hit her!” He roared like a child, “Ah! Can’t hit…”

Wielding a light whip on each hand, I slashed his neck. His three heads rolled off from his neck and he could no longer speak!


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