Book 7: Chapter 93 - It Is Also A Blessing To Argue Together

“That’s because you are still bothered by past your identity as Pink Baby.” I put my hand on his chest, reassuring him, “But now, no one can disrespect you. Ah Zong, Moto and the other men all admire you! They think of you as a god because you can control anyone and you can create many women. Ah Zong, many men in the troop have long hair. I feel proud when others fall for you, just like how you feel proud when many people like me.”

Ah Zong smiled sweetly, revealing his charmingly flirtatious expression again. He caressed my face gently and cautiously, as though he was touching a bubble he was afraid to break. “It’s okay. It will grow long again. I can control the secretion of each gland so…” He took my hand and placed it over the back of his neck, just on top of his hair roots. Then, his short hair began to grow rapidly, intertwining with my fingers. I could feel the silky smooth texture of his hair.

Instantly his long pink hair covered my hand, falling past his chest as it reached towards his waist. The ends of his hair curled slightly, shimmering with warm pink luster under the light as a charming fragrance wafted up from it. He was as lovely as a pink unicorn under the moonlight.

I combed my hand through his long hair. The sensation made me feel even more heartache for his snipped locks.

Raffle had once cut his long hair to make himself more masculine and manly because everyone had made fun of him for looking like a woman. But in the end, he grew his hair long for me again.

I liked long hair. All my men knew it.

Harry didn’t keep his long simply because he was lazy. He found taking care of long hair difficult, especially during the end of the world since long hair would get dirty easily. It was not as bad for Raffles, because he was always in the lab. On the other hand, Harry was always out on missions so it would be troublesome for him to maintain long hair.

But back in Silver Moon City, he had been secretly keeping his hair long. Sis Ceci was a seductively beautiful redhead with wavy hair. Harry would have definitely looked beautiful if he’d had long hair.

Ah Zong held my hand and smiled sweetly at me. “Let’s go and look for Harry.”


Under the serene night sky, we found Harry sitting on Ice Dragon’s wing alone. His smile and his carefree manner had all been for the sake of comforting me, so that I wouldn’t worry about him. He had always placed me as his top priority. My happiness was his first concern.

“Harry is such a nice guy…” Ah Zong said, awed. “Even I… am moved…” he added as his eyes welled up in tears. “He could do anything for you… He even found men who are suitable for you… He suffers loneliness and pain alone for you…”

“All the more reason why we can’t leave him alone. He’d let his imagination run wild if he was left alone,” I said, looking at Ah Zong.

Ah Zong nodded, smiling. A touch of evil surfaced in his flirtatious smile once again as he suggested, “Let’s go and disturb him.”

We ran towards Harry. Ah Zong climbed onto the spaceship wing gently, before he pounced on Harry. Harry got a shock, whipping back to stare at him. Seemingly angered, he questioned Ah Zong, “Why aren’t you keeping Lil Bing company? She’s scared of being lonely.” Harry reprimanded Ah Zong like a King, “Hurry up and go keep her company!”

Ah Zong smiled at him sweetly, teasing, “Didn’t you… want me to turn myself into a woman and keep you company?”

Harry instantly struggled, roaring, “Get lost! Don’t pester me!”

Ah Zong continued to cling to him but Harry couldn’t take it anymore. He opened his fish mouth widely, roaring, “Are you crazy?!”

I crawled up the spaceship wing from the other side and sat next to Harry. “Ah Zong, let Harry get a taste of being a chick magnet.”

Harry’s body stiffened. He turned around stiffly to side-eye me. “Waifu… You, you are here too.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Ah Zong replied, taking a seat next to Harry. His body size shrank to take the shape of a petite woman, leaning bonelessly on Harry’s shoulder.

I narrowed my eyes, smiling as I asked Harry, “Are you happy now?”

Harry chuckled drily, his body rigid as Ah Zong leaned on him. He tried to explain himself, “Hehe. Waifu, I was just joking.”

I smiled maliciously, putting his arm around my shoulder. I then leaned on his shoulder, saying, “I can’t fall asleep tonight anyway. Let’s wait for the sunrise together. Ah Zong is very generous. You can touch him if you want.”

“No, no, no. I’ll only touch you. Ugh. No, no, no. I mean I won’t touch other women or men. My hand shall burn into ashes if I do!” He swore hastily.

Poof.” Ah Zong sniggered into Harry’s shoulder.

“Hurry up and transform back!” Harry gritted through his teeth, glaring at Ah Zong.

“I only listen to the Queen’s command,” Ah Zong said obediently.

Harry then turned and smiled at me, urging, “Waifu, this is not fun. Can you tell Ah Zong to return to his male self?”

“Aren’t you happy?”

“I’m not.”

“Didn’t you say that you want to share everything?”

“No, no, no. I was really just joking.”

“You’d only make that kind of joke if you actually had that kind of idea."

“I really don’t! I only have you in my heart. You know that."

“ But I want to care for your well-being too.”

“I don’t need it! Look, my hair is standing all over!”

“You are a water ghost now. What hair are you talking about?”

“I want to shit.”

“Don’t try to use that as an excuse.”

“Waifu, let me go.”


“I beg you.”

“You have no integrity, Harry,” Ah Zong scoffed in disdain.

“Then don’t even think about getting married into our family! Unless you beg me,” Harry grinned maliciously.

“I beg you…”

“Look. You have no integrity either.”


Everyone went silent for a while, before we all burst out in hearty laughter.


We had once hated one another. But now, we loved each other and we would never leave anyone behind.

The morning light pierced the horizon like a bright spearhead breaking through the darkness, shining down upon us. I stood up as my hair fluttered in the breeze.

Harry and Ah Zong stood up next to me too. Golden rays cast our shadows behind us.

Lucifer pushed Xing Chuan out from under the wing. Xing Chuan looked up at us, coughing, “Cough… I am growing old. Otherwise, I’d want to stay up all night too like you … And watch the sunrise…” Xing Chuan made fun of himself.

Harry studied him for a while before he broke into a sly smile, teasing, “My wife has a heavy taste now. She might happen to like an old man like you.”

Cough, cough, cough, cough…” Harry’s comment made Xing Chuan cough even more vigorously.

Ah Zong glanced at Harry who was now a water ghost, then at Xing Chuan who had become an old man. He wore a complicated expression, sinking into deep thought. Finally, he slowly revealed a heartwarming smile.

They had used to be enemies but they were making fun of each other now, discarding the unpleasant memories of the past.

However, Lucifer was staring at Harry as he stood behind Xing Chuan. It seemed like Harry was going to gain another enemy.

I rolled my eyes at Harry. Then, I looked far ahead and commanded, “Prepare for assembly. I want to pick my generals!”

“Yes!” Harry and Ah Zong replied in unison, their reply reverberating.

I would be the one leading the final attack, which was all the more reason why I couldn’t afford to lose to Harry and He Lei.


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