Book 7: Chapter 94 - Attack

I drank a glass of warm water to freshen up. Then, I tied my hair up and changed into the brand new battle uniform that Raffles had specially designed for me. My uniform twinkled with flowing ice blue lights from time to time.

The material of the uniform had been created using technology from West Port. It had been infused with blue crystal cells, to prevent it from turning into ashes whenever I used my superpower. I finally didn’t need to worry about being left naked after using my superpower.

Arming myself with the lightsaber and the light gun, I stood on Ice Dragon in high spirits. In front of me, the soldiers of Radical Star lined up neatly with high morale.

Their eyes were burning with enthusiasm as they stood handsomely under the clear sunlight. All of them radiated a fiercely bright aura under the sunlight.

I gazed at them, feeling a surge of emotions within me. Their growth amazed me. I was proud of them!

“According to the update, their defence troop has speed diminishing metahumans. So, General He Lei.” I glanced at He Lei, wholooked up at me solemnly. I continued, “You can take a break today.”

Sigh…” The soldiers behind him sighed, thinking that they wouldn’t be able to take part in the war since He Lei was not paticipating.

“Inge, Bei Luo!”


Both of them came forward.

I looked at them solemnly, commanding, “Today, you shall replace General He Lei and General Harry to lead the North troop and the East troop!”

Both of them looked surprised. Inge moved his lips but I wasn’t sure what he said.

Bei Luo accepted my command at once. “Yes!”

The soldiers of Harry’s East troop were surprised too.

Harry and He Lei exchanged a glance and smiled, looking rather at ease.

I added, “The rest remains the same. Attack Nubis’ capital with me!”

“Yes!” Their reply echoed.

The sky was cloudless and the view was clear. It was a great day for a war.

At the end of the boundless world, there was a black city wall. We had to go through a marshland to reach there.

Following the plan, I flew alone ahead to spearhead the war.

I could spot Nubis’ capital from far away. The air was filled with a nauseating rotten smell. A perfectly good living zone had been filled with a foul stench.

A huge marshland stretched outside Nubis’ capital like a dark ocean. At the border of the capital, the methane gas was suffocatingly thick.

Methane gas was poisonous. Overexposure could cause one’s head to ache.

I stopped above the marshland and put on my helmet. Activating the conversing function, I ordered, “Get Angelina to light up the methane gas.”

“Yes!” Then, a flame sparked behind me.


A loud explosion sounded, becoming my battle drum to precede my attack. I charged into the capital as explosions resounded around me.

Black objects swarmed out from the capital like bees, forming a huge palm in the air as it swiped at me. 

The war started as the fire spread.

I was glowing in blue when I jumped off the flying vehicle. Wielding my light saber, I slashed at the palm.

*RAWR!* Flames soared into the sky behind me, like a fire phoenix taking off into the high sky. Then, it charged in my direction, igniting a sea of fire behind me. Waves of heat churned and dyed the sky above the marshland red, heating up the air.

My light saber pierced the huge palm. Finally I caught a clear look of what the palm was made of. They were connecting black dots like carbon atoms, connected to the arm underneath.

I made a hole on the huge palm. Blue flames burned persistently on the palm, spreading out to its surroundings. 

Descending from the sky, I flipped and landed on the top of their dark defence tower. From here, I had an unobstructed view of the entire capital. 

Unknown dark gases soared all over, filling the air with a foul stench.

Dark, round crystal buildings piled up on the dark greasy land, resembling black insects’ egg sacs, or disgusting boils on a greasy fat man. Sky bridges connected the sac-like buildings, high above the bubbling dark greasy liquid that covered the ground beneath

Why does the capital look like this? What is that dark liquid that looks like petroleum?

“Put out the fire,” I ordered.


Behind me, the blaze instantly disappeared, and the sky ahead simultaneously turned pale. Ice and frost rolled out in waves, covering the marshland that had been burning just moments earlier. On the surface of the ice were blooming ice flowers, forming a magnificent world of ice and snow.

Now a boundless frozen lake stretched outside the dark city wall, glistening under the sunlight. The entire world instantly turned appealingly refreshing, as though it had gone through a major cleanup and was now bright and clean.

The temperature dropped immediately too. Every breath I took felt refreshing and cool.

One man after another leaped onto the boil-like buildings in front of me. Decked in black leather jackets that blended in with the dark buildings, they stood glaring at me, like demons from the marshland.

All of them were either standing on the buildings or sprawling on the crystal walls, like dark vultures and lizards.

Suddenly, the dark liquid at the bottom of the liquid began to bubble. Then, countless skulls and skeleton popped out, forming a terrifying sight!

This is a corpse city!

It is covered in sin!

You demons who live a primitive life, you’ll meet your end today!

Those skeletons ignited the anger in me. Wielding my lightsaber, I engulfed myself in blue. The ice blue spirit flower on the back of my hand began to bloom, its stamen crawling onto my lightsaber. Watered by the blue crystal energy, it grew strong and healthy, entangling my lightsaber and draping down like a long vine.

“You are the North Star!” A roar resounded from the disgusting city. Suddenly, a huge hand dripping with dark liquid seized a grape-like building.

Then, a huge and dark greasy giant rose up behind the huge fortress. He opened his mouth, revealing his white teeth. Dark liquid dripped from his body into the dark pool beneath him, as though he’d been born from the dark pool. Or perhaps he was the one who had made the dark pool.

“I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time!” He walked out of the fortress and stood before me like a force to be reckoned with, letting out a foul stench.

He lifted his hand. A naked man stood blankly on his palm. The man didn’t shout for help, nor did he struggle. The giant made a chewing sound, smiling maliciously as his eyeballs constantly rolled about. “I never thought that the North Star would actually be a woman. Mm. You are so beautiful. I wonder how you taste. Hahaha!” He raised his hand, tilting his head up, and threw the person into his mouth.


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