Book 7: Chapter 88 - Secret Of Spacetime Travel

After we completed the transformation of Zone 7 and Zone 8, and appointed Moto as the zone leader of Zone 7, we made a last-minute alteration to our plan. Xing Chuan and I headed for the wilderness outside Nubis’ capital city because the four troops had quelled the surrounding livable zones. They had conquered sixteen towns and were ready to enter the capital city!

I have to attend the final war personally!

Because I am the Queen!

“Are you launching an attack in Nubis’ capital city tomorrow?” The Great Ghost King’s image appeared opposite Raffles’ image in the meeting room on Ice Dragon.

Raffles had stayed back in Queen Town to continue his transformation work for the other livable zones. He should be in Zone 9 right now. After I end the expedition in Nubis’ capital city, I would head over to other zones to see the people in person. By then, I would return gloriously with the warrior saints in tow.

Xing Chuan sat next to me calmly, saying, “We will reach the battlefront by tonight and prepare for tomorrow’s final attack.”

The Great Ghost King nodded delightedly. “Your mother misses you.”

“Is she okay?” Xing Chuan glanced at the Great Ghost King coldly.

“How could I possibly let anything happen to her?” Su Yang’s gaze would only turn gentle when he talked about Yu Xi. “You shouldn’t have let her come back then. It was so dangerous.”

Xing Chuan shot a cold look at him. “I couldn’t stop her. You are obviously more important than I am to her. Cough, cough.

The Great Ghost King smiled at his comment. I could see his feelings for Yu Xi in his eyes. He responded, “It’s because your mother knows that you are safe with the North Star.”

Humph…” Xing Chuan smirked coldly.

I faced the Great Ghost King seriously and exhorted, “Watch Nubis closely. Don’t let him die.”

The Great Ghost King chuckled lightly. “Don’t worry. We are watching him and his underlings closely. We are looking forward to your victory tomorrow. After that, it should be Silver Moon City’s turn.” The Great Ghost King’s gaze turned grim, darkness in his eyes.

I nodded. “After we take down Nubis’ territory, we will reorganize our troops. I will go to the Aurora Legion with He Lei to make a proper connection."

The Great Ghost King smiled with satisfaction. He raised his wine glass, wishing us well. “We will celebrate the North Star’s victory in advance!” Then, his image vanished before me.

“I don’t trust him… Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed lightly and commented, “Based on my understanding, he won’t kill Nubis after that.”

“I think so too.” Haggs suddenly appeared next to Raffles.

Raffles frowned and questioned, “If he doesn’t kill Nubis, will he actually come to an agreement with Nubis?”

I felt agitated. Su Yang would work with anyone to gain authoritative power as long as that person was beneficial to him.

Now he was restrained by us because Gehenna, Napoleon and I had united in our battle alliance and he was left alone. Raffles’ concern was extremely plausible. It seemed that we still had to keep our guard up against the Great Ghost King.

I looked around at everyone, urging, “Everyone, be extremely careful. Even if the Great Ghost King works together with Nubis, it would be after we take down Silver Moon City and become useless to him. So, he wouldn’t do anything to us as of now. We shall seize the time to strengthen Queen Town’s facilities and be fully prepared for defense.”

Raffles and Haggs nodded.

“Moto is now the zone leader of Zone 7…” Raffles said, “He reported that Zone 7 completed their cleansing of the water source. They should be starting planting now. Zone 7 has distinctive acidic and alkaline soil, which is suitable for planting medical herbs. Healers can’t heal every illness so it is necessary to recreate all the medicines.”

Medication was a necessity. There was no such thing as an all-rounder healer. Even Harry would still get headaches or flu. Metahumans just fell sick comparatively less, but there were still many commoners among us.

“There are many animals but very few trees in Zone 8. They are mainly increasing the number of trees now and sending animals to other zones, which happens to help the remodeling of the ecological environment. I’ve just arrived in Zone 9. It is an ancient metal mine. I extracted many metals here to make weapons and spaceships!” Raffles shared excitedly. There were many metal manipulation metahumans who used to mine for Margaery, and were fighting at the battlefront right now!

“I found a way to communicate with the spirit professors in West Port…” Haggs added, sounding much calmer than Raffles. Raffles glanced at him and responded, “That’s great! What do they think of us? Do they find us…”

“Calm down, Raffles.” Haggs shot him a level look and Raffles smiled back. He watched Haggs with boiling excitement while Haggs continued coldly, “Jun’s father furthered their studies on blue crystal energy after you provided them the information. They can get close to blue crystal energy and they are even more certain that the blue crystal energy rock underneath is a part of the spacetime door. They can’t make any speculations about which universe it can travel to after activation for now.”

“Who brought the spacetime door?” Xing Chuan asked.

“It should be a higher civilization elsewhere. There is no such resource or technique in Kansa Star.” Haggs met Xing Chuan’s eyes calmly, explaining, “It might be aliens who arrived in our universe back then, and the end of the world took place after.”

Haggs was speaking calmly but Raffles next to him already couldn’t keep his cool.

Xing Chuan frowned. “It seems that we have to look for the answer from the old monster. He was the first to come into contact with blue crystal energy and retrieve the first crystal form.”

Everyone nodded in unison. Science had to be based on clues to get results. Look for the initial cause and you would find the final result.

“And Jun’s parents suspect that Lil Bing’s spacetime travel is related to the end of the world back then…” Haggs suddenly added. I stared at him in shock, while there was finally a slight twitch on Xing Chuan’s calm expression. Raffles almost shot to his feet, staring at Haggs, “What did the professors say?”

“The professors suspect that the spacetime door released a shockwave when it disintegrated…” With a wave of Haggs’ his right hand, the lights before us reformed into a new image. It was a scientific cycle diagram. A spherical blue wormhole disintegrated into twelve pieces of blue crystals as powerful spherical energy shot out…

“Because the energy itself has the power to travel through spacetime, the shockwave broke through spacetime… The spherical energy traveled through spacetime, dragging along an energy ripple. The end of the ripple vanished gradually as it advanced. The energy then grew weaker while traveling in spacetime until it clashed into Lil Bing’s world…” Haggs clapped, acting out how the spherical energy had hit my world, sucked me in, and bounced back!

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