Book 7: Chapter 91 - Harry Worked Through The Knots

“Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed softly. Lucifer immediately handed Xing Chuan some water but he refused. He explained, “When I say let Luo Bing spearhead the war, I don’t mean sending her to massacre a city. Up till now, she has only been a legend among the Ghost Eclipsers. A legend would be enough to scare the weaker Ghost Eclipsers but the ones we will fight tomorrow are the ghost generals. All of them are as arrogant as I am. They might not even believe the legend. They wouldn’t be scared of Lil Bing’s superpower unless they see it with their own eyes. Once they are terrified, it would be our victory. This will cause lesser casualties too…”

“Opening with a psychological attack!” Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously, gazing at Xing Chuan in admiration, a touch of evilness in his sly smile.

Harry blew bubbles in his helmet, seemingly relaxed. He crossed his arms behind his head and leaned backward, saying, “I get it. You want to let Lil Bing out to scare them.”

I immediately rolled my eyes at him. What do you mean, letting me out?!

“I understand now. It’s a great method,” He Lei commented, the only serious person in this meeting. But he added in a worried tone, “But Lil Bing’s superpower…”

“Lil Bing has great control over her superpower. The incident in Steel Ghost Town won’t happen again. As long as she shows that she can nullify any superpower attack, it’d be sufficient to deter the other party.”

Everyone nodded in unison, while Harry broke into a smile, looking utterly at ease.

I looked at everyone solemnly. “I will spearhead the war tomorrow. After I break through their defense, launch an attack at all fronts. That would be much easier.”

“It’s settled then!” Harry rested his hands behind his helmet leisurely, propping his legs up on the table. “I will be sleeping in tomorrow. Send Pelos and the other youngsters instead.”

“Are you skiving off?” He Lei looked at him grimly.

He rolled his eyes at He Lei. “How many wars have I fought in? My wife is here. Let her do it.” My heart burst with joy once I heard him refer to me as his wife. I couldn’t help but smile. Feeling awkward, the men in the meeting room looked away.

“No objection.” He Lei was the first to stand up and disappear from the meeting room.

Cough, cough… Lucifer… Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed vigorously.

“Brother Xing Chuan! I’ll push you back to Ice Dragon to rest,” Lucifer said, watching Xing Chuan nervously. He quickly pushed Xing Chuan’s wheelchair.

Xing Chuan nodded, coughing.

Just as Lucifer was on his way out with Xing Chuan, he suddenly came running back as though he’d forgotten something. Very naturally, he tilted his cheek towards me. “Sister Luo Bing, kiss.”

I was stunned. This boy had turned it into a habit. He now wanted a goodnight kiss every night.

Xing Chuan turned back to look at him, revealing a gentle smile that was rarely seen on his face. He seemed to be doting on his child. Xing Chuan had never revealed such a gentle expression towards anyone else.

“You!” Suddenly Harry leaped across the meeting room and pounced at Lucifer. He seized Lucifer’s head just like how Uncle Mason often seized his, trapping Lucifer’s head under his armpit. He warned, “You think you are still a kid?! Don’t take advantage of your Sister Luo Bing anymore!”

Ah!!! Brother Harry, what are you doing?! Sister Luo Bing said that Lucifer can ask for a kiss whenever Lucifer wants. She agreed! You can’t stop me!” Lucifer argued, struggling under Harry’s arm.

Harry turned back and gaped at me with his fish face. “You actually agreed?!”

I laughed drily, explaining, “Lucifer… He is still a child…”

“He is still a child?!” Harry yelled at me. He swept a hand down Lucifer’s body, stopping at his chest. “Which part of him is like a child?! His chest muscles are firmer than mine!”

“Don’t touch me! Brother Harry is so annoying!” Lucifer continued to wriggle, trying to shield his chest. His cheeks were red as though someone was violating him.

Cough… He is still a child here…” Xing Chuan contributed, pointing at his head. He smiled dotingly.

Harry rolled his eyes at Xing Chuan. He gritted through his teeth, “Of course you’d take your son’s side!”

“Brother Harry, you are bullying me!”

“I’m bullying you?!” Harry acted shamelessly. He patted Lucifer’s head, scolding, “You are not allowed to ask for kisses from Sister Luo Bing from now on. Do you hear me? Otherwise, I will whack your ass!” Harry finally let Lucifer go and told him, “Push your dad back to rest!” 

Lucifer pouted and rolled his eyes at Harry. Still, he turned around to push Xing Chuan’s wheelchair back.

Xing Chuan smiled tenderly and patted Lucifer’s hand on his wheelchair to comfort him. “Once you grow up, you can win against him then. Cough, cough…

Lucifer spun back to glare at Harry, retorting tauntingly like a child, “I will defeat you one day! Just you wait! Humph!”

Harry couldn’t be bothered. He waved and said disapprovingly, “You can only come close to my wife after you defeat me.”   

Humph!” Lucifer turned and pushed Xing Chuan out of the room, acting just like an arrogantly cute young boy. 

After Lucifer had left the meeting room, I gazed at Harry helplessly. “See? He is only a child.”

“He’s almost seventeen! Raffles said that they grow up fast. There is an advanced leap period from a child to a young teen. Then, another leap from a young teen to an adult. Maybe, in the blink of an eye, he’ll turn into an adult tomorrow! He’d grow tremendously in both physically and mentally. By then, he won’t be asking for just a goodnight kiss to play pretend grown-ups, he’ll be directly crawling into your bed! Humph! Raffles said that they’ll go into heat too. Be careful! From what I see, this boy is preparing in advance, making you get used to him and drop your guard. He is up to no good! How can a child be such a master of intrigue?!” Harry sounded jealous, striking me as a cute and paranoid boy.

“But to me, he is only a child who is barely three.” I liked Lucifer. I watched him grow up. I’d even once fought with Xing Chuan over education methods. Xing Chuan and I were like his parents, witnessing his growth.

I made fun of Harry. “Why are you jealous of a child?”

“Let me repeat myself again!” Harry pointed at me sternly. Just like how he’d used to warn me in the past, he exhorted, “He! Lucifer! That flying corpse! Is no longer! A child!”

I smiled, looking straight back at him. Our relationship had finally returned to how it’d used to be.

I liked being warned by him. I liked arguing with him. I liked seeing him jealous.

My Harry is finally back!

His expression grew gentle under my smile. He was still pointing at my face, but his feelings were already in his gaze that was fixed upon me, although he tried hard to suppress them.

“You have such a peculiar taste!” He abruptly pointed at my face, saying, “You are not satisfied with having me as your water ghost, you just had to get a flying corpse too! I think all you need is a day monster, then you’ll have the complete collection of sky, land and sea monsters!”

At once I pounced at Harry and hugged him. Now that he could make fun of himself, it meant that he’d let go of his mental barrier toward being with me as a water ghost.

He had really let it go. Now he no longer avoided me and was no longer at loggerheads with me!


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