Book 7: Chapter 86 - Courage Spread By The Warriors

I immediately replied, “Connect!”

Then, the representatives in each zone appeared on the screen. Some looked anxious, some appeared friendly, some looked nervous while others seemed to be at a loss. What surprised me the most was that there was actually a female among the representatives! She seemed to be even more anxious than everyone else.

No matter what expression they wore, it was a good start that they were willing to stand before me and take the initiative to get in touch with me!

“Moto!” Suddenly, someone recognized Moto and called him excitedly.

Moto looked and became delighted at once too. He responded, “Brother Gore!”

“It’s great to see you again!” Both Moto and Gore’s eyes welled up with tears at the sight of each other. It was a touching scene.

“Your Highness, when are you coming to our zone?” Someone asked anxiously.

“Your Highness, please come to our zone too! We hope to receive your assistance!” Someone else pleaded.

“Your Highness, please come and save us!”

“Your Highness, us too!” Everyone spoke one after another and the meeting room quickly descended into chaos. I could barely hear anyone.

Raffles raised his hand and urged, “Everyone, please be quiet. We will visit each zone one by one.”

Everyone quietened down at once. They were still anxious but they didn’t dare to speak again.

“Don’t worry, everyone. Her Highness will come!” Moto told everyone. “We just wrapped up the transformation in six zones. Are the resources in your zones sufficient? If it isn’t enough, we can send another batch. Then, we will come by to rebuild your zones.”

“That’s great…”

“That’s awesome!”

“We still have enough as of now.”

“There’s finally hope…”

“I didn’t believe it earlier... ”

“Your Highness, our children here want to join the war. How do they go to the battlefront?”

“There are some in our zone too! Everyone hates the Ghost Eclipsers and they want to take revenge!”

The mood swiftly shifted from excitement to agitation. Everyone nearly lost control of their emotions again.

“We used to be afraid and we didn’t dare to fight back. But when we saw the others on the battlefront, we felt ashamed so now we want to do something too.”

“Yes, Your Highness. We were too afraid of the old lady and the Ghost Eclipsers! I only felt that we had no hope. Now that you’ve brought us hope, we, we, we seem to be have found the courage to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers!”

“Your Highness, please give us a chance to take revenge on behalf of our family! We are not afraid of death!”

“Although there are many of us who are afraid of death, some of us are not! If we don’t eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers completely, they would eventually return. By then, we will die anyway."

“That’s right. We have Your Highness now. This is our only chance. Since we are going to die anyway, we might as well fight against the Ghost Eclipsers with our all!”

They were exhilarated. The light of a warrior's gaze shone in their eyes. Moto and the other men’s transformation into warriors had stirred a commotion among the people who had once been like them. They had given Gore and the other men enough courage and spirit to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers. Their desire to fight had been reignited at the bottom of their hearts! 

Moto looked around at everyone delightedly. “It’s great that all of you have changed! I was worried that you’ll still be afraid of the Ghost Eclipsers!”

“Of course, they are some of us who are still afraid of them!” Gore, who was from Zone 7 like Moto, seemed to be somewhat disdainful. “Many wouldn’t let me get in touch with Her Highness. They thought she was fake and she wasn’t sincere. They suspected that she was impersonating the North Star. In short, there were many unpleasant rumors. Pfft. But many of us believe in the Queen. Didn’t Brother Silver Snake go to Queen Town alone to save you back then? When he returned, he told me what happened. So, we have to believe in Her Highness. We corresponded among ourselves and we gathered here everyone who believes in Her Highness!” 

When I looked, I saw that they were mostly youngsters with a few middle-aged men. The girl from Zone 11 looked like she was around eighteen years old. She only looked around cautiously as everyone conversed, but I could tell from her eyes that she had a lot to say.

She seemed to be more nervous than everyone. Only the people in Zone 10 were missing in action. They were probably too ashamed to see me.

“We first contacted Zone 7,” the person in Zone 8 said. He introduced himself, “I am Gary. As Zone 7 is the closest to us, our zone leader Bei Luo contacted them while he was still here. After we connected, Bei Luo entrusted me with the task to contact the other zones. Then, he went to the battlefront.”

I nodded. “Yes, he came to look for me in Zone 3. He is now at the battlefront.”

Hearing what I said, they were filled with admiration. They had gone from being fearful of the Ghost Eclipsers and not daring to fight against them, to being proud to fight at the battlefront. It was a drastic change. The power of belief was amazing! It would spread unconsciously, reaching across the land without you realizing it.

“I didn’t even know how to use a walkie-talkie back then…” Gore blushed.

“Us too…” The others seemed embarrassed as well. Some of them were still wearing tattered clothes. Some of them still looked dirty. But all their eyes were shimmering with the same passion.

“Gary taught me how to use it and I taught Zone 9 who was closest to me…”

“Then, they taught me…”

“And me…”

It turned out that the first spark had been spread from one person who believed to another, spreading one by one across the zones, igniting the light of hope at the bottom of their hearts.

“Then, we found out that Your Highness did so much for us! We then learned that Moto and the young men went to the battlefront to fight against the Ghost Eclispers!”

“We were greatly moved, inspired and encouraged! We finally see hope again!”

“Your Highness, please allow us to do something for you, for everyone, for our homes!” They shouted eagerly in unison.

The girl clenched her fists tightly, looking around at everyone and at me sincerely.

“Your Highness, we are illiterate and we don’t have much superpowers. So, we don’t know what to do,” Gore explained hastily. I could feel his eagerness to contribute as well as his powerlessness to do so. 

Looking around at everyone, I was touched. Tears welled up my eyes as I said, “Thank you. Thank you, everyone…”

“Your Highness!” They exclaimed in surprise, watching me anxiously. “I, we didn’t do anything.”

They were in a mess again.

I wiped away my tears and gestured for everyone to calm down. I said, “I can feel everyone’s eagerness. We will come and visit soon. According to our plan, we will complete the rebuilding of all the eleven zones within a month, from near to far. According to our plan, Zone 8 will be our next stop. Then, we’ll have to return to Queen Town to replenish our resources because we can’t load so many things in our spaceship.” The smooth sailing in Zone 6, Zone 5 and Zone 4 had sped up our progress.


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