Book 7: Chapter 87 - Launch The Final Attack

“Your Highness…” They shed tears of joy, moved.

Seeing their expressions, I felt emotional. Only we knew how tough the journey had been. When they gave us their support and trust, it became our motivation to continue!

“Previously, we were doubted and rejected. But now, we are more confident! So, please don’t panic. We will come. Whoever runs out of food, we will send a team to transport food over. Don’t beat yourselves up, saying that you have no superpowers to contribute. The trust you have in me is the biggest strength that drives the advancement of Radical Star! Radical Star needs everyone’s strength! Not just the warriors, but also every one of you here and everyone who is working hard! Only when we unite…” I clasped my hands together firmly and looked at everyone with smoldering passion as I continued, “... can we become stronger. So strong that no one can defeat us, regardless of whether they are the Ghost Eclipsers or Silver Moon City!”

“Even Silver Moon City can’t defeat us…” They glanced at each other excitedly. The determined sparks in their eyes had been ignited and spread as their eyes met!

I looked at the girl from Zone 11 delightedly, asking, “You haven’t spoken yet. What’s your name?” We needed more female leaders because females were rare in this world and males had a unique trust and desire for females.

“Her name is Felice!” Gore said, blushing.

The other guys got fired up too. “Yes, Your Highness. Her name is Felice. She is the only girl among us!”

“Felice, don’t be nervous.”

“Felice is too nervous because she finally saw Your Highness who she has admired for very long.”

“Your Highness, Felice admires you. You are the one who saved her and the girls in Zone 11,” they said excitedly. “They were previously…” They paused, looking depressed.

Felice hung her face in sorrow and became even quieter.

“Zone 11 used to produce beautiful young men for Margaery’s consumption…” Gore clenched his fists angrily. “Good looking boys and girls from the other zones were all sent to Zone 11 to produce more good looking boys and girls…”

A heavy weight hung over my heart.

The girls in Zone 11 had been like human pigs, albeit with slightly better conditions. At least, they weren’t farmed. Human pigs who had been raised since young lost their thoughts and character completely. They would only stay blankly in their cages. They wouldn’t think nor resist.

It was a pathetic life.

The biggest human pig farm in the Ghost Eclipser was in Nubis’ territory.

Xing Chuan had once said that it would be meaningless to save them. He would have chosen to execute them directly but I… couldn’t.

But Harry and the others… Will they make the same choice as Xing Chuan…

Margaery didn’t like human pigs because they looked ugly and their IQ was low. She reckoned that she would become stupid too if she ate human pigs. She was feared even among the Ghost Eclipsers because she was picky.

The boys and girls in Zone 11 had been chosen from all over the place. They weren’t human pigs but they had been forced to become tools to produce good looking children.

Their agony must have been beyond imagination. It must have been tough for them to survive until now.

Raffles seemed to be full of heartache too.

Xing Chuan’s eyebrows were tightly knitted.

“This is ridiculous!” Lucifer was furious.

“In the past, beautiful girls in Nubis’ territory would be sent to Margaery too, to Zone 11…” Moto explained softly, frowning. “We used to think that it would be better to live in Gehenna’s territory because Gehenna doesn’t eat humans and he protects girls…”

“Gehenna… He saved my sister…” Felice said softly with her head hung low. She added, “When Brother Darcy… contacted us… I happened to be at the signal tower. The older girls wanted to destroy the signal tower and cut off our connection with the outside world, hoping that the new Queen wouldn’t find us…”

“Yes, I was the one who contacted Zone 11.” A guy from Zone 9 nodded. Felice called him Darcy.

“Then… everyone heard. At first… we didn’t believe it…” Felice clenched her hands nervously, looking behind her. She continued, “Actually… everyone is here with me. We are all watching this together. Then, I saw my brother repairing the battleship that was sent back from the battlefront. He looked energetic and happy, and he was envious of the people going to the battlefront. I, I am very happy…” Her voice shook. When she lifted her chin, her eyes were red from crying. “Mom and dad saw that he wasn’t eaten by Margaery and even became a warrior saint! They were very excited. Now they know that the Queen is really rescuing everyone. Your Highness is really going to protect us and help us! We! We!” Felice was at a loss for words. Suddenly, more men and women, middle-aged and youngsters, boys and girls appeared on the screen. All of them gazed at me sincerely with boiling passion and churning flames in their eyes, shouting, “Your Highness, please let us fight for our children who’ve died! Let us be warrior saints too!”

Their impassioned emotions infected me and I became emotionally wrought too. But what is with these ‘warrior saints’?

“Warrior saints?”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Gary from Zone 8 continued his impassioned speech with a tremulous voice, “Everyone refers to Queen Town as Saints Capital and the warriors in Queen Town as warrior saints! Because Zone Leader Bei Luo told us before he headed to the battlefront that it was a holy war! He was honored to participate in the holy war! He wants to use the blood in the holy war to wash away the sins, to atone for his inability to save people who were eaten by Margaery! So, we want to join the holy war too!” 

Holy War…

I glanced at Xing Chuan who had been quiet until now. That was what he’d once said to Bei Luo and Inge. He was the one who’d bestowed a holy significance to this war.

I strained to maintain my composure and sooth my billowing emotions. Then I declared to everyone seriously, “Good! As the Queen of Radical Star, I officially grant you permission to join the army of warrior saints, to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers!”



“That’s awesome!”

The world was really going to go through a drastic change!

The Ghost Eclipsers, the Aurora Legion, the entire Kansa Star, be prepared to welcome the sacred Holy War!

There were more and more people going to the battlefront. The power of the four troops was irresistible. Some of the ghost generals in Nubis’ territory surrendered their weapons and showed the white flag. A number of them simply ran for their lives.

The Ghost Eclipsers in Napoleon’s territory took everything that they could and ran away. The initial worry of having an internal conflict didn’t even take place.

It could be said that my North Star title was of great help to our cause.


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