Book 7: Chapter 92 - I Like Long Hair

His body stiffened when he felt me catch him up in a tight hug. Then, he gradually relaxed in my embrace and let out a helpless sigh. “Sigh… Blame me for not being able to let you go…” He finally surrendered.

I hugged him tight, smiling delightedly. I felt overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I was so excited that I didn’t think I could sleep tonight. I had to win a tremendous victory in the war tomorrow!

Suddenly, I saw Ah Zong moving outside quietly. His body was tensed, looking rather nervous as though he was worried that we would notice him.

“Ah Zong,” I called him, letting go of Harry.

Ah Zong blinked awkwardly.

Harry walked up to him with a smile, which made Ah Zong even more rigid. He looked away, “I…” He cast his gaze aside in embarrassment, mumbling, “You haven’t seen each other for very long. I…”

“Don’t go,” Harry said, draping his hand over Ah Zong’s neck.

I looked at Ah Zong, confused. “Ah Zong, why are you embarrassed? You were never awkward when I was with Raffles. Why are you acting so stiffly now?”

Ah Zong gazed at me, his bicolor eyes barely concealing his yearning for me. His infatuation for me was nearly obsessive. The feelings in his eyes drowned out his awkwardness. He looked me in the eyes, moving his plump lips as if he wanted to speak but seemingly still bothered by something. In the end, he looked down without a word.

I watched him with a smile. “The others did find it awkward. But why are you also avoiding us? You are one of my men too.”

Ah Zong was instantly stunned, staring at me blankly. An alarmed look flashed across his face as though I’d caught him off guard by admitting it before Harry.

Pfft! Cough, cough, cough, cough!” Harry abruptly coughed before he asked, “You finally admitted it!?” 

I rolled my eyes at him. “I will look for men on my own. There’s no need for you to push anyone to me.”

Harry broke into a smile. He suddenly removed his hand from around Ah Zong’s neck and slapped Ah Zong’s butt.


Harry was always so light-hearted. He even took petty advantage of my men! He used to embarrass Raffles too! 

Ah Zong came back to reality and his cheeks turned red. He glanced at Harry, saying, “Harry… I… I didn’t seduce her on purpose...”

“Who accused you of that?” Harry patted Ah Zong’s chest and rubbed wantonly, like he was flirting with Ah Zong. Caressing Ah Zong’s chest, he continued, “Because of your infatuation and loyalty towards my wife, Raffles and I considered you a member of our family since long ago. Don’t be shy. It’s just that Lil Bing didn’t admit it officially. So, we pretended that we didn’t know in case you felt awkward. You don’t have to worry now. I will get my wife to give you a ring soon. So, this is done!”

“Harry… aren’t you against this?” Ah Zong asked Harry cautiously.

Harry stared at him confusedly, asking, “Why should I be against it? Oh!” He seemed to recall something as he continued rubbing Ah Zong’s flat chest. “Do you think that I still hate you? That’s all in the past. Back then… at the Aurora Legion…” Harry winked playfully, saying suggestively, “Thanks. If it wasn’t for you, Lil Bing and I…”

Judging from Harry’s perverted expression, I could tell that he was definitely talking about something atrocious.

“Harry! Move your hand away from Ah Zong!” I bellowed!

Harry was stunned. He then grabbed Ah Zong’s chest and said guiltily, “I am checking if he turned into a woman.”

“I didn’t!” Ah Zong then slapped Harry’s hand off. He seemed to finally be at ease too.

“Harry, you are a pervert! Are you thinking of getting a second wife?!” I raised my hand and he immediately ran away. He sped off, shouting back at us, “Waifu, Ah Zong can be both man and woman. Don’t be so selfish!”

“Get lost!”

“Yes! I’ll run far away!” Harry escaped.

I crossed my arms aggrievedly. Harry is a pervert. He hasn’t changed since the day we first met!

Still, I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. “Hehehe…

“Harry… is joking, right?” Ah Zong asked huskily. He looked like he’d bought Harry’s lie.

I turned to him, explaining, “He was just looking for an excuse to leave and give us some alone time together.”

Ah Zong was stunned. He looked in the direction Harry had run off in, deeply moved. Eyes reddening, he hung his head low, trembling as he spoke, “Everyone… is so nice… to me…”

I walked up to him and leaned against his arm. “Yes. They are very nice to me. I’m very blessed.”

“No, I am more blessed that I could be next to you, even receiving Raffles and Harry’s approval… I, I…” His chest heaved emotionally, and he found it difficult to finish his sentence. “I am only a…” 

Shh…” I immediately placed my index finger over his soft lips. He looked down at me, his eyes glistening with tears. I smiled and put down my hand. “You are a member of my family now. Don’t be bound to your past identity. Everyone is in awe of you. Don’t look down on yourself anymore…”

“Your Highness…” He called gently.

I smiled at him. “Call me Lil Bing, or wife, or dear. Anything, as long as you like it. When it’s just the two of us, don’t call me your Queen.” I put my arms around his slender yet strong waist. He looked really handsome in his military uniform! The cutting of the military uniform hugged his figure fittingly, outlining his body shape. 

“I… I…” His eyes quivered. He looked excited yet humble.

I chuckled. Rubbing my cheek against his chest, I said, “The Pink Baby I first got to know wasn’t like this. How were you like back then?” I took a stroll down the memory land and described, “You were just like… the Honeycomb King… You were dominant… overbearing… You didn’t let me…"

“Go…” He replied with a husky voice. As I looked up at him with a smile, a domineering kiss landed on my lips and bit me. He sucked my lips greedily and overbearingly, as though my breath was all he needed to survive.

As his kiss began to spiral out of control, our panting echoed in the meeting room. Suddenly, he stopped by my ear, breathing heavily.

He pressed my body against the edge of the meeting table, which hurt my waist a little.

His warm breath blew against my earlobe as he tried hard to keep his composure. “I’m sorry, I lost control. I said… I will wait for Harry to transform back…” He kissed my neck softly. “Lil Bing… I miss you. My Queen, my love…”

I hugged him gently and touched his short hair, asking, “Why did you cut it? Your hair was so beautiful….”

“I am going to war,” he answered, moving away from my body. His surging emotions had yet to fade in his pink and blue eyes. “I didn’t want everyone to treat me as a woman…” he added.

It turned out that his heart was still constrained by his past identity of being the Honeycomb Queen.


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