Book 7: Chapter 89 - Immortal

“The shockwave from the collision bounced back while the energy weakened along the way...” The spherical energy continued to diminish as it bounced back, just like a wave hitting against the wall and flowing back with diminished force.

“Luckily the energy vanished after sending Lil Bing to our world. Otherwise, Luo Bing’s location might have possibly been in some corner in some other universe...” Haggs was speaking calmly but I was already covered in cold sweat!

So it was merely sheer luck?!

If the energy had been exhausted before I’d arrived in Kansa Star, I would have been wandering in the universe!

“It also explains why Lil Bing only arrived sixty years later instead of sixty years ago. It was because the process of the shockwave arriving at Lil Bing’s Earth and bouncing back to Kansa Star had taken sixty years...” Haggs swiped the map and the holographic map turned into a 2D image that I could understand. The energy had not broken through two worlds and formed a wormhole like I’d imagined, but rather it had worked like a universe spaceship, taking off from Kansa Star and bringing me back to Kansas Star. So, I hadn’t realized time-travel; rather, I had spent time traveling. The time used had just happened to be sixty years.

The energy had flown for sixty years but I’d felt like I’d arrived in an instant. Space-time was really magical.

“Now that we know the time, if we can find out the energy travel speed, we can calculate the distance between the two worlds. Then, we might be able to send Lil Bing back...”

“Haggs!” Raffles urgently called Haggs, stunning him. Haggs’ eyes flickered and he frowned. He pretended to think and hurriedly said, “Cough! We can’t find out the speed yet. However, it should be above light speed. But the number is unlimitedly huge so...” Haggs glanced at me evenly as he continued. “... it’d still be difficult to send you back.” 

I smiled in relief. “It’s alright. I know it is a lost cause and… if I go back, what are you going to do?” Raffles lowered his head and Haggs avoided my gaze, while Xing Chuan shot them both a look. I held Raffles and Haggs’ holographic hands on the table, explaining, “I have you now. You are my home. This is my home. I am the Queen. I have to be responsible for my people.”  

Raffles held my hand firmly while Haggs glanced at him, tightening his hand too. Xing Chuan watched them expressionlessly with a sharp gaze.

The entire meeting room suddenly became quiet. Raffles and Haggs didn’t speak again. I knew that they loathed to part with me. They were even more afraid to imagine the scene of me leaving them and this world. 

“The energy takes sixty years for a round trip, so it took thirty years to reach Lil Bing’s earth… That means, she would only reach thirty years later if she heads back,” Xing Chuan said expressionlessly.

“Theoretically, yes,” Haggs replied faintly.

Xing Chuan looked at him calmly, questioning, “The blue crystal energy gobbles up everything. Why was Lil Bing perfectly intact when she was sucked in? Plus, it also took another thirty years for her to arrive here. Why didn’t Lil Bing grow older?”

Raffles and Haggs lifted their chins as though Xing Chuan’s questions had gotten them interested. The two of them would quickly get worked up whenever it came to scientific exploration.

They returned to normal as they turned to Xing Chuan. Raffles explained excitedly, “Because blue crystal energy assimilated Lil Bing!”

“Assimilated?” Xing Chuan seemed confused.

“It is similar to melting and recasting,” Haggs explained solemnly. 

I retracted my hand, glancing at them both in fear. What did they mean by melting and recasting?! Was I a piece of metal or a candle?!

Raffles leaned forward excitedly. I was familiar with his current behavior. It was the look he showed when he was extremely interested in a certain research topic. I suddenly felt like a research subject in his eyes.

“After the shockwave consumed Lil Bing, because of how concentrated the energy was - which is much higher than the center of a radiation zone - Lil Bing was instantly fully disintegrated. Every single cell was immersed in blue crystal energy and her genes were completely altered. Her constitution transformed into a blue crystal energy constitution, becoming a part of the energy! She became blue crystal energy! It is like metahumans’ evolution, superpowerfy!” Raffles got more and more excited and his speed of talking became faster and faster. His cheeks turned red from his excitement.

Haggs continued calmly, “According to our research on blue crystal energy, we found out that it is somewhere between a living and non-living thing. It is a living energy. That’s why it knew that it could constantly melt during space-time shuttling. In order to save itself, it recasted Lil Bing and made her its carrier. That is also why Lil Bing could absorb and release blue crystal energy as she wishes. Her power is also the blue crystal energy in her consuming and replenishing its energy. It is similar to Cang Yu’s superpower.”

“But Cang Yu needs a medium…” Xing Chuan’s face grew grave as the topic turned to Cang Yu. A layer of frost covered over his eyes, as he replayed the unpleasant memories in his head.

“But Lil Bing doesn’t. So, she is one with blue crystal energy. Her body is of a higher level. If we are right, Lil Bing should be immortal in the center of the radiation zone! She is just like the spirits who can live forever!” Raffles’ eyes shimmered in excitement.

I gawked at them in shock. “Live forever?!”

Haggs looked at me and continued calmly, “Not just that. You can also resurrect because you are a cloud of energy with consciousness. No one can kill you. As you are a body of blue crystal energy, you can resurrect by taking in blue crystal energy. Your superpower would automatically reactivate when you are severely injured or when you die.”

I could only gawk at them without words. What the hell am I?!

So, I possess resurrection power like Margaery and Nubis? I have never died before so I wouldn’t know.

But I definitely want to give it a try.

Haggs and Raffles turned to me in unison. Haggs stared at me with a scientist’s calmness whereas Raffles looked at me in excitement. Would these two b*stards be thinking about verifying their speculation through experiment?

“But, if I am immortal, what do you do?” I asked them. They seemed to have never thought of it and were instantly stunned. They finally stopped looking at me with crazy scientist eyes.

Now, Haggs glanced at Raffles, asking, “Yeah. Why didn’t we ever think about this? What should we do if Lil Bing is immortal?”

“I, we…”

Haggs suddenly became domineering, saying, “I don’t want to see Lil Bing getting new lovers after we die!”

“But, but we are not immortals. We will die. Lil Bing will naturally marry someone else…” Raffles got more and more depressed as though he was really going to die soon and I was going to get together with other beautiful young men, forgetting about them who would be buried in the soil.


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