Book 7: Chapter 90 - Mass Meeting For Final Attack

“I don’t agree!” Haggs rarely responded so emotionally. “I want to see what we can do to become immortal too!” With that, Haggs abruptly vanished before us.

Raffles blinked at the spot where Haggs had vanished, muttering, “How can we be immortal… It has been tough for humans to achieve immortality… Sigh…

“You… still have time… Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed lightly, glancing at Raffles. When Raffles looked back at him, he said coldly, “I am dying. Maybe by then, you’d panic like Haggs.”

Raffles gaped at Xing Chuan, dumbfounded. Xing Chuan’s expression grew glum and he lowered his chin. Raffles’ eyes quivered as though something had suddenly hit him. Now he was as determined as Haggs, saying, “We will definitely figure out a way. We will not let anyone leave.” Then, he too vanished from the meeting room.

The entire meeting room turned dead silent. 

I glanced at the silent Xing Chuanl. I couldn’t help but stretch out to hold his cold hand on his thigh. Stunned, he lifted his chin to look at me. On his elderly face, only that pair of eyes were as clear and dark as his young self. He gazed deeply into my eyes, revealing his roiling agony.

I gazed at him with heartache, tightening my hold on his cold hand that was pruny with age. “You won’t die. We will live and become better. Then, we will grow old together.”

He nodded in silence, lowering his head to rest his forehead on the back of my hand. He choked with sobs and took deep breaths, as though he was wordlessly sobbing in sorrow.

“Master, we have arrived at the battlefront,” Ice Dragon appeared next to us and reported smilingly.

The door suddenly opened and Lucifer barged in excitedly. “Sister Luo Bing! Brother Xing Chuan! We are here! I saw our troops! This is so magnificent! This is so exciting!” His eyes glistened with enthusiasm as though he was trying to suppress his urge to soar into the sky right this moment.

The floor in the meeting room turned transparent, revealing below the neatly lined tents and the thickly dotted soldiers. I… have so many warriors! 

The sparkling flames underneath were like starlights dotted across the night sky, lighting up the wilderness.

They lined up neatly outside the campsite, performing their military training. Their high-spirited manner and the magnificent scenery inspired a unique reverence. That reverence became an energy that set our blood boiling.

Ice Dragon flew past above them, stirring up a commotion. All of them looked up simultaneously, cheering, “Your Highness!”


“Your Highness!”

They waved at me and cheered excitedly. Those that were holding things in their hands threw them up in the air.

As Ice Dragon slowly descended, the soldiers swarmed around Ice Dragon, watching excitedly.

When the hatch opened, I first saw the four generals and my men before me.

Harry and Ah Zong stood right at the forefront. I was surprised to see that Ah Zong’s long hair was gone! Now he stood there handsomely, sporting short and slick pink hair. He’d lost the usual Pink Baby lazy and flirtatious look. It felt as though he was smiling at me as a different person.

He Lei was next to Harry. He stood in the shade of the fire, smiling at me in silence.

Uncle Mason, Gehenna, Napoleon, Bei Luo, Inge and the others were standing behind them. Next were the rest of the warriors, those who I knew, those who had recently joined, and those whom I didn’t know of, all surrounding Ice Dragon. The flames lit up their excited faces.

“Sister Bing!” Angelina ran out from among them. She had formed a troop of female warriors with oneechan clown.

Angelina looked more mature and experienced than before. Her long hair was tied into a high ponytail, shedding her once youthful bashfulness. She had used to hang her head in embarrassment whenever she stood before me in the past.

Now she ran before me, saying delightedly, “Everyone has been waiting for you. Say something to them.”

I swept my gaze across the crowd. Ah Zong lifted the corners of his lips, forming his usual flirtatious smile. For a moment, it felt like the Ah Zong who I was familiar with had come back. He whispered into Harry’s ear and Harry chuckled,before walking towards me.

Suddenly, his body swiftly grew bigger as he walked towards me. His armor grew in size along with him.

By the time he arrived before me, he’d already become a giant more than two meters in height. He extended his hand and picked me up. Xing Chuan frowned, exhorting, “Be careful!” Xing Chuan seemed to be worried that Harry might crush me.

“Brother Ghostie wouldn’t crust Sister Bing,” Lucifer said, chuckling.

Harry placed me on his shoulder. Now, I could stand at a taller place, overlooking my army of warrior saints. Likewise, every warrior could see my face too.

I looked down at them all, while they looked back up at me excitedly.

I raised my hand. If I said thank you for their hard work, it would sound so common and old-fashioned.

Hence, I instead declared loudly, “Now that I am here, let’s crush them tomorrow!”

Woohoo!” The crowd burst out an ear-deafening uproar. The metahumans used their superpower to express their enthusiasm.

Some flew in the air. Some ignited flames. Some cracked icicles. Some turned into giants. I even saw the rock monster, Karloff, among them.

Everyone couldn’t contain themselves.

In the admin office at the campsite, I sat around the meeting table with Harry and the others. Xing Chuan joined us too.

We were a radiation zone away from the capital city. We had also built a defense line in case Nubis’ ghost general surprised us.

“I suggest for Lil Bing to spearhead the war,” Xing Chuan said calmly.

“For her to spearhead?” Harry raised his brows at Xing Chuan. He commented, “What else is there for us to do after she attacks?”

“Plus, her damaging power to the city would be too huge,” He Lei added.

“There are many innocent people in there. Under the current circumstances, everyone is confident in Lil Bing. It’s not a good idea for Lil Bing to massacre a city,” Ah Zong continued solemnly, revealing an overwhelmingly imposing manner.

Men who had fought war would become different.

Once, He Lei had been significantly steadier compared to Harry, because He Lei had joined the Aurora Legion and fought against the Ghost Eclipsers.

Later on, Harry had gone to Silver Moon City and participated in war too. His immaturity had faded and he had become more reliable.

Now, Ah Zong, who had used to be girly, had not only cut his beautiful pink curly hair after the war, but now also bore a handsome, imposing manner. His handsomeness was not second to Zi Yi. On the contrary, Zi Yi who was next to him looked inferior to him right now.

He had once been a Princess whom Zi Yi safeguarded. Now, he was truly a King!


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